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Generic Reviewer chapter 14 . 7/4/2015
Andes is back from the grave and Kensuke is even more OP.

I hope that floating Digicore does something cool if its who I think it is. Seriously said mystery core and Greil got shafted just because Heavenly Kings two and four are infamous jackasses.

In terms of dimensional travelers Slade has seen enough things to scare me more than Kensuke. Wonder what kinda dimensional laws keep him from intervening directly.

Later days!
Kanius chapter 13 . 6/30/2015
Finally gotten around to Ken's downtime shenanigans. Not so much shenanigans as in very crucial training. Finally Athena and PinkPatamon meet Ken's Digiteam.

Lots of interesting tidbits on the Young Guns' backgrounds. Didn't see Kiva disbanding Team Rocket. Benny sure does live up to the dumb muscle trope.

Ken's training was sure a trip. Fighting his former worst enemies was one way to force him to the Ascendant God 2 level status. Neat concept with the summons, I know you already explained that to me before. Yeah, Tai/Omega X and Matt/Metalla X will hit Ascendant God 2 come around Resurrection B time. Hope to have that started somewhere close to the end of this year.

There's that prologue leading to your next project. A certain villainess to get revived and a mysterious core showing up; both sound like recipes for disaster.

Good chapter to set-up future stories.
JNaegi chapter 13 . 6/30/2015
The beginning of the end!

Kensuke got training and can summon people he developed bonds with! That's cool.

Dang a 2nd version of God Ascendant? OH that blue haired thing Goku and Vegeta will be doing in F? Interesting.

Till next time.
Ford1114 chapter 13 . 6/30/2015
Ken and Athena go back to XLR-8 to get some rest. Slade and Kiva need some advice to train as they go to the Pokemon world. Yes one of the poke dimensions with that revelation in ORAS. I see that Kiva disband Team Rocket.

Other than the visions from his enemies, I see there's an ability to have some summoning gates. There's the mention of Ken's god ki.

The ending reveals something about GranDracmon's return alongside a core. Okay, I see where your getting at.
Kanius chapter 12 . 10/31/2013
Long chapter this was. I had a fun time writing this with you and glad to put it out. Thanks for making this possible.

I liked how it turned out. A big opening with the heroes driving the vessels off, but not without leaving warnings about Jishikitori X and Yagami. More on that in a min.

Four good tournament fights plus a duel Ken will never forget. I think you did good work on the duel despite how frustrated Ken was getting with Yugi's relying much on Dark Magician. Ken got far in the far nonetheless and almost had it, but his respect for Yugi surpasses his need to beat him. It's a good thing since he had Kaiba to contend with (funny stuff on the Brock reference and dragon fetish), as if Hiei wasn't enough.

It was nice of him to lend Yui and Lyn those cards. We'll one day put them to use once I get far into my series.

The Amazon tourney matches turned out fine I thought and enjoyed writing them. Jupiter comes up short against Artemismon. Athenamon ends Brunhilde's momentum. Jupiter then beats Brunhilde thanks to Thor's hammer! At least there's something to counteract Brunhilde's blue fire.

The final was a dozy. Artemismon shows why she's clearly meant to be the heir, but Athenamon VM proves why she's sill sorely needed as the Amazon queen. Artemismon's time will come as she's proven to be her queen's equal. And this will be a goal Titaniamon hopes to reach after she masters her Ultima form.

Minako's making it a goal to trim that unwanted weight taking up training from the Amazons. We'll see if this pays off for her and if we'll see any changes to her physically and mentally (might serve her good in the long run).

Guess it had to come out at some point. As I said, the cat's out of the bag. Jishikitori X is the Future Charon and she has plans for our heroes (and Griel better watch his back literally).

Next time, it's Yagami time. I can't wait to delve into this one!

We did good work. Until next time!
JNaegi chapter 12 . 10/28/2013
Kukuku, this was rather exciting conclusion to this Amazon arc. It kind of had "The Queens Blade" elements with all the females fighting (but of course not exaggerating boobs or skimpy clothing, nice keeping it classy!)

Whoa so not only does Ken have Hiei to contend with but now good ol' Kaiba is part of the hateration for having the Accel-digidestined head on a platter! Hah, he called Kaiba out about the dragon fetish and having Brock's English voice!

Duel went surprisingly well and I was surprised that Ken got that far with Yugi and using those monsters was a good thing. Even though Yugi did win the surprise that Ken could have won with that card is surprising!

You know if that did happen Kaiba would have started some queue, Kaiba: ...Kill him like the rest! Nice that he gave cards to Yui and Lyn!

Whoa, Kaiba peeked on Tyra by accident since he thought it was Lyn? It's more shocking that Kaiba has those 'urges' to even peek on his girlfriend, at least he's not a complete robot.

