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kmp1962 chapter 21 . 3/11/2015
Extra large box of tissue please. Kind of a shame you didn't do what we all would have liked to see and have Charlie be still alive. I know the whole witness protection thing has been done to death by others but you haven't. I always imagine Charlie in a coma for months, then when she wakes up, joey has been the one looking after ruby. Nuff said.
Ruby chapter 21 . 6/25/2013
Awesome story love it well done
Guest chapter 20 . 7/2/2012

Wow, I guess Brett will NEVER, EVER grow up and mature! Too bad he had to be Joey's brother! Because I do believe that his leveling those charges against Charlie is what really pushed her to cheat with Hugo . . . I know she had a choice but if she had not been thrown into that situation . . . I believe she could have worked it out with Joey . . . That not being able to see Joey (I do wish that they had broken that part and seen each other to support each other!) and talk to her . . . That it would have been fine and worked out! So while Charlie did have a choice . . . I would say that Bret's stupid claim is what added fuel to the fire and pushed Charlie over the edge!

I do hate it for Joey . . . No brother any more and no Charlie any more! Definitely not an easy thing to deal with! At least she does have Ruby . . . So glad that Ruby decided to seek out Joey and let her know because I do think that having someone go through what you have been going through has really been helping her through Charlie's death! Because Joey understands and has taken the time to listen and be there for Ruby! They are both helping each other through this horrible time made even worse by the idiot Brett! That man has no compassion or an ounce of love for his sister! He has so lost her and it is all down to him! Joey tried . . . But Brett was so not willing to let the past be the past! He is an ass beyond an ass!

Sadly in the long run, Joey is better off with out him in her life . . . . It is just way sad that it has to be that way all because of his ignorant mind (along with a bunch of other NOT nice words!)

You so do owe me a case of Kleenex by the way! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Love & peace . . . .

CJ4Eva chapter 21 . 7/3/2012
The saddest of endings but fitting for both Charlie and Ruby. I'm glad that Joey will look after Ruby. It seems the best option considering the circumstances.
luckdog chapter 21 . 7/3/2012
Yep you really need to post out tissue money to all us lol Even though it was sad it was a much better send off then what Charlie got on H&A. Ruby never really got to grieve properly for Charlie because everyone was too focus on Brax's grief. It was like so what you were only Charlie's daughter but Brax was Charlie everything! That was so wrong, Ruby was Charlie's world first and foremost then everyone else came after that. Like Charlie told Ruby and Joey, that Ruby is the most important person to her! So having you write such a loving send off for Charlie was wonderful. I loved Joey's and Ruby's final goodbye to the woman they will always love, it was very beautiful and poignant :o) Thank you very much IJKS!

Oh and I can't wait to read you other stories and to see where you will take idea I suggested with "The Funeral" ;o)
kazintaz chapter 21 . 7/3/2012
Beautiful finish to a storyline that was indeed hard for you to write and for us to read. On the plus side, yippeee five new storylines to come soon. Loving your work as always IJKS
thane3 chapter 21 . 7/3/2012
Joey and Ruby together in a new life will have a chance to grow and bond. Charlie would be proud to see them together dealing with whatever life might throw their way. There is truth in the saying that for some situations there is strength in numbers. Over the chapters even though it was very sad, it was gratifying to see the two of them bonding together not only to grieve but to reconnect as they once were. Both of them dealt with demons over the death of Charlie that neither you could be assured would of been able to deal by themselves. Like the song from James Taylor when he talks about telling them how they feel, both of their major regrets were not stopping and grabbling hold of Charlie and doing just that. Telling Charlie exactly how they feel.

