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Kiwi Lee Scipio chapter 1 . 6/19/2014
Finally, I find someone who remembers Sam's Jewish. If I knew more about the Jewish religion I'd have more stories (or at least ideas I could get somewhere) with that. Thank you!
truephan chapter 4 . 9/15/2013
Interesting chapter, Ms. Frizzle and I'm glad to see that you've gotten the time to returning to writing. You did a good job weaving the holiday with Danny's sometimes overstrung duty to get rid of pesky ghosts. I chuckled over it.

Emmazippy577 chapter 4 . 9/13/2013
LOL! Super cute! Great job! I have to say that the first one was probably the very best though! Keep it up, pal!
Emmazippy577 chapter 1 . 9/13/2013
I LOVE IT! THIS WAS SO AWESOME! And I learned a whole bunch about Passover that I didn't know before!
Lady Merp chapter 3 . 3/6/2013
Good story so far. -CC
truephan chapter 3 . 3/2/2013
: I really enjoyed this chapter, but to be honest, I'm confused at what happened. Did some human get hurt enough to be put in the ambulance, or was Danny the one put in the ambulance? I ask this because Sam reminds Danny that he hasn't completely recovered.

It is a minor question in an otherwise good chapter. Though I don't hope in the future for your mind to wander during the Rabbi's sermon, I secretly do!

sammansonrepilica chapter 3 . 2/26/2013
Your jewish ur self correct! If so u r the perfect person to do these types of fics anyway update soon
Ansa88 chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
but you're...

oh. my. gods. that is an AWESOME exchange. the whole enormity of it all.
i love this story so much. i really like how you showed the jewish tradition as well as putting

"et tu Brute" is latin? oh, though it was french...
well, talk of the latin based languages.

my face hurts from smiling. the whole scene with danny being completely clueless about passover before pulling out the kippah-priceless. and then he used yiddish as well!
and i love how he proposed, and the scene with sam coming to terms that, yes, she loves her parents and doesn't want to alienate herself from them. the cousins and aunt and uncle are wonderfully and realistically characterized.

i like having that ghost fight near the end-there really is no rest for crime. *sigh*
heh, he's giving them advice about what to do in school, and they're so confused about how he knows. it's cute!

i really enjoyed reading all the interactions and learning about the traditional events throughout this holiday (the footnotes helped a lot.)

i noticed that there was a random line breaks in the middle of dialogue at "end at the Seder. The kids try to"
and in "Seemingly, out of the blue Sam asked," the comma goes after "blue", not "seemingly".

and the second seder! oh boy, this should be interesting again! :D
i find it really cool how the table of contents are sung first, that actually is pretty smart-figure out how long to pay attention and which parts you don't need to worry about and which parts to watch out for dangerous yawning.

chutzpah that where the word chutz comes from? *googles it, doesn't find correlation*

why would danny need a bank account though? and how would he have gotten so much money (lawsuits, i can understand...but does he get paid for ghost hunting or something?)

all in all, i'm so glad i read this. thanks for writing it. :)
"it turns out that the pauper is a prince and can marry the princess after all. so if you behave yourselves you can go to the palace to dance at the wedding."
*cue blank stares*
MysteryTrek chapter 1 . 11/28/2012
This is the most unique version of Danny "coming out," to the Mansons I've ever read. Hats off to you, Ma'am :) ;). Though I was initially confused that Danny could know Sam for so long and not have picked up more knowledge of Jewish holidays, but I understand why. I guess I'm used to thinking in terms of my headcanon.
Lady Merp chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
This is a cute story! Grandma Manson is epic!
sapphireswimming chapter 1 . 4/21/2012
I have had this tab open on my computer for over a week, trying to find time to give you an adequate review. As it is, I'm not sure that anything I say can actually be adequate for such a lovely and sophisticated piece of writing. :)

I really love this story. Let me just start there. I think you really captured Danny's heroic side with the fighting, his conflicted side with his conversation with Sam, his lost and unknowing side as he tried to make his way through the Seder, and his mature side as he talked finances with Mr Manson at the end.

I though Sam was very in character, with her teasing, worrying, prodding, competing, and everything in between. I think you captured their voices well, but still managed to make this piece your own.