Amazon battles went well; Artemismon beats Jupiter while Athenamon beats Brunhilde. Than Jupiter and Brunhilde go at it and the warrior of thunder and commander of Thor's hammer shows Brunhilde not to get to full of herself.

Artemismon LM and Athenamon go at it in royal style and even though the former proved her worth with keeping up with her queen, Athenamon takes the win but says that regardless of the outcome Artemismon will be the future heir to her kingdom. Of course Titianmon as well.

That's the way Venus, work off that weight! Get physical with it and get some new skills for any future battles! I'll be happy seeing little Ai at some point!

So it's finally revealed that Charon is the future version of the one from DOC? And now she's going to try and complete her past-version's plans or try to get rid of Ken. Jishi and Terumi should just team up already; make a fantastic troll team for Ken!

Now Ken is heading back to his world to deal with the drama back there with the ninja twins and continue his quest for his Helena's starseed!

Another good colab you two! And much luck with the Kai/Accel crossover with Yagami!

The fun doesn't end.
Kanius chapter 11 . 10/17/2013
Glad, I was able to help with another chapter and pleased you like the outcomes.

Long story short, some startling outcomes. Artemismon defeats Mika; Mika put up an effort, but Artemismon is clearly adamant about becoming the next Amazon queen. Nothing seems to be stopping her.

Jupiter defeats Jaarin and we learn what Jaarin needs to be. Her negligence of her Beast form came back and bit her hard. A communion with AncientMermaimon is a start to the right path, which hopefully will do good for Jaarin.

Ah, now I enjoyed writing Mars vs. Brunhilde. I personally think Mars did better than Varuna and could've won. Just when it seemed Mars gained control, Brunhilde really turned things around to her favor. Mars went in blind and unaware of Brunhilde's full abilities, which cost her, but not her fault. Brunhilde's ferocity triumphs over Mars' experience. Though, if Brunhilde were fighting Jupiter in the next round, she'd fall to Jupiter's Mjolnir. Fortunately, Kotori is the strongest of the Valkyrie battle maidens and the others won't be as overpowered as her.

Athenamon VM wins as expected. Now she must fight Brunhilde next. Ah, but we can't forget Yugi and Ken have their duel much to Kaiba's chagrin.

The chapter has its funny bits. Brooklyn Rage flying over Joey's head and Kaiba not 'getting' the Brock reference. So far, Ken's first meeting with the Duelists is coming along 'well' (except Kaiba). And Venus claiming the Amazons will help her lose weight, very ambitious of her. And now we learn Ai's already been born.

The fight with the ObeliskMegaGargomon's vassals begins. Blightmon annoys everyone, but Mars and Hiei are ready to shut him up. Ken ends up getting saved by Varuna from crushing death. Athenamon VM unleashes her herald power and shocks everyone by blowing a hole through Tidalmon's seemingly impenetrable armor!

We're winding to the conclusion. Let's make this as explosive as we can!
JNaegi chapter 11 . 10/16/2013
Unexpected turn of events with the semi finals.

Artemismon beats Mika, who did well. When thinking about it, she doesn't have much luck in these tournaments? I guess she hasn't realized her Rajita potential just yet?

Jupiter beats Jaarin, who learns about the need to balance her beast form to empower her fusion and Z forms as well. Learning curve girl, keep it going!

Understatment of the battle was Brunhilde up against Mars! I'd at least think that experience would triumph over Brunhilde but this battle proved what powers the heralds of Odin can do!

Athenamon's battle with Queen was finished quickly as well! Now a battle with Tidlemon, Blightmon and the like is happening with a few surprises with Athenamon using her new power to blow a hole in Tidalemon's body!

Ooooo, Ken dueling against the King of Games? It would be good seeing what his ranking is compared to the duelist!

Haha Brooklyn Rage and the Brock comment really got me! Along with Venus needing to get back into shape with the amazon's help!

Good work with the chapter!
Kanius chapter 10 . 10/7/2013
Been a pleasure helping you write this arc. Indeed, a decent start and glad the matches worked out well.

Yes, finally Ken meets the Duelists (well just Yugi, Joey, Kaiba, Mai, and Lyn so far). He also gets to meet Kotori for the first time. Varuna finally gets some payback again punching Ken. Ah, Orcus is getting smitten around him. Two Kuipers with opposite views over Ken; very interesting. Ken's deck gets an upgrade thanks to the Staff of Apophis, can't wait to see where this leads.

The three stooges still haven't learned. Oh well they're out of the game.

Overview of matches: Mika beats Sara. About time Ranamon finally got one over her rival and she's become much stronger in her human spirit form. Artemismon is determined to win this thing. My favorite matches to write were Athenamon VM vs Titaniamon and Jupiter vs Seirika. Varuna vs Brunhilde and Mars vs Mai were close. I definitely was aiming for closely contested matches with the Senshi involved.

