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Generic Reviewer chapter 17 . 5/11/2016
Laughed at Greil's past life; he was always the pawn of Charon whenever he was aware or not. I still feel his death was incomplete.

Terumi's assmad over not being allowed to invade the dimension he was wrecked was amusing. Blightmon and Tidalmon alongside Chronomon were sacrificed to bring back Grandracmon makes me hype for the series finale.

Later days!
Kanius chapter 17 . 5/11/2016
Oh yes the opening scenes reveal this 'Bird Man' named Storm Caller, who's later reincarnated into Greil. He had a thing for Princess Sedna. And we see how Prince Sedna's dragon blood got stimulated, revealing that dragon form and his ice elemental power. It does finalize the connection between the siblings.

Then we cut to the present and Dragon Ken goes berserk on the baddies. Varuna and Quaoar recollect the past memories from the last time he went into full dragon mode. Oh man, and this lead to the other dimensions feeling his wrath.

Even the dimensions based off Jeffrey's stories feel it, including Beryl and Terumi. Yeah, Terumi put Beryl in her place, no doubt wanting to avenge his counterpart. Kudos to Jeffrey for writing that scene for you.

Here's Puckmon and he uses that Zeed Loader to fuse those Digimon minions to create Ultimadramon, and his final warning alludes to the 'mystery villain's' agents (the others planned to appear in Cross Gen). In response, we get Maki having his big hero moment and becoming Apollomon Kai. Varuna and Quaoar briefly go Golden Senshi again. CyberBeelzemon and OmegaShoutmon power up to Level 3 Ascendant tier.

That incantation Apollomon Kai made was from that anime Bastard! I just now recognized that name Dark Schneider.

Now we get the reveal that Queen Serenity forsaken Prince Sedna. We talked about this and glad everything's been resolved. No need to drag that conflict when the heroes got worse things still coming their way. This could've gone bad if conflict started with Karin and Usagi. Glad, something was done and that the Senshi vow to ensure Usagi doesn't become like her mother.

Poor Jacomon. He's forced to give the girls' massages. Now we know why Jacomon repaid Mimi with the perfume in my fic. There was a cute moment with Ken blushing at the sight Christina in a bathing suit.

The two post scenes show GranDracmon's revival thanks to some unknown force with Unicron's voice. He receives the Galvatron upgrades and thus NeoGranDracmon is born. He blows away Andes away (Starscream treatment) and reclaims his throne. And the stage is set for the Accel movie finale of yours.

And can't forget about the final scene with Burizalor going to purgatory. Thanks for that nod to my Resurrection B fic since it and the Accel fic succeed the end of this mini-arc.

Great chapter and a nice end to Weekend at Kenny's! I look forward to the Accel movie to wrap your series up and whatever else planned for SSS.
JNaegi chapter 17 . 5/11/2016
More revelations come to light; Greil past life was a bird-man messenger and had quite the fascination with Princess Sedna. Kensuke having dragon's blood can explain that temper of his and given his element ice is a good touch since he is a sibling to a Senshi of ice so it works.

The battle with that big bad was something but at least Maki proved he wasn't a "Yamcha" and got a mode change! So it comes together nicely, especially with Jacomon giving Mimi that perfume in Kainus's story now.

Power breeds catastrophe as another force will cause some trouble for Ken but not until the movie.

You're very welcome, I enjoyed typing up that scene with Terumi and Beryl. Kind of glad a certain lady in white put a stop for that troll for going back there. Oh yeah Sephiroth was spared as well since he's still making his way to where Beryl is so he'll have a lot to think about.

Good chapter Chaos!
Ford1114 chapter 17 . 5/11/2016
Here we are at the last part of Weekend with Kenny’s, oh boy. Ah, Storm Caller send by Odin and from the Land of Birds, before he became Greil thanks to Charon. So that’s how Dragon Ken is originated. Again in the Cornerverse, I know Ken has a dragon form (and Greil’s origins), but the current events correspond such as Weekend with Kenny chaps and the AS movie don’t exist.

Back in the present, Ken goes berserk with blood and claws and ice powers. “MY NAME IS DEATH, AND THE END IS HERE!” I got it memorized. Which leads to JNaegi’s stories of Queen Beryl and his crossovers.

Puckmon uses some kind of a Zeed Xros Over to fuse his minions to Ultimadramon, the first of the ‘mystery villain’s agents. Hell’s Judgment from FFVIII I see. Oh there’s Apollomon Kai, some people see that Pokemon Sun mascot to the Digimon. :P CyberBeelzemon and OmegaShoutmon are now par in Level 3 Ascendants. Ultimadramon is killed, but the monster gives signs of what’s to come.

