Reviews for That was then, this is now
ruthieputie120 chapter 1 . 3/14
This is really good ! Are you ever going to update again ?
Guest chapter 83 . 2/25
Please update
Guest chapter 1 . 2/23
Please upload the next chaper
Huge Fan chapter 83 . 2/18
I cant wait to read what happened next!
Guest chapter 83 . 2/2
Thank u thank u thank u so much for the update
brochy chapter 83 . 2/2
Best Criminal Minds story ever.I'm big fan of it.
TZ23 chapter 82 . 1/30
I love, Love, LOVE this story! Soooooo happy you're back (I understand people have lives outside of fanfic writing, what's up with that? ;)) Sorry if I haven't written before to tell you how great this story is. Actually you can post slowly if you want, I don't want this story to ever end, it could go on for a couple of years and that would be fine by me. (uh oh, now I'll probably be blasted by the rest of your followers!) ... did I tell you I love this story?
Huge Fan chapter 83 . 1/30
Yes! Another one already - thanks! Ive already read it thrice, and will go at it again after writing this, even though the time is 00.45 here :)

Wonder how Larry is going to react if/when he finds out? I expect it could go in both directions... Him not knowing is a bit of a wild card, I think.

Love the conversation between Mr. Orange and Reid! This whole new POV-thing is spicing things up, and giving the story ever more dimension, and you execute it very well! Im absolutely rereading this more than a few times :D :D
And poor Reid, hes so broken and scared, Im glad Mr. Orange is trying to reassure him. I cant wait to hear the next story :) Wonder whatll happen when Seth catches them talking - that might be a tense moment :P

Hope you week is very good, and thanks again for the update :D I look forward to it every time :)
jenny crum chapter 83 . 1/30
I can't wait to see what happens next
IntoTheWilds chapter 82 . 1/29
Great chapter shug :D poor Spencer I just want to hug him!
veridis chapter 82 . 1/28
I'm grinning like a lunatic :] It's awesome :)
rose and 10 chapter 77 . 1/28
wait! is morgen dead?!
Huge Fan chapter 82 . 1/28
Still totally interested - but I hope you know that!

I love the new POV. Unexpected, but brilliant. And I really love the way you dont just write action scenes, but capture the inner monologue. It creates suspense and anticipation. Plus I like the way you get the most out of every scene, and dont rush. Actually it is a fear of mine - that you suddenly just rush to the end and then its over. So this I like!

I dont have a deep relationship with Reservoir Dogs, but I have seen it and I really like it! So exploring unexplored scenes doesnt bother me at all. Cant wait for you to write more about them and their dynamic (and I think you captured Mr. Orange like a pro), and the way they see Seth and Reid from the outside. A whole new perspective, and how no one really understand whats going on between them :D But how could they? Its messed up :P And I love it.

Thanks for the quick update! Again, made my day :D :D
Anon-Canon chapter 82 . 1/28
Oooh, I love this - been working on reading it for like a month. It was kinda weird having the POV change, but I really dug it, too. Might be wrong to ship Reid with everyone I meet, but I am SOOO hoping that Mr. Orange is the one to save him. It would be amazing for what remains of Reid's spirit, especially since he's clearly not gonna be sane anytime soon...

This was very nicely written - sometimes the way you wire Seth feels a little forced, like you're weary of hoc character, or maybe it's just the stress of a triple-crossover or something...But I like this a lot, it felt fresh. maybe you should bounce characters more often in the future, it was an interesting perspective to add to the story. Thanks for updating like the second I got on my computer.

BIG SMILES, I can't wait for more. :D
jenny crum chapter 81 . 1/24
I hope that they are able to find Reid soon, this was another awesome chapter
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