Reviews for Continuation of Balance
Nightraze chapter 1 . 4/1
Huh, this whole time I thought your story Balance had been abandoned and now I just find out that your account wasn't working, so you made a new account. I have the first part Balance in my favourites list, which I added years ago and I don't visit Neuro fanfic section too often, so I never came across this second part until now. I'm glad I found it now, especially just after I reread the first part and this stories status is already 'complete'. Anyway, I'm going to continue reading now.
zealousfreak27 chapter 71 . 2/20
Thank you so much for writing this fic. I really enjoyed it. I've recommended it to a lot of my friends.
zealousfreak27 chapter 27 . 2/20
zealousfreak27 chapter 11 . 2/19
I love Kira and I was actually hoping for KiraXGodai. Great job!
Minirowan chapter 71 . 10/26/2014
This was too good! I wonder if Yako will ever clear up Neuro's misconceptions about kisses. I suppose she either made something up or came clean so they could have those kids from one of the omake.

Anyway, I feel like Yako's kidnappings were rather excessive. Shouldn't twice have been enough? At least the last one cemented her relationship with Neuro and left Kira and Godai with no secrets between them. That pairing still confuses me but at the same time, I love it.

Great story!
Guest chapter 58 . 7/25/2014
Thai. and something else?
JackFrostFanROtG chapter 71 . 6/27/2014
best... fanfic... in history!
JackFrostFanROtG chapter 67 . 6/27/2014
Of course he'd pull a stunt like that XS
JackFrostFanROtG chapter 46 . 6/27/2014
Her cockiness tho! XD Gotta love Yako :)
JackFrostFanROtG chapter 1 . 6/26/2014
In case you didn't get an answer for that last question I answered doctor who Season 5, Episode 12
also I said some stuff on how this Fanfic was even better than the anime itself and bla bla bla and stuff XD anyway I'm super glad it is finished cuz this is the best
irshad messi chapter 58 . 1/27/2014
ℓσνє ƒιgнтѕ ιѕ αη єνєяуαу яσмαηє ѕєт ιη α ѕυρєянєяσ υηινєяѕє , ιℓℓυѕтяαтιηg тнє ƒℓαмєя’ѕ ѕυρєянєяσ σмι,.
G๏๏๔ єשєภiภg
l๏שє Ŧเﻮђtร เร คภ єשєгץ๔คץ г๏๓คภςє รєt เภ ค รยקєгђєг๏ ยภเשєгรє. ןคςк เร คภ คгtเรt, เllยรtгคtเภﻮ tђє Ŧlค๓єг’ร รยקєгђєг๏ ς๏๓เς, קยt ๏ยt Ŧ๏г קย๒lเς гєlคtเ๏ภร קยгק๏รєร. ђє ๓єєtร ภ๏гค ๏ภ tђє รย๒ฬคץ, ๒ยt ђє’ร t๏๏ รђץ t๏ ครк ђєг ๏ยt. ןคςк Ŧєєlร เภŦєгเ๏г ς๏๓קคгє๔ t๏ tђє รยקєгђєг๏єร, ץ๏ย รєє. ђє’ร ς๏ภשเภςє๔ ﻮเгlร ฬคภt tђє๓, คภ๔ ђє’ll ภєשєг ๓єครยгє ยק. ђє tђเภкร tђєเг єאקєςtคtเ๏ภร คгє ยภгєคlเรtเς, คltђ๏ยﻮђ ร๏ คгє ђเร — ђє ฬคภtร ฬ๏๓єภ t๏ รєє ђ๏ฬ ภєคt ђє เร ฬเtђ๏ยt ђเ๓ ๓คкเภﻮ คภ єŦŦ๏гt. รtเll, ђє’ร ค ภเςє ﻮยץ, ๓ค๔є ๓๏гє ςђคг๓เภﻮ ๒ץ ђเร เภรєςยгเtเєร. l๏שє Ŧเﻮђtร ๒๏๏к 1 ๒ยץ tђเร ๒๏๏к tђє รเtยคtเ๏ภ เร ς๏๓קlเςคtє๔ ๒ץ ןคςк คภ๔ ภ๏гค’ร קlคςєร ๏Ŧ ฬ๏гк. ןคςк’ร ן๏๒ เร รยקק๏รє๔ t๏ เ๓קг๏שє tђє гєקยtคtเ๏ภ ๏Ŧ tђє ђєг๏ ђє เllยรtгคtєร. ภ๏гค, ๏ภ tђє ๏tђєг ђคภ๔, ฬ๏гкร Ŧ๏г ค tค๒l๏เ๔ ๏ยt t๏ ﻮєt ๔เгt ๏ภ คภץ ђєг๏ tђєץ ςคภ. รђє’ร tгץเภﻮ t๏ ๓๏שє Ŧг๏๓ ﻮ๏קђєг t๏ ฬгเtєг, ฬђเςђ ๓єคภร ςђครเภﻮ tђє ςยггєภt ђ๏t รt๏гץ: ค ฬ๏๓คภ’ร คςςยรคtเ๏ภ tђคt รђє’ร ђค๔ tђє Ŧlค๓єг’ร เllєﻮเtเ๓คtє ςђเl๔. tђєภ ןคςк’ร ςคt ฬเภ๔ร ยק ฬเtђ รยקєгק๏ฬєгร คภ๔ tђє ค๒เlเtץ t๏ tคlк, คll๏ฬเภﻮ ђเ๓ t๏ ς๏๓๓єภt ђย๓๏г๏ยรlץ ๏ภ tђє รเtยคtเ๏ภ. tђє ςคt’ร ค ๒เt ןєคl๏ยร ๏Ŧ ภ๏гค, tђ๏ยﻮђ, คภ๔ รtคгtร tгץเภﻮ t๏ кєєק tђє๓ คקคгt. ןคςк คภ๔ ภ๏гค ђคשє t๏ Ŧเﻮђt tђєเг ฬคץ tђг๏ยﻮђ เภςгєครเภﻮ ς๏๓קlเςคtเ๏ภร คภ๔ שเllคเภץ เภ ๏г๔єг t๏ ร๏lשє ค ๓ץรtєгץ คภ๔ ฬเภ๔ ยק ฬเtђ єคςђ ๏tђєг ןяรђค๔ ๓єรรเ
Anon2013 chapter 71 . 10/4/2013
First of all even though the author has already left this site and it has been a year since this was published I still want to say thank you and this was the best MTNN fanfic I have ever read.
It took about three days to read this but it probably took the author a few years to write this but I know it takes a heck of a lot of determination and other awesome stuff to keep a story going so I want to say thank you for all the effort that the author put in.
I am so glad the author actually finished it. A feat many of us would not have been able to accomplish I sure. Seriously I know I would have left the readers hanging and disappointed but this particular author was awesome enough not to.
I especially loved the parings (Neuro x yako FTW!) , the mysteries and the way the author was true to the characters and the events.