You have a beautiful style that worked really, really well for this story. The length was fine, the descriptions very well done. I didn't feel like you were rambling at all and don't quite understand why you feel the need to limit yourself to drabbles when you can create something this nice. I work in miniature so I have a really hard time writing things much longer than this. If it comes naturally to you, though, go with it! :D

Thank you for including the translations at the bottom; it was very helpful. And I think that you did a pretty nice job of finding a balance between Danny's (and probably most of your audience's) unfamiliarity with the ceremony and your obvious knowledge of how things go. I knew that I was reading an accurate representation of the event and I understood what happened even though I only have a passing knowledge of Jewish customs. I must say, though, that I laughed quite hard at the points where I knew more than Danny, such as the bagels and the horseradish incidents. XD

And "asking for your blessing" was the absolute best part of the story. That was great. I can't believe that it's how you and your husband "broke the news" but it's fantastic. :3

I also thought you handled Sam's extended family well. Very few people are able to write in a cast of unfamiliar characters so that we can understand and accept them right away like they're part of the normal list of characters. But you did that.

And you are so right- this is something that Sam and Danny would have to deal with in their relationship. But nobody writes about it. Partly, I think, because not many people have the knowledge to carry something like this out. But you do, and I commend you with infinite kudos for stepping into that gap and writing about this.

So yes, characterization, story, humor, explanations, descriptions, all of it was really, really great. I think you did a fantastic job and cannot wait to read more from you.

Especially the "prequel" as you mentioned in your beginning note.

On that note (haha), it might help you to include line breaks between your notes and story. It just makes breaks a little cleaner and clearer. It's a button on the "document uploader" step of publishing.

Lovely job!

truephan chapter 1 . 4/15/2012
: Congrats on your FIRST posted story. Feels strange and exciting all at once, huh? SO THRILLING ! LOL.

And what a wonderful first story it was. We get to see Danny and Sam doing something with Sam's family, which we have never seen happen in the show except when Danny was in trouble of some sort!

Still, it would be natural that Danny would eventually be visiting Sam's family during a holiday, so this was a good choice, especially when this is the time of the real Passover.

I love Grandma Manson. She is one of my fav characters and I really think they could have developed her more on the show. I think of her as Sam's real confidant in her family. I also think that Sam reminds Grandma Manson on how SHE was when she was younger, so I think that's why they are close. I also think that Grandma Manson really has a strong suspicion about the goings-on between Sam and Danny and Tucker but won't admit it to Sam because Sam hasn't told her yet. That is why I think Grandma Manson is SO cool!

OH, just a little technical pointer for you. You might want to add a line break between you Author's notes and the body of the story. You can do that in the Doc Manager by hitting the 'line' symbol that is near the 'B' symbol for 'bold' and the 'I' symbol for 'italics'.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this story and congrats once again. truephan
ACCOUNTUNKNOWN chapter 1 . 4/14/2012
Interesting, I like how you focused on Sam's Jewish origin and such, but I did get confused now and then.

And well written, I would love to read the second chapter :D
deadlydaisy8o8 chapter 1 . 4/13/2012
(Claps foriously!) This was great! I really loved this! Usually I'm not to into anything that is romance centered. Generally me and romance jsut don't get along. It might have something to do with the fact that I've never been in a relationship myself, but still. Romance in this phandom tends to be over angst ridden and terribly mushy. This however was a different story, quite literally! (there are so many puns in that last sentence I blushed a little.) Anyway, I really liked this because it showed some of Sam's background, while putting it into context for all of us people who barely know which religion Passover belongs to. (raises hand shyly.) I mean I knew it was Passover because there was this sign put up by the milk in the fridge in the caffiteria where I usually eat and it said : Kosher iteams avalible for Passover. and inside the fridge there were hard boiled eggs to, which i was happy about. I like hard boiled eggs.

Besides that though I was completely clueless. I like how you explained things for Danny, and consequently for us, so that they made sense. And it wasn't just an explanation of a holiday either, you managed to get the elements of romance in there without triggering my gag reflex, and there was even a fight scene! (I'm a sucker for action, any and all fight scenes. They are my bread and butter.). You did a great job of staying true to the characters. Overall it was very cute and I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the pretty extensive backstory that seems to be woven underneath the whole thing. I was interested with Danny's "job description". What exactly does he do anyway? and why would it require Danny to make an account with a law firm? The way you wove that into the story throughout was another aspect I enjoyed. You matured the characters very nicely as well. There were very subtle reminders throughout at Sam and Danny weren't just fourteen year olds anymore. They were much more mature and emotionally developed, without loosing their character and that can be a hard thing to do. I applaude you for that as well.

I like that this incorperated some of your own expirence into the story. there definitely is merit to the saying "Write what you know". It gave this piece depth that wouldn't have been present otherwise. It is also fun to learn a little but more about the author. What an awesome way to break the news!

Overall I enjoyed this a lot and I hope that you continue to write in the future. ttyl!
Jaxxon chapter 1 . 4/13/2012
A terrific piece. Please write the other parts of the story that were mentioned in your prescript.
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