Yeah, despite her loss, Titaniamon has a mission to overcome the Ultima armor's flaws.

The talk with RaPhoenixmon's heralds was interesting. Good to know Athenamon and Swordswoman don't intend to over abuse their new herald forms. Uh oh, ObeliskMegaGargomon just sent his guys to crash the party.

As for who will take the next matches: heh, well, I've already predetermined the match results. So, that would be spoiling. :P

Well, it doesn't matter. They will be good and action-packed fights. Either Mars or Jupiter, Brunhilde or Artemismon fighting Athenamon is good enough in my book.

Looking forward to getting the next chapter out. Let's keep it up!
JNaegi chapter 10 . 10/6/2013
Good start with the Amazon tournament! Finally Ken meets the Yugioh cast (it's been a long time coming)!

Nice that Ken gets his wounds healed by Mercury and funny that the first thing Varuna does is punch him! Orcus continues fawning over Ken as she's with him constantly; that's the way just like her teacher taught her (you know, non-senshi stuff!)

EVERYONE is still shocked by the doofuses that survived three wars and with Pukemon added to the group (short time) it was different.

You picked some good matches! Sara and Mika's match started it off and Sara's phasing abilities couldn't topple the Second in command's wind attacks but they have improved so maybe next time!

Looks like Mizuno couldn't get a win with Artemismon but good battle and Artemismon proved her worth for now!

Whooo, Ranamon got her comeback against Fairymon, that was overdue!

Big battles with Jupiter and Rika, Mars and Mai, Varuna and Brunhilde and Athenamon and Titaniamon.

It should be note worthy that Rika has come a long way to able to fight off against Jupiter and good thing it wasn't an overpowered match! Same thing with Mai and Rei; I found it shocking that it was okay for an outside source to give Valentine a power-up but technicality shouldn't be added and with that it upgraded Ken's deck!

Mai used that phoenix formation, been awhile since I heard that but Mars wins. Battle of the butch should be for Varuna and Brunhilde since that was wild! The true Valkyrie proved her own in the long run.

Awww Titaniamon lost too but atleast she got off 3 of her armor forms and this has given her new incentive to master her new powers. Who knows , she could find unique ways to harness the element in the armors even in a debuff fashion?

My take on the coming matches? I don't know, with some of the characters that's been in a story for a long time I wanna root for them but their are other aspects and- all right! ALL RIGHT! I'm pro Senshi and it would be nice to see them take home the gold but I see Artemismon and Brunihlde winning!

I say that since as it is pointed out (and I never put this into consideration) that the Senshi's Valkyire powers are artificial and going up against the real deal would prove troublesome and Mars wouldn't resort to her Cosmic powers and for Artemismon...well it's just one of those things!

The battles will be good no matter who wins so that's all that matters; see I thought it through. I was worried there for a second since Venus was there and she's still pregnant right?

Well that's enough from me, continue doing well fellas!
Kanius chapter 9 . 2/9/2013
Great conclusion for Tenchu Requiem! I enjoyed the Spiderman cameo saving Splinter and Ken taking a cue from the American Badass Undertaker's debut.

Ken/Dramon X makes his big comeback, kicks asses, and takes a few names. The ninja twins had their moment of glory taking out Mei-oh with the sword. Funny bit of Ken using Raph's bike to make his 'American badass' entrance and hitting Elder Toguro hard, making him cough out Casey like Cell did with 18. Glad Casey was saved for April' sake.

Lol, poor Mikey and yelling like Vader when realizing Ken took his nunchucks (which come in handy later).

Nice bit with Hiei finishing off Onikage in quick fashion. Nice teamwork by the Kuipers and Sedna puts Elder Toguro's ass on ice and letting Spirit World's crew seal him up for good. No more Elder Toguro troubles!

Then, we get Omegamon, Athenamon, and Kentarosumon/Sleipmon paying a visit.

The psycho goes all out cursing out Omegamon and going facehugger on him. He and Varuna really got the short end here getting poked. Glad the others were able to subdue the psycho using Cammy's mirror to digivolve him and give him amnesia. He's been turned to an Etemon-speaking fool, but better than a psycho. He really hates Crusadermon and it showed in his actions, lol.

Titaniamon gets a pep talk from her queen and learns a loss will only push her to get stronger. Ken gets a Pegasusmon as a gift from Athenamon. Rei and Hiei get Koori back. But, of course, Hiei and Varuna can't let things go. Though Varuna gets payback for Ken headbutting her, Hiei gets nunchuck'd in his Jagan eye. Loved the bit where Koori calls Ken 'papa' and drives Hiei to slice up Ken. Good thing Ken left with his head and body intact.

