Reviews for Sweat
Peanutmama0724 chapter 9 . 3/26
Please write their senior year as you see it. That'd be totally awesome! I love your bad boy Blaine. This story was great & now I'm off to read more of your work!
IronKissedVampire chapter 9 . 3/16
just finished this story and I LOVED it! you are truly an amazing writer and I can't wait to read more! was wondering if you ever thought about doing a oneshot or something like that off of Ride where Kurt and Blaine are still together in the future (like a couple years or so)? if not that's okay, again was just wondering. Seriously though, love your writing!
FangirlFreakYoli chapter 9 . 2/23
Awesome! The clock is 00:27, oops... Still, really liked this story! You are great on writing !
addyalana chapter 9 . 2/17
loved ittt
Angie Holmes chapter 9 . 1/28
Loved it! I definitely think there should be a senior year sequel, if ur up for it! :)
again it is i chapter 8 . 1/25
woohoo! Skype sex...just like canon...cyber lucky!
it is i chapter 7 . 1/25
wow drama. Me likes.
its me again chapter 5 . 1/25
me again chapter 4 . 1/25
I love everything about this chapter. The acceptance.
me again chapter 3 . 1/24
i think im incoherent.
me chapter 2 . 1/24
asdfghkl; perfection!
monica chapter 1 . 1/24
Still so good no matter how many times I read it :)
VoyageAsia chapter 9 . 1/9
I finally finished the story and loved it! I am glad that cooper came back into Blaine's life and it all finished with klainebows. You did a nice job with drunk!blaine and there were some sexy times in the latter chapters.

Thanks for sharing (and completing) the story.
VoyageAsia chapter 4 . 1/6
I forgot to mention earlier that I loved how Blaine marks things with 1-15. He has a very romantic side.

I am glad that the ND finally decided to support Kurt and his relation ship with Blaine.
VoyageAsia chapter 3 . 1/6
Favourite line of the chapter was "It looked as if they just witnessed everything they loved burst into flames, become extinguished, and then get run over by an 18 wheeler." I know that feeling and you described it beautifully.

Loved Blaine's sexing!

Nd's Members reaction was predictable. Liked that Mercedes noticed just how happy Kurt was with the relationship.
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