Reviews for Crimson Tears
Guest chapter 28 . 6/16/2014
Absolute perfection. That's all I can say. Amazing work!
sylviajohns chapter 28 . 12/29/2012
Such a sad story... and beautiful. Even though I prefer to focus on the action :D Congratulations, great work :)
Assassin Aurora chapter 10 . 10/24/2010
:'( oh it's so sad i cried when the memories came back oh wowyour so talented i wish my fics were as good as this again sadness

p.s. i don't like how anakin turned into darth vader i hate it he had everything he ever wanted fame the girl of his dreams whyyyyyyy! okay i'm done

aerrowsgirl .
fAteD lOvE chapter 28 . 6/29/2006
that was really cool. I loved the ending. Does it mean that in the end Anakin remembered the past?
Cyndi-rhyla chapter 28 . 4/7/2006
OH MY GOD! this is by far the most heart-wrenching story i've ever read. each chapter was so intense that it kept me on the edge of my seat, bracing for any shocking revelation which sadly each chapter seem to have.

i admit i've shed some tears and your story got the same emotional response from me as it did when i watch episode 3 although i like your ending much better.

the only thing i refused to accept is that fact that anakin had an affair ( with the bounty hunter )...i know you insisted that its integral part of your story but being a loyal anakin/padme fan, its hard for me to take it. i cant imagine anakin cheating on padme but hey ! its your story and your entitled to do whatever you please. i meant no offense.

i hope you write more anakin/padme fictions because you are one gifted writer. im simply grateful and honored to have read your work...for free.

good luck on your future endeavor.
Twinkie Defense chapter 28 . 1/17/2006
Absolutely one of my all-time favorites; very Regarding Henry-esque. I always come back to this fic, so thank you for writing something so enjoyable.
Huntress of the stars chapter 28 . 8/3/2005
God, I love this thing! I've spent the last couple of days glued to this fic as often as I could spare it, and the rest of the days were spent thinking about it. I probably have no idea what it means - it's beyond my comprehension - but I can still see beauty. And this? This is beauty. You have captured the lives and loves of two beloved characters in their intimate souls the way I've dreamed of doing, but haven't been able to. I can't say I really envy you, I guess, but I admire you. You are my superior in all ways of abstraction, and I bow to you.

What talent!
caralynne chapter 28 . 6/13/2005
I know you finished that ages ago, but that was INCREDIBLE. I usually don't take the time to read through long stories lke these but this one was definately worth it! Holy crap, that was suspenseful, and beautiful as well. You are a terrific writer.
Aimed mischief chapter 30 . 6/5/2005
Aww, this story is so sweet and dramatic, I love it! It's really good, in fact, it's amacing! It's amacing how you describe their feelings, it was, it's all I can say, I'm speechless! Sometimes it made me cry, and that dont happen often, so this is really amacing! I really hope you'll make other stories like this, coz you're an amacing writer, you're one of the best! Keep it up!
eridani chapter 9 . 5/29/2005
"Yes he is my husband"- great come back for a thinly vieled challenge!

Oh, and I loved all the references to the sheets, carpet and perfume... very tangible and very tenderly handled by the author. I prefer this story above your others so far becaus eof the attention you pay to the physical world. In you other stories I found they presented a bit of a disjointed narrative because of the heavy doses of interior monologue. So, kudos for making this one clearer in meaning. Metaphors and the physical stress between A/P are much more marked because of this change you've effected. Great work.
Vexta chapter 1 . 4/11/2005
whoa... this is a really intense first chapter! so sad... makes me wanna cry!
Aznw1f chapter 30 . 8/23/2004
wow...tht was deep. very very nice job!

Serra-Of-Many-Names chapter 30 . 9/10/2003
It's back! It's back! (throws her arms around her very hot and romantic lover's neck, shrieking with happiness) And man, is it ever WONDERFUL! I've loved this story ever since I found it looking for Ani/Padme angst (found it, didn't I?). It would go very well with a side of Evanescence, maybe "My Immortal"... but that's another story. But, if you don't mind my asking, why is chapter 28 posted three times?
Angel-Padm chapter 1 . 8/26/2003
Hi all of you! This is my first Review to a story of this site! You must excuse me for any grammar mistake, because Im German! ;)

I loved your story very much, but it also confuesed me a little! Does Anakin get his memory back at the end, or doesent he? Please help me with this!
moviescript Ending chapter 30 . 7/1/2003
Aw! That was a beautiful end to a beautiful story! I swear, Crimson Tears is probably one of my most favorite stories..Thank you for writing it! I've been reading ever since the beginning and not once have I ever been dissatisfied. Write more work! I'll be sure to read them. :D Great job!
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