Reviews for Bluebird
ladeerelli chapter 41 . 6/22
Really, really good story. I didn't think I'd like a Bella / Embry paring but I was rooting for them! Thanks for sharing it.
b0x 0f r0x chapter 40 . 6/13
ugh. one of my all time favorite. looooove it
MrsLMB chapter 41 . 5/17
You had me hooked from the very beginning...and oh my god I could not stop reading! Just so beautiful. Every word, every look, every touch between Bella and Embry. And at one point you had me hating Jacob with every breath in my body. You had me cringing, squirming, crying, sighing and laughing...

Awesome job! You are one amazing writer! Thank you.
gbgreeneyes chapter 32 . 3/15
MoonFragrance chapter 41 . 1/21
It was pleasant reading about everyone gathering for a cozy Christmas gathering. Embry and Bella are always golden together. Another outtake would be lovelyThanks so much for sharing your wonderful story! I'll return again for a re-read. You're a phenomenal writer.
MoonFragrance chapter 36 . 1/21
Captivating chapter with a fitting title. The conversation between Bella and Jacob was beautiful and organic. They set each other free, and it was breathtaking. A lovely close for the mesmerizing story about Bella and Embry. A golden moment. I'm so happy they have each other, and it's only the beginning of the rest of their lives together.
MoonFragrance chapter 35 . 1/21
I love it when Quil shares his insight. His usual levity probably causes most to expect that he doesn't pick on emotional nuances and under-the-surface dynamics. But damn if he isn't insightful when it countsand he makes it count alright. All the while being very succinct with his delivery. Embry needed someone to anchor him and establish perspective on this particular morning after. I'm so glad he had Quil. I love EVERYTHING that Quil said, right down toTake Bella and go. Get away from 's it for you isn't she? She's it for the wolf too?" My heart. I'm proud of Jacob. His transformation and redemption arc are moving, to say the least. He's well on his way.
MoonFragrance chapter 26 . 1/21
Holy hell, what a breathtaking chapter. I'm winded. That is to say, you've done a marvelous job. You've got an unswervingly hand with writing angst. The blunt-force reunion at the beginning had me reeling. All the same, I was hanging onto your every word. "But where were you before?" Sheer agony. Poor Embry. I hope he hangs in there. Really feeling for him here. Your recommended "Wrecking Ball" by Iko was hauntingly suitable. I'm pretty sure I'm going to come out of your story with a spectrum of beloved new songs. If I make it out alive, that is!
MoonFragrance chapter 25 . 1/15
Bella and Embry's moments together make me melt. :)
I adore this entire chapter, from the moment Bella woke up next to Embry, what they did after, to the awkward first meeting with his mother.
The reveal of the deeper story behind the pendant Embry gave Bella was sweepingly romantic. He's a dreamboat.

Jacob's reappearance had me exclaiming, "WHAT THE...?!"
But it was imminent.

I wonder how things will go down with Embry being inside the Swan residence and all. Yikes.
Could this lead to Jake and Embry coming to an aggressive head? Hmmm.
MoonFragrance chapter 24 . 1/15
What a roller coaster for everyone - especially Rachel, Paul, Bella, & Embry. Rachel's a real trooper, though. :)
Very Bella Swan to freak out over the imprinting matter.
It was beautiful how Embry got her to open up to him & comforted her.
The lovemaking scene was charming & atmospheric.
MoonFragrance chapter 23 . 1/15
Bella and Embry are sweet and sexy together. Love how you've got the body language between the characters down to a T. The subtleties can make or break a story - and in your hands, they make your story an absolute gem.

"Cock-measuring fights." Haha, that's great.
"Just a friendly reminder to good old Mike Newton that this girl runs with wolves, not golden retrievers." Another line that made me laugh right out loud.

I love the exchange between Embry and Bella in the parking lot.
"You sound so sure of yourself."
"I am."
"And why's that?"
" 'Cause you told him I was your boyfriend."
Cuuuute. :) I could go on and on.

While the date was textured with awkwardness and tension, namely thanks to Paul, I felt that everything that was thrown out there needed to be out there in order for all players to carve a path forward.

The scene with Bella riding on Embry's wolf form was intriguing. I'm wondering about the significance of it. I'm sure we'll hear Embry's side of it soon enough.

Rachel's return was a chance for everyone to react to Jacob partially returning.
I expect Paul imprinted at the end.

What a way to end their first date night!
MoonFragrance chapter 22 . 1/15
Beautiful descriptions of the scents that Embry's hyper-aware of.

At the end of the day, Quil is an unswerving friend. It's great that he offered his perspective here. Whether now or later, he laid out what Embry needed to hear.
Their conversation hints at everything simmering beneath the surface in the pack dynamic - Bella moving on and what that means in light of Jake's departure and the grief it caused; the lingering sense of betrayal and bitterness.

Embry counters with sound philosophy of his own. "But he's not coming home to the same place he left. He's not coming home to the same people he left."

I'm glad Embry and Bella have reached a peaceful place amidst the turbulence and angst. I'm sure much awaits them in the days to come - but for now, this chapter ends on a relatively unruffled note.
MoonFragrance chapter 21 . 1/15
Another beautifully written chapter. Your writing is raw & emotional, gripping me every step of the way.
Charlie's insight was well-timed.
"Waiting on a ghost was no longer an option." -Love this line.
It was a moving moment when Bella decided that her future would begin today, rather than allowing another tomorrow to be entrenched in all the yesterdays.
The scene of her being in Jacob's room was atmospheric & poignant. Our girl finally comes to terms with the past always being part of her, of the perpetual unknowns of the future, & how she'll always have the present moment.
Bella Swan has come a long way, & I'm sure this is only the beginning of the journey.
MoonFragrance chapter 20 . 1/14
Time and time again, I'm impressed by Embry's deep understanding of emotional abstracts. He's in tune with his own mindscape as well as Bella's. I love this lineI knew something inside Bella was different, and I could see it commanding its own presence in her life." Embry hits deep with his observations. I love the visceral turn your prose takes when you write about Embry's wolf side. His narrative is always so self-aware and intense. And oh god, when he finally reveals the story behind the pendant. "Where it lay until I found the person to whom it was meant to belong." Piercingly romantic. How can anyone not love him? I anticipated the imminent judgment being tossed at Embry, but I'm glad for the way Leah handled it. She is golden. "..death grip on thin point, undiluted wisdom. I'm somewhat reminded of Pacey and Joey from Dawson's Creek. Bella is her own vise here, though. Her own mind turns on her like a weapon. She guns herself down with her tendency to overthink. Love how instinctual Embry's path to Bella in the garage was. The primal side of his perception of her is hot and intense. I'm happy he dominated the wolf. Embry is really flexing his strengthened will. He was firm but gentle in coaxing her to move forward and make her choice instead of holding herself back and allowing every tomorrow to remain encased in yesterday. I'm so happy I found your storyit's been everything I've needed without realizing it.
MoonFragrance chapter 19 . 1/14
Quil & the car are golden. Leah is awesome as always.
I like Embry's gift for Bella. Deep & sentimental, like him. I love your portrayal of him. While he's sensitive, deep, & an overall sweetheart, he isn't a pushover or a sissy. He's strong & wise.
The love scene flowed seamlessly. I think many of us were starry-eyed and wishing for an Embry Call of our own.
Their passion for each other caused them to get caught up in the moment, leading to the secret being unveiled to the pack family. I was listening to your recommended "Built for Innocence" by Framing Hanley as Bella made her way down the stairs and out of Emily's house. The lyrics couldn't have suited that scene better.
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