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Sun chapter 4 . 5/6/2012
Wah... this story is so fun.

I like this.

I want to know what will happen next.
Peppermint-Gum chapter 5 . 5/6/2012
I really like this chapter and I simply can't wait for the next one! I'd love to see everyones reaction when Fai and Exile call out 'Zero' in the middle of class.

Anyway, really good story, much better than others I've read so keep it up!
zero fangirl chapter 5 . 5/5/2012
i juste love it ! it would be fun if ren end up in the same class as wicked ~.~(sorry i am a huge fan of prince x wicked _ )

can my vote be counted ? if it is i vote for ren rey alias yun !.

please keep like this i juste love your story !
pailnight chapter 5 . 5/5/2012
i luv it!
murka chapter 5 . 5/5/2012
I voted for sean tenzuko!
Ciellyra chapter 5 . 5/4/2012
Can't wait for the next chapter! And I'm really hoping Equinox will win.
Malthinae chapter 1 . 5/4/2012
Awwwwwww cliffhanger! Anyways, yay! Thank you fr the update, I love it!

And I vote for SunnyKnight

Cause I can see interesting things happening 8D
Darkkami chapter 5 . 5/4/2012
I vote for that Lost guy because anyone who uses puppy dog eyes are alsome in my book
RazedragonOAO chapter 5 . 5/4/2012
I vote for my character lost wanderer XD
RurouniSakura chapter 5 . 5/4/2012
I can't seem to choose between Equinox, Melencholic and Lost Wanderer! They all sound so amusing! XD

Loved this last chapter, by the way. I'm guessing a meet-up of epic proportions is imminent?
darksilvercloud chapter 5 . 5/4/2012
It just keeps getting more interesting :D I can't wait to see what happens and having the new OCs in the story :)))
Yuro-Faita911 chapter 5 . 5/4/2012
Name: Equinox, Quin( Sean Tenzuko)

Personality: Quin is a ray of sunshine, He always have this easy-going smile that can even the most grumpiest person couldn't resist to go along with him; though it can become really irritating because he loves to tease and a bit of a jerk to his friends. But he loves to make his friends laugh and smile til it hurts to do so and kick-ass to those who messes with them.

Though to become his friend you'd have to get through his ice-cold Skepticism first. but if you do he's like a warm teddy bear that you'd love to hug or to punch around sometimes.

He also know various of anime and cartoons in different genres, and mostly follows those with comedy, action and horror(and secretly watches tragic-love stories and cries about it but shhh).

When it comes to money; he can be charismatic and manipulative to get the best bargains. Though he's poor handling it so better have someone else to be the team's accountant.

When it comes to over-flowing Fangirls; he would distract them by the most cliche way by pointing at other direction, shouting something so inane people have to look and Ollies out the scene as fast as their legs could carry them(y'know before the wolves know they were tricked and chases after them with a vengeance).

when it comes in real life, his finishing his college degree on journalism and live alone in his apartment. He's still a ray of sunshine and a jerk though, but he is more subtle in his ways.


- a huge cornball, for all the jokes he spew sometimes. (some of them can be the cheesiest and corniest at the time)

- a gambler, though he's quite good at it. He can be quite a show-off and other people tend to get butt hurt. (So better not leave him alone with the money)

- a jerk, though he knows not to push it too far but if he accidently does. he would apologize and does everything he can to make it up.


In game, a beastman(Fox tribe); though not as beastly like wolf-gege. He's more humanoid in appearance than other usual beastman. but his ears, fangs and tail are hard to ignore though.

His brown hair is spiked back and few bangs to cover his forehead and sometimes his eyes and frame his face(for style's sake). When not obscured by his hair, his eyes are like yellow (like a fox, obviously).

His whole upper face; from his forehead to his nose is covered in short red fur and his lower is just tan skin.

His body built is almost the same in game and in real life; an Average built 5"7 footer. Though his second life is more defined in muscles.

His get up consist of a red scarf around his neck, black armored jacket with simple tunic underneath, black pant with a toe-steel combat boots and protective gear(such as knee pads and arm guards in it respective places) with his bow(grow-type weapon) and arrows over his shoulders.

In real life, so he simply wears sneakers, jeans and long sleeves shirts (usually rolled up to his elbows)and square-rimmed glasses.

his black hair is naturally unruly so he pony-tails it on top of his head. Brown eyes, with crows feet beside them. Pretty tan for a guy usually stay in indoors thought he's bit pudgy too.