Things are back to normal. Nice Alola region mention. Or so it seems.

GranDracmon (XLR-8)’s soul drifts in space till a Unicron look a like gives him power to become NeoGranDracmon (XLR-8) (the second of that ‘mystery villain’s agents) and has that Apophis Loader, then GranDracmon kills Andes like Galvatron kills Starscream. And now, Kensuke’s worst enemy, his archnemesis, is back with a vengeance. Your Digimon Accel Stream franchise will officially be concluded with the upcoming movie fic.

Yep, Burizalor (that’s how you correct his name) tries to escape, only he’s captured and sent to children purgatory. :D I still wonder did you show that scene to K first before posting it?
JNaegi chapter 16 . 3/16/2016
Damn talk about darkness falling! Ken turning into a dragon form and about to release some hell on Sephi and Terumi?!

I actually laughed with Serphiroth's attack; I hope the damage can be repaired in that dimension though. Terumi goes about his plan and kidnaps the one who got the last blow against his counterpart. I can work with that at a later point (just need to actually continue that story and not leave it on hiatus _)

Don't worry about lessening your writing dude, just take your time!

Till next time.
Generic Reviewer chapter 16 . 3/16/2016
I know Terumi can't die here since he is from another story but damn no chance against Kensuke.

Did not take long for the random boosted megas to die since at heart they are just random run of the mill megas. Wonder what stops dragon Kensuke.

Later days!
Kanius chapter 16 . 3/15/2016
Nice chapter overall. How quickly you got this out after my updates.

Part two of Kenny's weekend has turned into one hot mess for him. Geez, Puckmon didn't waste time pushing Ken beyond his breaking point. RIP ZekeGreymon and Deckerdramon. Sephiroth appearing was surprising enough but using Supernova and those two getting killed by it added to the tragedy. Damn.

I have to chuckle at the 'mine mine mine mine' thing when he sensed and attacked Terumi. Ah, I see that troll brought Varuna and Quaoar came along for the ride.

Yeah, those three idiot bounty hunters didn't last long. Interesting interaction with the D3s, Shute, and Kaito. Glad they found Mimi with her new 'bestie' Jacomon. Yeah, I noticed Kara bringing up them possibly getting partners. Well, we know where that goes, lol. Down goes Plutomon and the fight with Tactimon is still going on.

Man you weren't kidding when Ken's power caused several dimensions to shake. Now he's turned full dragon and he's set on tearing bad guy ass. Can't wait to see how all this boils over in the Weekend finale!

P.S. what Ford said, I'm not sure we can post lyrics in our stories anymore. Just a heads up just to be safe.
Ford1114 chapter 16 . 3/15/2016
Now that come out fast after K finished another of his story. Part two of Weekend with Kenny's, oh boy.

Battle draws, then Terumi is here. Mine mine mine mine coming from those seagulls Kenny. Oh gee, Sephiroth is here and does a Supernova that killed two of Ken's Digimon and their souls completely merge with him.

Uh oh, Kenny is mad and besides the other two dimensions hearing, there's lyrics of some song (just letting you know as of 2005 in terms of rules, lyrics are not use in fanfics anymore).

Keep it up to the last part of his weekend. Part one and two were Friday and Saturday, this last part will be a Sunday :P
Generic Reviewer chapter 15 . 3/3/2016
Terumi going alone to deal with Varuna? This can't end well for him since he's not an Ascendant like Viper XP.

I wanna see what those new Megas can do. Or What Digimon World 1's MC can amount to.

Later days!
JNaegi chapter 15 . 2/13/2016
Fishing is a nice way to relax and Ken does need more interaction before moving with his sis in the YYGDM dimension.

I busted out laughing with Mimi's exploits, never mess with her merchandise or you'll pay the price. Got to love Slade's interactions with Ken and hopefully the digi destined of unity controls his emotions but with shit hitting the fan soon...

And the ultimate irony of Terumi (SC) about to start trouble for the Dutch Senshi, how will that go down? Can never stop a troll on a mission given what when down with the counterpart in Accel season 2.

Take ya time dude, no rush.

