Reviews for Epiphanies
katrinblanchet chapter 14 . 10/8
I really would love to see this story finished ;)
Guest chapter 10 . 10/1
when are they telling ron
TheHiddenWookie chapter 14 . 9/28

I found your story and I wondered if there was going to be an ending? Either way, I enjoyed the writing you have done and I hope to continue reading your work.
jacenkenobi chapter 14 . 8/27
please, please, please finish this!
Erimenthe chapter 14 . 8/21
I really do hope you update this sometime soon. That was one hell of a cliffie to leave us on lol.
randy612 chapter 14 . 8/16
I feel that your story is incomplete. I do not share your vision for the characters. How come Amelia didn't get a new loyalty oath from all her department employees after she knew there was a leak? Especially the shifty crew she was taking on a mission. That huge discrepancy killed my interest in the story.
I hope you have better luck with the rest of your story ideas.
strivengoddess chapter 14 . 8/11
I hope we get an update to this story
ROBERT-19588 chapter 8 . 8/8
I hope Dobby will be in this story.
ROBERT-19588 chapter 3 . 8/7
If it illegal for the Potter's Will to be read,then the Potter's broke the law as the Will was Read in Audio Format by both James & Lily POTTER.
hawkswench chapter 14 . 6/29
I am putting your story on follow on the off chance that someday you will update it. Although I am not holding my breath on it.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/28
Your are by far my favorite author! Don't listen to the haters writing the reviews, that are just upset because you take long to update. I remember reading your other great fic, hj potter .Amazing . It takes a while to write great stories . And honestly I don't mind waiting for you to continue writing your chapters , I hope you do continue, I know you will and it will be amazing. I hope everything is going well, and your muse continues! I love your mind be well!
DukeEveningshade chapter 14 . 6/17
Hey dude... This is really good. I would like to know if you are continuing with this.
Bjalf chapter 11 . 6/2
The story is starting to wander without direction, the drama is unfocused, and there are too many simultaneous sub-plots. It's getting both confusing and tiresome to keep track of everything. Did you plan this story in advance, or do you just write it as you go?

Mixing Christianity into the story isn't an improvement, it just makes it more confusing, and playing the Jesus card comes across as preachy. Historically, Christianity and witchcraft have always been at war with each other.

But the similarities are interesting. Harry is Jesus with the whole self-sacrifice and resurrection bit, and the people they save are ungrateful and don't deserve to be saved from their own actions or inactions. There are also parallels between Dumbledore and the Devil, in that they both do their best to spread knowledge to the people. God and Voldemort are the big killers.
Bjalf chapter 8 . 6/2
"I want to wait until marriage."

I find that very hard to believe. I would regard this as an Americanism. I'm sure it's supposed to be romantic to the point of diabetes, but it completely kills my suspension of disbelief.

This is very OOC for a canon Harry. He's a non-religious boy born and raised in modern England. There are no references of him going regularly to church, and the same goes for Hermione. At best, they would be cultural Anglicans going to church twice a year. There would be no religious pressures on either of them to wait until marriage, and there would most certainly be no cultural pressures. The UK is very tolerant and liberal. Any pressures on them would be strictly hormonal.

Outside of religion and the medieval mindset of wizards, virginity is not valuable in Western Europe. It's not a precious gift to be saved for marriage, it's a wrapper to be discarded to get to the fun parts. And the sooner you get to have fun, the sooner you get to have more fun. About 25% of women in the UK lose their virginity before the age of consent, and sex outside of marriage is perfectly acceptable. Welcome to Europe.

"Physical intimacy builds emotional bridges quickly but stifles the process needed to establish a foundation for a healthy relationship"

Someone has attended Brigham Young University, I see.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/15
Harry isn't small for his age.
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