Class: Archer, lvl 42

Strengths: a formidable force for he will rain valleys of arrows like no other. He specializes on fire element and high AOE and range attacks.

Though his main moves are powerful they take time to be ready again, so he switches to single shots with weaker attacks at the enemies' weak spots and quick to move in different spots to attack to avoid getting caught and he thinks on his feet. effective against wood.

he could also join in the fray by whacking them on the head.(him and angel could double team hahaha)

Weakness/flaws: when he gets trapped in enclose areas and surrounded by enemies; he could still whack them with his bow and punch them in the face but he could only go on for so long. ineffective against water. Can not attack if target is lose sighted.

immobilize if you throw him a bone(But he's a fox! and they love bones too). and since he's a jerk, this could lead to fights and waking up in rebirth points.

Reason: He acts as a big brother to everyone closer to him, he may be a jerk but he looks out and makes sure they're all safe (from fan girls or other wise). He's also a formidable sparring partner, so he could help Zero on her practice.

He can also distract the fangirls.
Yuro-Faita911 chapter 3 . 5/4/2012
Oh wow! This is the most interesting 1/2 prince fanfics I've seen so far :D and I really love how you handle your OCs :3

keep up the good work!
Seishirou Hitsugaya chapter 5 . 5/3/2012
Hey, this is my creation although in some aspects look like Melancholic; Mel,

But I assure you this is original.

Name : Ichijou Ren; Ren ( zhèn ai líng could also be read as chén ai líng / 陳 藹 齡 )

Gender : Female.

Race : ELF

Personality :

When people first associate with her, she's cold and not much talk. She will observe you first and try to figure out your character.

But eventually when you are in her pack, she's actually friendly. She is a kind, straightforward, and trustworthy person. Although she is calm and coolheaded, not minding people opinion about her, it is actually not the case.

Ren's actually a very lonely person as she felt no one can really understand her, even her family. She thinks being a girl have many disadvantages and becomes a tomboy.

Her names can give 2 gender as 'Ren' is usually a male's name, although some females got it too. She hate a too-fangirls. She is okay with fangirl, but not a too hyperactive fangirls, making her a perfect bodyguard.

Even if she likes to see bishounen, she never let emotion get in her way of life. She always try to see everything in every way. Diplomatic.

She never underestimate female as she is one herself.

She gives favoritism to all female by being polite and acting all gentleman-like, and always helping a female in need. But not with male. Although in some cases and reasons that are reasonable for her, she will help them. Even so if the female is 'a bitch' in her mind then no help shall pass.

As her family favors a male in many aspects, she fought to make her point that females can outdo males. This make her age-wise, even if other people are older than her, her life is actually full of harsh experience. She got her tough personality that way .

Away from her country as she study abroad, Ren stumbled upon the electronic shop when she decided to buy a new computer using her payment & savings as an seasoned author of some published novels. Her novels actually sold up quite good.

In the electronic shop, she accidentally look at the offer for buying the new set, a free software of the game of Second Life. She actually likes to play a game and decided to try it. She heard many people talking about the game, but have been quite busy with her novels deadlines.

Ren have an aura of a leader or captain(?) given that in real life, she got to deal with many subordinate (she would never admit that they are her teammates as she almost done the job herself).

She is capable of managing a loud crowd and get them back on track with her angry aura and death glare, proofs that she is worthy of the title itself.

If she becomes your subordinate, she is the best you can get, as she is perfect secretary for you. Plus the fact that she is a very loyal person to the one she devotes to.

She would take care of you like the an older sibling would. She is very protective to the person who she deems worthy of it.

Ren likes to draw if she got bored or upset. Besides drawing and painting, she likes to sing. Her voice can penetrate your soul because if she sings, she sings her heart out.

She found peace in a quiet situation and nightly stargazing.

Ren seems all nonchalant and acted like a deaf people but actually she is the most observant of all. She'll be the first one to notice any different things and cheered you up.

She is a good listener and will hear & understand your feelings. She is also a good adviser if you want her to give you some advises.

She is a romantic closet and always fall for a cool guys which making her always broken hearted as she wasn't brave enough to say it with words but more of action.

Quirks : Ren may look innocent even if you've ever talk to her. But she is not. She is actually a fujoshi(Yaoi or shounen ai manga lovers) in diguise, she hides it quite well.

She is mischievous in mind and likes to tease you a lot if you've became her friend. She is also kind of sadistic if it comes to someone who really annoyed her and get in her way

Appearance : Height 5' 6", Platinum light blonde hair. The right hair is shorter than the left one, back is long hair, tied in a hairband.

