Reviews for The Prince's Rebirth
Kaali chapter 3 . 5/2/2012
I just wanted to say that i am sooooo happy that someone is doing a fanfic on lan crating a new chara in second life. i would do one myself but it wouldnt have turned out to be any where close to as good as your has been so far! but the one thing i do hope is that th odd squad comes back in soon i cant wait to here their oppinions on zero. anyway ur doing a great job so keep uup the good work! -
Iriss-sama chapter 5 . 5/1/2012
Ok, then I try again.

Name: Kuki Ariana (game name)

Nickname: Ari

Real name: Atina (first) Xina (last)

Gender: Female

Personality: A really nice girl, who loves her friends and would do anything for them. Like, if someone is about to die (in game) she wont hesitate to jump in front and take the attack herself. She is also short for her age and hates it when someone says anything about it. And she is in a school where everyone either loves/like a person/celebrity or hates them, so she hates when people choose to like or hate a person because of their looks/popularity. She also has a thing for books and mangas, and can be compared to a nerd at school.

Quirks: Her reaction to anyone commenting her size. And that she is so less a fan-girl as it can be.

Appearance: In game: She has black hair put up in a ponytail that goes down to her waist, crystal blue eyes, and has light tan skin. She wears a dark blue dress that stops a little over her knees and without straps, a with hooded cap, and a black chain that goes around her head with a dark reddish jewel that is on her forehead, she has black knee high boots and black gloves without fingers that stops under her elbows.

Real life: She has short reddish/brown hair with looks that lays at each side of her face. Blue eyes and a black necklaces that's spun around her left hand three times. She usually wheres a pair of jeans with a T-shirt and a waistcoat above. And she always use a hat or cap. And she NEVER use high heels as she looks at them as a torture instrument.

Class: Mage Alchemist, a mage with the power of alchemist, they can use alchemy, like transmutation of different substance in to something else, as well as they can use some basic mage attacks. Level 42

Strengths: Specialize in Wind (main) and Dark (secondary) elements. She is good at casting long range spells that has short cooldown time and has high luck so her attacks has a high critical hit chance. Also since being a mage alchemist she can transmute out a sword if her enemies comes to close. She is also good at spotting small things, that usually is very useful.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She is weak against lightning/electric attack. And her short temper to anyone calling her short/small or anything like that.

Reasons: Her high luck, and chance of critical hits, as well as her ability to spot small things and her alchemy ability to make health potion, mana potion and elixir out of herbs. Also her resistance to hot, good looking and/or handsome boys and her feelings of deciding because of “who you are” or “how you look”, makes help/protect her friends from fangirls/fanboys (if that someone is a girl that is being chased). And she is willing to help her friends to make their dream come true, like helping Zero becoming the Reborn Prince.
namechangetoavoidembarassment chapter 5 . 5/1/2012
Okay, first off. I would like to say this story is AMAZING. Secondly, I made an account just so I could review this story/send in a character. The character is below. The reason I put this on a review is because I'm not allowed to PM until 24 hours after account activation...darn.

Name: SunnyNight, Night (Kim Minzi)

Personality: Very kind. She’s easily fooled, but has a warm heart. Night is very trusting and lovable. She loves to bake cookies since she never got home cooked food, and is always asking for new recipes from friends. But, if you get on her bad side by either refusing her cookies or hurting any of her team mates, she can turn into a cold blooded woman with no guilty conscience what so ever. She also loves hot guys, but dislikes English-style Len Kagamine. She is very fond of Korean boy bands (2PM, Big Bang, MBlaq, etc.).

Quirks: She is fooled easily, so she spends money easily (probably will break Fai’s heart). She also bakes cookies in game that smell horrible but are really delicious. Night also loves to cosplay from Tokyo Mew Mew. If you trick her and she finds out…you’re dead.

Appearance: A little short, with big brown eyes that make her look totally innocent. Her hair is an almost white shade of gray, and her ‘shape’ is actually better then Feng Lan’s in real life. Her hands are thin, delicate, and burned from trial-and-error from making cookies. She wears a knee-length white dress with calf length shoes. A white headband and white rose are in her hair. Her wand is a white wand made of elm with a bright orange and light gem attached to the top.

