Reviews for Yuki shot first!
Martin III chapter 1 . 2/18/2019
I like the idea of Nagato pointing Kuyoh in Taniguchi's direction. You lost me on the events of The Disappearance being a means of hiding Haruhi from the Heavenly Canopy Dominion, though. If you're rewriting all of existence, why settle for such a feeble deception as simply moving Haruhi to a different school? More to the point, since Haruhi was stripped of her power by the reality alteration, what point is there in hiding her at all at that point?

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this. The prose is very good, but I think what really did it for me is the solid characterizations. Digging through the older Haruhi Suzumiya fics, I see a lot of Nagato being very talkative and/or emotionally demonstrative, so it's refreshing to see her being the terse, stoic individual we know and love from the series. Her wishing she'd brought a book to her confrontation with Kuyoh is an amusing touch. Kuyoh is great here, too; searching North High during hours when the school is closed is very characteristic of her early confusion.