Reviews for cycle
Rumbleroar chapter 1 . 4/29/2012
All these overwhelming feelings!

God, stop doing this to meeeeeeeeeeeee!

I've read quite a lot of cousincest and this by far is the best, as well as one of my favourite fics ever. I love your portayal of them, and how Fred knows it's wrong, but can't stop, and keeps pretending that Molly loves him.

Oh, it's too much!
Morghen chapter 1 . 4/26/2012
Oh, wow!

Cousincest is something that I've recently started reading, but I've never read this pairing before. I really liked your portrayal of them. The way that Fred knew it was wrong, but couldn't stop and justified it by saying Molly couldn't be left again was perfect. When I read cousincest, I always look for believable ideas for such a taboo situation and you were really able to make this relationship believable.

The informality of the writing worked well for this piece. Sometimes the lack of upper-cased letters just seems off, but it fit this oneshot. I also liked how you separated the different scenes.

"lysander is dead, molly is falling apart, and fred is in love with his cousin."

That part was probably my favorite. It just summed everything up in such a simple way, but it was such a powerful sentence at the same time.

Good work! I really enjoyed reading this! _

over-rehearsed chapter 1 . 4/15/2012
Omg, I'm not a big fan of cousincest, but I am of your writing, Rachelll :)

And I love your Molly here, how she still loves Lysander and he's gone, and ugh, all of these feels i'm feeling, stop itttt.

I like the little sections and your style of writing is good for angst, m'dear. :)

(why does no one ever write cousincest fluff?)

'lysander is dead, but he's still the only thing molly sees.' That line is just... I love it. it's an amazing line, okay. I kind of want to marry that line. Except that'd be weird, so I won't. :P

Love you, Rachel!


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