Till next time.
Ford1114 chapter 15 . 2/12/2016
After Ken Rainer help his allies to destroy Teen-Reaper, he needs to have a weekend break like yourself. So, it’s weekend at kenny’s, oh boy. (Granted in Cornerverse, this event and the AS Movie alongside the XYZ Gaidens does not happen/exist (since the Cornerverse follows real-life up to the current Pendulum summon), likewise that Puckmon doesn’t exist in the Cornerverse)

Wow, a certain pink-haired goddess coming to the Triad worlds, yes as it shows in CG. This is a good way to incorporate Jacomon in the DF-616 universe, a hint for him to appear in Resurrection B.

I remember of the ice cream cone in the XYZ gaidens, “Pick that up, eat it, then pay for it!” Tike and David need to spend time with Kenny. There’s fishing. Then there’s the part with Jacomon meets Sora & Biyomon and Mimi & Palmon.

Of course DF616!Zhuqaiomon is involve with these three bounty hunters and Puckmon. (That never happened in Cornerverse, after Ken told the phoenix and deities off, Zhuqaiomon leaves him alone.)

I see Digimon World 1 reference (it was the first Digimon game I knew as a child, but the first I played was Rumble Arena) alongside Devimon becoming Plutomon.
Kanius chapter 15 . 2/11/2016
Good little start on the D3 side story. Nice start with Darkstar and Slade appearing to Ken, and making the suggestion to move in with Karin's family.

We're finally introduced to the Galactic Council. So, SliferGigaSeadramon's vassals are part of the organization. Interesting stuff there. And they send for Jacomon to investigate the Ascendants. Oh, yes about that certain pink-haired goddess. We know who that is and her involvement in future installments.

Best parts are the Keke & D3 interactions and Jacomon running into the Digi-girls. Yeah, Jacomon you gotta pay for Mimi's broken perfume. Jacomon makes his escape but accidentally drags Mimi and Lillymon along, causing them to get warped into the Nexus. They've also didn't come alone: Shute and Kaito from Digimon World.

Liked the interactions Ken had with the D3s. Oh yeah, Tike and David are going to be his 'bestest' friends ever after this ordeal, lol. Liked Keke teasing with her new swimsuit, and wouldn't you know it she's wearing pink (just like her mom).

Ah Puckmon shows up and with Athenamon's panties. He's one lucky soul. And if he wasn't bad enough, the other Terumi (from Jeffrey's story) makes his move.

Puckmon makes an impact giving Tactimon and his bounty hunter pals those omega code spheres. Then, they crash the weekend gathering and war breaks out. And if that wasn't bad enough, that Devimon got came gets a boost from Puckmon and becomes Plutomon.

Good start on this mini-arc, Chaos. Hopefully updates won't be too slow from here on out, but hey can't resist those gaming urges and other stuff in life. Can't wait for more.
Kanius chapter 14 . 7/5/2015
Here's my review after some delay. After learning that new summon gate technique, Ke settles down for a short time. Poor Maki almost had knives in his throat for getting too prying into personal stuff between Ken and Orcus. Heh, we know though Ken will one day reciprocate those feelings for Christina when he's ready.

Oh, and lo behold a fairy named Saya. Despite her size, she can knock down people bigger than her. Athena finds herself someone to hang with.

Man, does Sarge like to contain a ton of weaponry enough to start wars with dimensions. I'm sure he has them all there for reasons like storage and for emergencies. Lol at the WW3 reference.

Nice developments for Ken. He's now just plain Dramon X and say bye-bye to his lower forms. His Digimon do get a good end of the power deal. Also good they won't need to fuse with Ken anymore. I also imagine Titaniamon being high level level 2 at max like CyberBeelzemon. Speaking of Titaniamon, Sailor Pluto makes a surprise appearance and offers to help. We can get idea of Titaniamon and Pluto's interesting new bond since their fusion.

Ken and co. also get a new weapon to help slow down D-Reaper's regeneration. Liked how Ken effectively told Maki to stop being a bitch about hesitating. Ken also decides he'll be a YYGDM resident, soon. Should be no surprise he'd want a family to be with.

Finally, the big one: Andes returns. The bitch is back and pulls a Starscream taking over her father's empire. We'll see how long that lasts. That core's ominous presence just might end the party.

Happy 4th and can't wait for that epilogue.
Ford1114 chapter 14 . 7/5/2015
Their testing the summoning gate, and holy crap there's a WW3 reference.

I saw that Andes is planning to make her own empire just to make fun of GranDracmon. Another cameo of the core is seen.
JNaegi chapter 14 . 7/5/2015
A war room space pocket, eh? What on Earth is Sarge having all that as a back up?

Good character development for Ken and rather surprising that he won't need his digimon partners to fuse, should be nice to see.

Ah Andes I missed you.

Here's to when you do the epilogue.
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