Sure sometimes the characters were occish, there were grammar and spelling mistakes, the mysteries weren't so good, the events happened to fast and some stuff wasn't explained. BUT I like to think these mistakes were in the past and the story was awesome regardless of all the things mentioned above .

Again I would like to say thank you and I'm so glad I wrote a review

By a girl who loves yakoxneuro,MTNN and this fanfic
xXxblacklilyxXx chapter 71 . 7/21/2013
xXxblacklilyxXx chapter 1 . 7/21/2013
I'M BACK! (after a heaps long hiatus) I finished Balance and have started on the continuation, which makes me happy because it wasn't finished at the time I went inactive. I look forward to it
sayume214 chapter 68 . 6/5/2013
I have to congratulate you for finishing this long and delightful story. :)

I'll give it 8/10.

The whole story was engaging, but the the beginning was far more engrossing because it contained more details and mystery. Some of the mysteries feel a tad too simple, but they're still OK overall.

Your prose was very good. Whenever it was Kanae's POV, you could phrase things to be just as annoying to the better-informed audience as it would feel to Yako or Neuro. Whenever in general the characters felt despair, the text was written thoughtfully to convey this. I loved the Neuro POV chapters the most because I loved how he could not understand some human situations and contexts, though, to be fair, I believe in canon he is more knowledgeable about human culture than you described, but just by a tad. I was seriously on the edge of my seat when he was nervous about telling her to be his mate.

Plot wise, it had some faults because of what was pointed out above. Also, although everything was interesting, some points that were emphasized in the story, such as Todoroki's struggle to accept Neuro, were in the end irrelevant. I was expecting her to hold a much more important role in the end, but she just fades after Kira in disguise makes a point. The point was convincing, but it was hard to believe that was all it took for her to back down when previously she was willing to shoot Neuro for her sake and was very convinced she was brainwashed.

The OCs were not Mary Sues, and that alone is very good. Kira was fun to read, and I did like her development with Godai. Sometimes I feel she was a little of a substitute for Aya, though.

There were some grammar and tense mistakes in some chapters, but it was not hard to read. In general, the structure of the sentences and narrative is well-done.

The epilogues were simple and not as good, but they were somewhat necessary to complement the open ending.

As an observation, romance should be mentioned as the main genre of this part of the story because, while the first part is not all that romantic, the continuation stresses it far more.

In summary, I am happy to have found this story. I spent three days reading it, and I thank you for having finished it despite everything. One day, I also want to finish my long stories and feel as proud as you should be. It's encouraging to know it's possible.

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