Reviews for A Friend of the Family
Teresa R chapter 23 . 9/15
sequel would be wonderful. Love this story thanks so much. Life is perfectly imperfect just the way it should be.
Teresa R chapter 22 . 9/15
He knew Bella was full of fire he will be lucky to come out of this with both balls lol
Teresa R chapter 21 . 9/12
So happy they put the feds in there place they where being freaky creeps. I am so happy about the baby.
Teresa R chapter 20 . 9/11
I feel so sad for them all there privet times have been not so privet .
Teresa R chapter 19 . 9/7
OMG cried big fat tears. My heart just broke for them. I am so happy they are strong enough to get through it.
Teresa R chapter 18 . 9/7
Glad to Stefano had an accident . Babys all around love it.
Teresa R chapter 17 . 9/6
It is the creepy son of Sally . Bella is pregers :)
Teresa R chapter 16 . 9/6
Love Bella she is right he should know better than to keep something from her.
Teresa R chapter 15 . 9/6
Edward is a smart guy and Fe is impressed :)
Teresa R chapter 14 . 9/5
loved it great wedding. I am so glad that Carlisle is not as big of a prick I thought he was.
Teresa R chapter 13 . 9/4
Carlisle is a prick. Sally Sox is a stand up guy for a mob boss. So happy that Aro is gone
Teresa R chapter 12 . 9/2
Carlisle is an asshole.
Teresa R chapter 11 . 9/1
Love mamma Cullen she is feisty.
PaulIsaHAwttie chapter 23 . 8/26
An absolutely amazing story! Enjoyed every morsel. Its so much different and very original.
Sorry i didn't review each chapter, but i could not stop reading!
Thank you for sharing! I look foward to reading more of your other work.
Teresa R chapter 10 . 8/6
Sweet Edward is going to show Around that he has ball now just if Bella let's him keep them lol
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