Very proud of you IJKS. You really are a jewel. Thane3
Born2Try chapter 21 . 7/3/2012
I'm glad that Ruby and Joey have each other...I just wished that happened in the show! At least through you we can dream...
Jen82LH chapter 21 . 7/3/2012
Just when I think you can't excel anymore at being a brilliant writer, you go and write a chapter like that. It was just perfect. Heartfelt and beautiful words from both Joey and Ruby and I think Charlie would love that Joey was taking care of her precious daughter. I'm happy that Ruby and Brax kind of sorted things. Thank you for another fantastic story and I can't wait for all your new ones.
Blue1927 chapter 21 . 7/3/2012
That was a fantastic chapter to end a really great story. It was so nice for Charlie to get the send off she deserved. I'm really glad Ruby plucked up the courage to ask Joey if she could come back with her and that Joey thought it was such a good idea she invited her to live with her. I'm sure they'll be a great continued support to each other and also that it would have been just what Charlie would have wanted. I'm glad Ruby and Brax sort of made a tentative peace at the end too, it should help them both with moving on. I actually thought you wrote him very well in this, if only he could be more like that on the show. As for the way you wrote their goodbye to Charlie at the crematorium I'm not sure I can even get close to saying how well you did it, very sad yet amazingly poignant, it really was excellent. Well done on another great story.
DV8ByDesign chapter 21 . 7/3/2012
Hello . . . Really liked the ending . . . Again you made me cry! I hope most of those fics are a bit on the side of happiness & full of some giggles and other fun stuff! Not sure I can handle another crying fic! At least while I like Ross . . . His funeral will not be as sad to me and I gather it is or deals with a very much alive Charlie . . . . Something I can handle much better! Although the circumstances are sad . . . . I am sure eventually there will be happiness!

At least Ruby did not end up pregnant and running away in this one! Definitely a more dignified ending for Ruby and Joey both! Since Joey was never heard from again on H&A anything would have been better than that! Poor Ruby also deserved better than what she got on the show! I mean pregnant by a married man . . . Nothing dignified about that! (Although her real life fiance and about to be husband!) At least she lived through her ending on H&A instead of getting a death sentence from them! I always hoped that Charlie really lived instead of the whole death thing . . . BUT now I am sort of glad she got her ties totally cut from that show since they do not seem to know how to use an actor correctly or to the best of their ability and instead they wear them down to absolutely nothing! Charlie Buckton was shadow of the person she could have been on that show . . . The character showed great promise until they kept shoving her dating a criminal down our throats! I mean the odds of her dating 4 guys that were criminal . . . . Astronomical and they gladly shoved it down our throats! The ONLY one not a criminal was Joey . . . I mean there had to be a couple guys in Summer Bay that were NOT crims - Right? Could they not find at least one guy that was not a crim for her to date . . . Or why not some nice woman - That was NOT a criminal! Talk about beating an idea into submission or to death so to speak! I am so glad that Esther is free from that and I do wish her the best of everything and may she find many projects that will use her talents to her full ability! May she actually one day play a bisexual again and maybe have a happy ending . . Okay we can dream & hope . . . Right? Or at least I will always dream or hope that! So my fingers are crossed and in the meantime . . . . I will be reading your fics!

Thanks and enjoyed . . . . Now expecting that case of Kleenex in the mail any day now! LOL ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) Or you can redeem yourself . . . You know how! LOL ;-) ;-) ;-)

Love & Peace . . . .

DV8 oxoxo
thane3 chapter 20 . 7/1/2012
Whoa talk about conversations among siblings. Even with the distance of time and Joey be away Brett could still not let things go. It will be Brett who misses out on having the only family he has left near by. Thane3
Blue1927 chapter 20 . 7/1/2012
Great chapter, as sad has this has been I'm really going to miss it. Can't believe there's only one chapter to go. I also can't believe how insensitive Brett was, especially as Joey clearly went round to sort things out, in many ways against her better judgement. You might have thought he would at least have been sensible enough to have not insulted Charlie. Poor Joey, she really does deserve better. Have my fingers crossed Ruby might leave with Joey. I think the two of them could continue to support each other well and help pick up the pieces of their lives without Charlie in it. Great work.
CJ4Eva chapter 20 . 7/1/2012
Such a sad turn of events for Joey in this chapter. Joey's right when she asked how Brett could be so sure that Charlie would hurt her. We will sadly never know as he was responsible for Joey ultimately leaving and for Charlie going with Hugo behind her back :(
Jen82LH chapter 20 . 7/1/2012
Well Brett just showed what an insensitive, unremorseful person he really is and that Joey should stop mourning for their relationship. He's helped shape the path that has led to this point with his actions. I feel for Joey. I'm just glad she's in a stronger place now and I'm sure Ruby will help her.
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