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JNaegi chapter 5 . 12/28/2012
Good start on this side story. Ken's got attire from Assasin's Creed and the guns from Devil May Cry; that's a twist.

It's understandble that he would still be feeling guilt about what happend but it's good his digimon are still with him. Along with never get the great Erza Scarlet on your case uh I mean Titinamon.

Finally finding out more about the twins and how their Grandfather trained them along Ken and crew gotta head to New York and find a sealed weapon the Izayoi. Hey they are going to meet Splinter and April, maybe Ken will see Raphael again?

Griel is going to do somthing nice for Ken and find Helena's star seed? Well with Caster she should be able to do somthing and I agree with what Krieg said about his mannerissims he's afully polite isn't he.

A brief apperance from Terumi always a treat.

Wondering what's going to happen next?

Happy New Year!
Kanius chapter 4 . 7/16/2012
Hey, Chaos! This was a good chapter and liked the whole plot on Celesta X/Kari's capture. Really surprising to see Vipris, Mutalior, Caiusmon, and Arkadimon involved in the scheme.

Yikes, the Kai group got beaten badly by Belialmon. Celesta X went all out and tried to stop him, but even she has her limits. I don't blame Tai for punching Yamato and really letting him have it. Yamato indeed went far with his remarks about Tai's sister.

Well, now Ken and his team will have their hands full. Won't they be surprised when they face a mind-controlled Celesta X. Ken isn't going to take this well.

By the way, AnimatedFord's right about the whole 'Sibling/Holy Terra Beam' mix-up. 'Holy Terra Beam' is mine.

I can't wait for the next SSS chapter involving these ninjas. Will be a while until we get there, but I look forward to the big war arc and the Siege fic. I'm cool with the Siege of GranDracmon fic posted on my page.

Until next time, Chaos!
JNaegi chapter 4 . 7/15/2012
So that's how poor Kari got mixed up in this. Man, Yamato went too far with not helping out any of the others and Tai was PO'ed at his sister being captured.

Damn, the woman-hater Vipris is in this too, I guess you can't keep a bad guy down nowadays. Caiusmon, Mutalior and Arkadimon as well, you are pulling out all the stops.

With all these big bads I wonder how Ken and the crew will survive through out all of this?

Well knowing Ken he will most likely wing it and dive in headfirst, break a couple of bones, rupture mucles, decapitate his sister for the heck of it, say a smart-ass remark and afterwards eat a muffin... the last one is a joke.

This was good and ninja's next time, should be interesting.

Ford1114 chapter 4 . 7/15/2012
Hoho. So this is the evil chapter with sudden surprises.

Holy shit, Mutalior and even Vipris are revived. But more likely Mutalior, as he is pretty awesome.

Caiusmon huh, I guess he's some sort of parody of Caius from FFXIII-2, except he looks like Apollomon? Actually, I have a parody digimon OC myself that parodies Caius (and his Jet Bahamut form) completely, but you have to wait till the final arc of Cross Generations in the future.

Umm, dude, that's 'Sibling Terra Beam' I said on PM, not 'Holy Terra Beam' (that belongs to Kanius).

Wow. Yamato taunts Celesta X's kidnapping and Tai punches him.

Good chapter nonetheless.
Kanius chapter 3 . 4/24/2012
'Tis was a good end to the mini story.

Gotta say Dramon X Reflector Mode was awesome to see in action, albeit short-lived as he was. It's good to see Ken finally gain some serenity and glad to know Dimitro was the one to get Ken to get over this growing anger issues.

The other fusion, Artemismon Jet Mode, was neat to see in action. Glad they were able to save the kids and the pups. AncientWisemon got what was coming to him.

Looks like GranDracmon (glad he has a code of some sort) is preparing to up the ante with Ken, who's coming back thanks to Ryo's help. New evil plots are in the works, including a Duel Disk and the Darkness iPad. Ken is in for more challenges coming his way.

