Reviews for Only A Boy
Charlie-is-bae chapter 41 . 19h
Your story is amazing! Please continue to write it! ;) 3
Blown chapter 41 . 7/22
I can't believe it. People are so stupid. This is like exactly the type of thing that turns people into Dark Lords. Just being horribly mean.
Queen Sound chapter 41 . 7/21
Oh my word this is awesome. I cannot wait for the next chapter. You're story is so good. Happy Writing.
kchopper1 chapter 41 . 7/18
I LOVE THIS STORY! Been reading this for 3 days , not exactly, but what can i say? life is cruel that way) I'm curious to what silas' brother had done that made him goes to azkaban. and why does he seems to keep his sanity after all those years in there, and also i love your snape, and even though i've never read (watched? i don't even know what form that story was published!) merlin, i really enjoy his character and all those founders. all in all, this is one of the best ff i've ever read!
TracesOfNutty chapter 26 . 7/18
So, I don't really review books at all. I'm a very silent reader but this book is one of my favourites so...

Normally the prophecies in basically any fanfic (hp or otherwise) are slightly rubbish if only because they are flipping hard to write at all let alone well. This one us flabbergastingly good.

Only complaint, haven't finished the book yet so it might be on purpose, the half rhyme at the end of the last line, I feel like hands of old would fit better but then again there is probably a reason for it.
Black-Swan1994 chapter 41 . 7/18
So I think Ive read the story now for the 4th time. And still I enjoy it as much as the first time.
The thing with fanfictions is, that many of them, sort of just work towards one big thing, like with merlin, that the only thing is the magic reveal, and than it is absolutley pointless and boring to read it again, but OAB is the kind of story that is, in my eyes, absolutley equal to the harry potter books, which I read a hundred times, and I will probably end up reading OAB just as often.
And Im sorry for rambling, but as I said, I enjoyed the story for a long time, but I dont think I left a review before, so I just wanted to let you know, that your story is awesome and it is a real shame you cant sell it as books, because once it is finished I totally want to put it next to my Harry Potter books.
kchopper1 chapter 1 . 7/15
but i thought merlin attended hogwarts? he was in slytherin. (source: pottermore)
Nightrain97 chapter 21 . 7/14
Love the SPN reference, and I am really loving the father and son relationship that Professor Snape and Merlin has. Extra kudos to you for keeping the characters true to their characters and for allowing the characters to gradually change rather than changing them overnight. The pace of the story line is great; it's almost like a short novel: not too fast, not too slow. That being said, I can't wait for the next chapter to come out. Keep up the good work. chapter 41 . 7/14
This is another of those legendary fanfics isn't it? You definitely weren't kidding when you said that this is a crossover of epic proportions! This is some amazing writingthe story as well as the presentation. I love it!
JWang chapter 41 . 7/13
cool please continue, is a very good fanfic.
nebula-twice-kill chapter 41 . 7/11
update soon!
maipigen chapter 41 . 7/11
So i was rereading this magnificent story and am now basically bawling with sadness knowing it will be a little while for the next chapter. Oh how I love this story. I love the way Merlin struggles, the mysterious curse etc. etc. I just...I want more hehe.

Also, on a totally unrelated note, if you think about pairings at any point, my vote is for Luna - she's awesome:D
masculineangel chapter 41 . 7/9
Alright. Some constructive criticism:

What the hell was this?

I mean, actually! What the hell was this? I mean, damn!

Who in the living hell mashes together The Brave Little Toaster and The Legend of Korra? It's just a flagrant, irresponsible abuse of the first amendment. I feel nearly certain the founding fathers, who were pretty much all sketchy Freemasons, would derive negligible enjoyment from reading this. While it may be more attributed to mass confusion as to what a toaster is and what "bending" is, their lack of gratification after reading this story definitely is in direct response to your abysmal writing skills. Do you even proof read anything your chubby fingers smack into the little white text box from that cheeto-encrusted, twelve-year-old keyboard? Take some damn responsibility for your brazen lack of care or respect toward your readers, buckle up your damn pants, put on some deodorant, and do better!

I'm tired of the crap you put out for us to read! Alright, I've followed you since 2008, and I feel entitled to better fan fiction crossovers, dammit. I would have forgiven placing something as sacred as The Brave Little Toaster with something worthwhile, like the Peanuts or Stuart Little, or even The Land Before Time, but the insidiously atrocious Legend of Korra? Screw that. It was bad enough, but after eight years of writing mediocre fan fiction, you would think you would finally be able to understand and apply the differences between the words "is," "are," and "am." Think of the children you masochistic, probably misogynistic, freak!

The story itself was unacceptable. The Brave Little Toaster is no warrior where he is from, so it's not fair for him to be placed in a fight to the literal death with the main villain cop out of Season Two of The Legend of Korra. Why are you still writing about season two anyway? Didn't season four end in, like, 2014? What the hell? Not only did you take an absolutely abhorrent show, you took the absolute worst part of it. Like, how on Zeus's good Gaia did you expect to write a worthwhile story surrounding a battle between the Brave Little Toaster and fucking Unalaq? You can't. I mean you specifically. I'm sure someone out there could do the Brave Little Toaster justice. Also, you only took Toaster over from his universe?! Why didn't you bring the others? Compared to Kirby the vacuum cleaner and Lampy the lamp, the Toaster is only an "OK" character. I mean, damn, mate! Try to adulterate a beloved childhood series further, why don't you, you piece of apricot colored tortoise dung! I suppose I should applaud you for not including any aspect of the sequel movies, though. Those things are like shoe bombs in a porta potty. Almost as bad as The Shining. Damn. That took me back.

Anyway, I give this sorry excuse for a story a 1.3 out of 10. It had very little promise to begin with and you way, way, way under delivered. Good fucking job, you ten gallon hat of a Jamaican brontosaurus. Spike would be ashamed of your sorry display. So would Stalin, probably. Damn!
TashaMoon chapter 41 . 7/8
I've been reading this for the past day and then some (I've just finished watching Merlin and couldn't let it end where it did, heh). I really love how you've written this, between the plotline and just how you phrase/write things really just seems to all click. I can tell you have a legit future in writing. I was also super excited when I finished the first few chapters because I knew I would get to read so much more content just like it. I look forward to following your story and watching it progress! Awesome job Riddell Lee!
Guest chapter 41 . 7/5
This is my absolute favorite story on this site :)
This is great! I'm really anticipating the next update!
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