Now, Ken and his team prepare for the Evo-lite challenges awaiting them in Accel Season 2. Looking forward to it, Chaos!
JNaegi chapter 9 . 2/8/2013
Sweet ending, with all this leading up to Season 2! Ken returns to his Dramon X form and takes names by getting rid of Mei-oh with the ninja twins help in using that sword!

Splitner gets help from the resident 'Web-head' which is not shocking, since that takes place in New York city they were bound to bump into each other.

Mikey gets his nunchuks taken as well? I guess he better get himself another pair. Casey Jones is saved and TMNT goes back to the same old drill.

Koori is finally reunited with her parents and a final battle with Elder Toguro and Onikage. Don't ever piss off Hiei, he made Onikage his bitch and Sedna puts Toguro on ice and will never bother them again.

Surprise Athenamon, Omegamon & Kentarousmon make an apperance. Of course Starmon has to jack up Omegamon by poking his eye. Now he has amensia? Well he won't be remembering anything soon. Starmon really doesn't like Crusadermon, yeah he/she is...unique in certain regards. But in hindsight everyone knows Athenamon could kick her/his ass in a heartbeat so win/win?

Ouch, Varuna and Ken like headbutting each other don't they? Both are so stubborn. Hiei getting cranked in the eye was funny, along with little Koori calling Ken 'Papa Ken' was priceless!

I'm guessing Hiei doesn't want anyone else being called papa instead of him? He is so transparent.

Time to get back into the main story! Should be cool seeing the Evo-lites as well and seeing what they have planned for Ken and his crew!

Again, nice work Chaos!
Kanius chapter 8 . 1/31/2013
Good follow-up from the last chapter. Enjoyed the bits of fighting we had going on.

I rather liked the scenes and the reenactment with Gankoomon AKA Coach Buzzcut/Mr. DeMartino-mon (I got the refs when you showed me in the emails). Yes, and it's about time someone can take Ken's ball-busting move! Man, Gankoomon sure hates Crusadermon that much to call him that! I can see why he and Examon would've been pals. And the insanity sure doesn't stop there when he regresses to Starmon.

It was a brutal encounter. I have to give it to Titaniamon to fight in Ken's honor. He worried for her, but glad to know her partnership with Ken nullifies that Amazon code. I can't imagine her being forced to marry that psychopath. Despite the loss, hopefully Titaniamon learns from the experience and works to train to become stronger.

And so Elder Toguro encounters the Sistermon duo. They are quite the handy team when dealing with business. Baby Koori finally lets that stringy-haired freak know what she thinks and toasts him with her fire (she's Rei and Hiei's daughter; of course you don't mess with her). Glad she was able to remove that nasty curse, but too bad Elder Toguro managed to take her!

The fights with the turtles, Wildcat, and the ninja twins were cool. Oh, and now the twins are going to get a visit with Rikimaru.

Fun Yugioh 5Ds abridged reference, btw. Looks like the climax is coming. Should be good!
JNaegi chapter 8 . 1/30/2013
Reaching the end game for this story. Well, well, the infamous ball buster didn't work on Gankoomon and finding out he was best friends with Examon was unexpected. He put Ken through the ringer though and even regressing him to a moe-eyed Starmon didn't dampen his bloodlust.

Ken had a moment with Titaniamon! Being worried for her safety about getting married, long live loopholes!

Yes Koori was able to purify Grandracmon's curse! That's what you can expect from Rei and Hiei's daughter but gets captured by that punk again.

Battles going strong for Mikato, Shizuka and the turtles. Those digimon nuns really know how to fight though, keeping up with Elder Toguro is not an easy feat.

The twins get the blade and meet Rikamaru. It should be interesting on what he says.

Another abridged quote about cards on motercycles, if we had that here it would cause so much traffic...

I gotta say, with Ken's screw the rules personality, if he wasn't part of all this being a digidestined, I see him as some gang leader in Tokyo with all the teens causing anarchy and sticking it to "the man". Seriously I can see him doing that, he wouldn't like being percived like that but he'd accept it.

One more left, keep it up!
Kanius chapter 7 . 1/23/2013
I apologize for the delayed review. Now, let's begin.

The chapter was fun and action-packed pitting our group against Onikage and Elder Toguro. Enjoyed seeing the turtles in action and their comedy bits (especially the turtle wax). Wildcat is a cool character and he works well with the ninja team. Poor April after what happened with Casey and Elder Toguro devouring him. Hope they can save him in time before the freak incorporates him fully.

Ken goes all out and uses the phoenix/dragon. Luckily there were no victims.

I'm glad to see that Sedna is still supportive despite all he's gone through lately with the Evolites, GranDracmon's curse, and that ominous nightmare of 'Sedna' killing him.

Raph getting threatened by Titaniamon was intense. She can counted on to protect Koori.

What lies ahead for Ken in this new area of the Digital World? Looks like the newest Royal Knight. And the ninja team prepare for their next big battle. Next chapter should be good, Chaos.
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