Now we're heading back to the main story.
JNaegi chapter 3 . 4/23/2012
Nice conclusion to this side story Chaos!

Who would have thought that Dimitro would be the one to curb Ken's anger issues and a fusion with him was unexpected but it sure did wipe the floor with AncientWisemon!

The twins (digimon and human) came out of this experience just fine and unscathed.

I guess GranDracmon does have some kind of code he goes by if he isn't trying to eat kids. He still isn't winning any awards for father of the year given how is daughter acts.

So a new plot to use Duel monsters? Should be getting interesting!

Kanius chapter 2 . 4/19/2012
Nice chapter and glad to help. Thanks for the credit!

Now we're getting somewhere. Glad to see Ken take matter to his own hands and taking out those hunters. Now, Phillipe and Jeri are starting to get to know Ken.

The Xros fusions were cool, but of course Astamon and Grademon's Xros had to be a crazy nutcase. I liked how Astamon called out on Ken bringing up the whole split personality thing.

The battle with Chaosmon was short but intense. Now that UltimateChaosmon has come into play, we get two Xroses, including the Artemismon Jet Mode! Additionally, looks like Dimitro, Ryo, and Cyberdramon are about to drop into the fray.

That figure watching AncientWisemon. I can take a guess. It starts with an 'A' and ends with an 's'. Right? Keep it up. I'm looking forward to the last part of Hunters Moon.
JNaegi chapter 2 . 4/17/2012
Good chapter!

Ken certainly knows how to the job down, bringing down all of those knubby hunters after the poor pups! Jeri and Phillipe find out what recently happend to him.

Good combo with Astamon and Grademon fusing like that and didn't expect the split personality...if those two ever went on a rampage on an enemy it wouldn't be an even battle but I am not complaining, that would be cool.

So Artemismon and Ken's Jetsylphimon Xros. She should prove to be a decent opponent for UltimateChaosmon.

What's this Ryo, Cyberdramona and Dimitro are coming in, should be good.

Keep it going!
Kanius chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
Great start to the Side Story Slamfest, Chaos! Nice to see my scenes implemented and they transitioned well. :D

Yep, this is the first mention of Sailor Cosmos, aka the Lady in White. You will definitely see her again in YYGDM, and this time not so vaguely. Ken is now a dimension crosser just like Karin and Ryo.

Ken returns to the Xros Wars world during the whole DigiQuartz craze. It was cool seeing him meet Taiki and Yuu again. Poor JetSilphymon, she has Astamon to put up with.

Jeri, Phillipe, and their partners drop in after getting sucked by a weird mirror, leading to poor Tagiru getting the daylights beaten out of him by Phillipe (don't call him a girl or you suffer).

Great way to start the Side Story. I wonder how they will save the little ones, confront the mysterious Digimon and go through with this hunt. Until the next update, my friend!
Ford1114 chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
Ah so this is the side story! So Sailor Cosmos was the one who made Karin a dimension traveler.

And here's the return of the Xros Wars world! I sense Digi-quartz is mention, the idea of the watcher old guy recruiting the digidestined from YYGDM to face Quartzmon will come true. Taking place before DFKai Season 3. :)

JNaegi chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
Ahhh so this is the Side story, I am enjoying this!

Kensuke meets the Lady in White, who turns out to be Sailor Cosmos who guards the Cauldron. I wasn't expecting that but I guess clues were left whenever she is mentioned so I should pay better attention.

Ken gains the ability to travel dimensions like his 'sis' and Ryo. He should have a blast with that.

So DOC has come to an end at this point and time, and life has returned to normal. Seeing Jeri, Phillipe and their digimon was cool and what's this little Yusuke and Kazuma are the partners to Renamon and Inumon's kids? That's a good surprise there but they end up getting captured and Jeri and her team end up in the XROS world with Ken.

Seems they got to get it together and rescure them and discover why that mysterious digimon would go that far.

This is just getting started and anticipating the next chapter.

Keep it going dude!
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