Beautycool looks, sharp blue sky eyes, Light tan skin.

Wear (in game) :

-High collar(like gakuran) sleeveless robe, split under her stomatch, reach her mid-knee . (Azure/Light Cyan/ LightSkyBlue)

-Sleeveless black shirt underneath the robes( can be seen as the robes's sleeve was shorter & was zipped util middle breast ).

-Belt before the split (Papayawhip)

-Cropped jeans (rolled(grayish white)) almost dark black

-Shoulder(with blue gem) & hand bracelet, ring & single earrings in right, a necklace (allSILVER)

Real life :

BlackBrownBrown light hair. Dark brown eyes. Light tan skin.

Ren prefers pantsT-shirt more than anything. She always feel weird when she wears skirts or dreeses, although when she wear a dress she actually looks elegant & beautiful.

Jeans(bootlegs), cargo pants, cropped trousers/short (knee) jeans.

T-shirt or shirt. Colour: White, SkyBllue, Black, OliveDrab, Salmon, DarkSlateGray

She likes to wear strapped sandal, sandals and sometimes trainers, sneakers. She dislikes high heels because it slows her down if she has some urgent things.

She couldn't wear cloth so fashionably but able to dress people so fashinably because of her artistic side.

Class : (Main) Archer (Silva Long bow, developing weapon)

Lvl : 42

Strength : Skills :

Uppercut A punch to enemy's jaw in fast speed.

Time Barrier Freeze enemy's time by 3 seconds using an invicible arrow.

Flying Wizard a flying kick to the enemy, agility3, attack2

Time Barrier Freeze enemy's time by 2 seconds.

Tornado Strike An attack focus on sweeping the enemy clean, a wide range attack. But not too strong as the strength was devided.

Haste Agility raised 5%, attack 2, Mana -20

Strom Flash One target attack, great damage, but agility was reduced 7%, Mana -50

Holy Arrow Mostly able to slow enemy down for 45 seconds(expt Holy element enemy 15 seconds) Mana -75


Special Skill (effected different things):

Artemis bellow A light from the sky stuns the enemy for 10 seconds and arrows was rained onto the targeted area. While casting, the archer will be unable to move.

After effect Unable to cast this until 30 seconds cooldowns, health was reducted 30%, mana -160, agility -10%

Sagitarius's Justice Great damage to one enemy, but must in archer's range, must not be under attacked or it'll be unvalid.

After effect cooldown 90 seconds, mana -150.

Weakness : Barely enough mana to cast Artemis between Sagitaruis in one turn, so she still needed to level up more bfore she could do both of them and continuously.

Flaw : Although most of the times, she is calm. At some times she is a bipolar and moody person. You better not make her angry cause using his sadistic streak, she will make you suffer.

Never got on her bad sides and you'd not got lashed out by her. As DOOM might be your last thought.

Reasons : First time they met Ren is at the town. She helps a young female player from a running thief, stop him by using Time Barrier even though their distance is quite far. Ren shouts for people step away as she began to shoot for the thief.

There is no arrow at her hands yet , she pulls the string and suddenly an arrow-like light appeared. Not only that, her arrow hits exactly the thief's calf . The accuracy is too great to be true.

The 2nd time was in a restaurant(morn-noon)-bar(night) . Ren sings with untied hair and different cloth (dress) that they almost didn't recognize her. She looks, well, different.

Apperantly she was hired by the bar owner for a show.

Her voice might not rival Len but it was captivating people's heart with the heart wrenching song. {I thought the '7 Years of Love' looks good here}

OR her voice wrenching tone. Nevertheless the the show was a big success.

When the squad went to search for her, she was already back at her usual gears, although her hair is slightly damp. When they asked her about it, she asked them what their level are and their destination.

After getting the answers, she observe the all the squad member. And giving one by one, some 'looks'. She lasted longer on Zero for a 3 seconds before going to others.

This of course unnerved the group. Then they ...

Hehe, still thought over there. But you've got a slight of it right?

Well, Ren is calm and cool-headed, intelligent, and good at making a new strategies, she could be the squad controller and siblings for Lan. Although looks like Yulian DasaoWickedWolf-nii at once.

Hahaha.. Anyway, that's mine, thanks!
Chitzuki Kurenai chapter 5 . 5/2/2012
This is a good story! I'm glad i found this fic! More of Gui please!
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