Reviews for We Could Have Had It All
beth chapter 68 . 12/21/2014
update soon please faster
Amanda chapter 4 . 11/1/2014
I hope this is Elijah/oc or that this Athena chick is still alive so Elijah has someone to love that doesn't want his brother. I wish you would write an Elijah/oc where the oc only wants Elijah I also hope one day you write a kol/oc I love kol but I have found a lot of good kol/oc ones so I hope you write one one day.
annie chapter 65 . 10/22/2014
update soon please also write about Artemis being sired to Elijah so start writing more chapters soon please faster
HPuni101 chapter 72 . 9/12/2014
Brilliant story. I've only just started reading vampire diaries fanfiction and what I have read so far has had me completely hooked. Your writing style and originality is exquisite. I love Artemis' character the only thing I don't like is the name Artemis. You've captured the rest of the characters very well, especially Damon, he must have been fun to write. It's been a while since you've updated so I hope that you're planning on doing so soon. Excellent job. Happy writing!
anne chapter 55 . 7/22/2014
more chapters please faster and also spelled right too and maybe write more Damon and Artemis and their growing love for each other too also maybe write Artemis being sired to Elijah in the future chapters and please don't let Jeremy die when getting the cure from Silas so please update soon
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 72 . 7/19/2014
seeing elijah and athena is pointless they dont mean anything to her if anything she should have been seeing her siblings or damon if said hallucinations are meant to make her kill herself it should have been from people she cares about not people who she doesnt know or care about. shit elijah cant say shit why is he even a hallucination he has done horrible shit in his life what he says means nothing because he has done that and things ten times worse in his thousand years. fuck off fake elijah with your 'together' and 'you and i like its meant to be' cause is fucking not not anymore its arty and damon always maybe in the past when the two lives were practically the same girl but arty isnt the other two she is her own person and damon is her soul mate not you. oh im so glad she told damon that when he told her of the cure. besides it makes more sense for stefan to have it since it is only one dose he can be with elena and human arty wouldnt have taken it without damon being able to have it as well she wanted a human life with damon and she cant have that so she is okay with being a vampire the only problem is that elena and jeremy will grow old and die unless they are turned. i just love damon and arty i loved the little moment at the end and honestly i cant picture them human but i can picture elena and stefan human.
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 71 . 7/19/2014
hm this hallucinations will be interesting. ugh Elijah is coming back at least we don't have to worry about any annoying love triangles
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 69 . 7/19/2014
lol she just shoves damon off the bed and breaks the alarm clock. lol poor jeremy and elena no door knob or door. aw love the end with the bike
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 68 . 7/18/2014
lol even when away from her siblings she is still awoken by annoying siblings aka stefan at early hours. i understand he not wanting to hurt people but she should really learn to control her bloodlust on humans not animals so she doesnt go on a killing spree from starving herself. oh god 'its to cute stefan' its totally not going to work at least with humans you can find a horrible person like a rapist or murderer. oh god only arty would run into a tree while learning to use her vamp speed. lol does she even need her glasses anymore her vision and everything else should be perfect and like a hundred percent better then a humans. i always figured vampires only shared blood with another vampire that they chose as a mate so i like the idea of damon and arty sharing blood. haha not its 'im the vampire and older' instead of just older. lol she accidently pulled of jeremys door knob. must be nice to have that hearing to know if they are up or still sleeping. still curious as to if her gift still works
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 67 . 7/18/2014
oh my god for a second I didn't think they would get the blood to her in time. so question will she still have her seer gift or will it be like if a witch was turned and she loses the gift?
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 66 . 7/18/2014
is it horrible that i was cheering when they crashed off the bridge? i just really want her to be a vampire. atleast its elijahs blood that changed her i mean no one would kill him besides klaus maybe. aw when they met baby jeremy how adorable and gave him her blanky adorable. my arty thats also adorable.
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 65 . 7/18/2014
damn it I want artemis to change
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 59 . 7/18/2014
haha i love when arty does bold things to damon she usually wouldnt do like slap his ass or when she initiates heated makeout sessions. damnit now damon is going to do something stupid because he only saw elijah kiss her not what happened after. if damon and only stayed to hear her say she felt nothing and that she loved damon and she always will not matter how much she wants to kill him when he does stupid shit and he makes her feel alive. i like how she used the forever and always thing i always liked that. i swear if damon does something stupid i am going to kill him after artemis rips him a new one and tell him what really happened because damon will do something or say something stupid to her and then she will put him in his place and tell him what happened and then be pissed at him for whatever stupid thing he said or did. i hope Elijah finds his forever and always girl he deserves it.
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 58 . 7/18/2014
i wonder when elena is changed will arty? or will she have been changed before with all the shit she gets into im suprised she hasnt been turned yet with how many times she was almost killed. i cant really picture arty letting elena go though that alone i mean look at everything arty has done for her i feel she would change as well to help elena thats just how arty is. besides you know arty is going to be turned anyway you dont be with a vampire and expect to stay human. plus you know i dont picture her staying human expecially when she sees elena in transition i just feel she would force them to turn her as well plus i really want her to be a vampire. i was actually hoping everytime she was in a life or death situation she would be turned but so far she hasnt sadly. i forgot to say last chapter i was suprised the past life during the originals human lives wasnt named after a greek goddes i thought that was your theme for the past lives greek goddesses started with 'a' i was kind of expecting her name to be aphrodite i dont know any other main ones that start with 'a' besides the two you have already used or are using. 'in both lives i didnt have you. youre the one damon' she has such a way with word that was so adorable and so true i mean look how her past lives ended when she was with the originals. haha arty you should know by now when she says something is wrong with johnny be it hip or back she is going to make a remark on it hurting because of sex. you idiot she needed your blood for the first thing so why would you give her your blood and trust she wouldnt kill them all like she planned!?
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 57 . 7/17/2014
holy shit artys drunk call and then the ass telling the whole school and then her spreading that rumor lol i bet arty was crazy in school. probably shouldnt have brought her along she hates and is pissed at the both and she is going to make a shit ton of snarky remarks. im surprised she didnt make any snarky remark when he was being stabbed by his siblings. I don't know I think Rebekah will understand why artemis did stake her because Rebekah would have done the same thing doesn't mean Rebekah wont be pissed though. I don't know why Klaus doesn't just have them give him their blood instead of threatening everything this way he would have their blood incase anything happened like them being turned or killed
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