Reviews for We Could Have Had It All
Guest chapter 72 . 4/13
I would really like it if u updated this story. I remeber reading it everyday cause there was an update and now they just stopped :(. So please can u update this story.
Maud26 chapter 72 . 4/12
It has been such a lont time since this story was last updated.

What's going on? I suppose real life got in the way.

Are you going to continue with Artemis adventure or abandon it?

Well, I hope everything is ok with you and that one day you will decide to write one new amazing chapter. :)
Guest chapter 72 . 4/5
just to let you know she can't be sired to damon it was Elijah's blood that created her hinting sire bond so she cant be sired to damon kind of disappointed you didn't look ahead on that if you wanted her to be sired to damon you should have had him shove blood down her throat not Elijah do you know what sire means it means to father or to create it has to be that persons blood that turned them into a vampire and they had to have feelings previously for that person so no you really need to do some serious re writing and fix that
belladu57 chapter 72 . 4/3
Very good
Guest chapter 66 . 3/31
no offense but does artemis parents care about her they seem more concerned for jeremey and elena and they didn't say she was one of the best things that ever happened to them
Padfoot Heir chapter 72 . 3/20
How are Damon and Artemis going to Handle the New Brother Hunter? Will Damon accept that Stefan wants to be Human? Will Artemis get her Seer Powers Back, even if she is a Vampire? Will Damon attempt to Help Stefan get the Cure, with Artemis' help?
bookwormultimate chapter 72 . 3/13
Please update. This is an amazing story so please.
rosa chapter 70 . 2/24
more chapters faster and more sure that the chapters are spelled correctly too also write more about Damon and Artemis and their love for each other too also write about Jeremy not dying when getting the cure from Silas so please start write more chapters please
annie chapter 1 . 2/11
more chapters please faster and a lot more longer too also write more about Damon and Artemis and their love for each other too also write about not killing Jeremy please don't kill Jeremy in the future chapters also write the chapters faster please still waiting for more chapters also make sure the future chapters are spelled correctly and also add more details too
Guest chapter 53 . 1/19
Amazing again where's the romantic love making it's coming soon right ? There amazing together :D
MysticDBRose17 chapter 72 . 1/8
Please Have her end up with Damon 3 I love their relationship
rosa chapter 4 . 11/27/2013
more chapters please faster and more longer too also write more chapters about Damon and Artemis too and their love for each other
Valkyrie101 chapter 21 . 11/18/2013
Please make this a Darty story! Elijah comes off as kind of dull in the show and I just would hate to see that happen. Also, please don't make it an Arty/Damon/Elena thing : ( One more thing, the travel cup for coffee is a thermos not a thermostat (thats the thing that monitors temperature)
Guest chapter 72 . 11/11/2013
so is it because of her seer blood that she can't keep blood down? because she was turned with elijah's blood and he didnt tell her that she couldnt keep blood down so no sire bond right now...?
rosa chapter 58 . 10/30/2013
more chapters please faster and a lot more longer too also add more details to the chapters also write more chapters about Damon and Artemis and their future together also please don't kill Jeremy and in season 5 of The Vampire Diaries make Silas the doppelganger of Elijah make things different too
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