Real Life: Same height; actually has black hair with a bright gold streak near her eyes. Loves to sing, play piano, and write books and short stories. Attends a private school in Korea; wears knee length socks, black jacket, white shirt, red bow, and black skirt. Usually does her hair in a pony tail-her hair length: down to small of back when released.

Class: Mage, Main is Fire and her secondary is Light.

Strengths: Very strong with explosions. BTW, chose fire since you need an oven to bake cookies, and ovens use heat. .’. Light is to check on the cookies when they’re in the oven. Also, accidentally put some skill points into strength and agility in the beginning of the game, so she’s a very fast and strong mage. Goes for all-or-nothing bursts, but she can spam random Light attacks if needed, but they aren’t that strong.

Weaknesses: Absolutely can NOT save money. She’s also susceptible to cons, tricks, and pranks. *ahem* Attacks wise, she’s a little more resistant to warrior attacks than most mages, but is very much affected by the water element, sound (since she dislikes Len’s screaming) based attacks, and the darkness elements. Affected by debuffs very deeply.

Flaws: Absolutely can’t keep her temper. Will PK a person for merely insulting her if in a bad mood. Also is inherently evil, and is highly provocative, insulting, and irritating when in ‘black night’ mood. Also, when in a good mood, will cry for a LOOOOONNG time when her feelings are hurt. Never had any personal contact, which is why she treasures her friends in Second Life so much, and would gladly kill for them.

Why they would accept Night: Because her cookies would appeal to Feng Lan, Night would pummel Fai for not tasting her cookies (I have a feeling Fai really wouldn't want to try the cookies 0.o), be hurt when Angel runs off and doesn’t pay for her food/bumps into her/whatever, then Angel would feel guilty. She wouldn't start going into "fan girl" mode at the sight of Len, scoring her points with Exile. And Len would also appreciate such a cute, kind, and innocent girl…right?
Raerkyza chapter 5 . 5/1/2012
Game name: Astoriel

nickname: Astor

Real name: Jane Caión(somewhat French)

Gender: female

Age: 24

Personality: Jane was always very sceptical when facing other people since she was twelve, which is a result of her mother leaving them. From then on she did not trust anyone but her little sister, in order to protect her own feelings. So in comparison to her skeptical behaviour to others she is very kind to her sister, perhaps a little bit overprotective as well.

Ever since she moved from France her attitude begun closing even more, because she had to leave her family behind, which would leave her little sister in care of their father, which Jane does not approve. But in order to get the job as a martial arts teacher in a famous Dojo she left France and started a new life in a new city far away(isnt 1/2 Prince playing in Taiwan?).

Because of her skeptical attitude she does not converse easily with others and she is often misunderstood. But still she is kind of a perfectionist, always trying to do better and better, and well, perfect.

Quirks: Organisation is the most important thing in Jane's life, she wants to be prepared for everything and go through all kinds of simulation about what could go wrong. In that she might be a little bit oversensitive, but it is not a habit you can easily get rid of, especially when your are living as a perfectionist.

She also got a faible for potions or so called alchemy, which may be a little strange.


in-game appearance: Astor is 5"4' tall and has a nearly white skin color. In comparison to that her waist long hair, that is braided to one long braid, is a dark red, just like her eyes. She likes to wear black leather clothing, which is fitting for a hunter.

real life appearance: Jane's height is just the same as in game, her skin colour doesn't differ as well. Her hair is shoulder length and of a dark brown colour. Her eyes are brown with a green touch. She prefers jeans and a shirt for clothing.

Class: Archer lvl 42

Strengths: Because of her perfectionism Astor is very good at aiming with her bow and in connection with her alchemy skills she can kill a target very precisely. Also a product of her alchemy skills is her ability to look after wounded and heal their wounds with different potions.

Weaknesses: Astor can easily be scared of by people, she often cannot cope with how they act and it turns out she often takes a leave for at least a few hours. So her communication skills are bad, very bad. Also she is very bad at cooking, which results in her always lacking in money, even though she is always trying to organise her money better. She is weak to fire, because that is a dangerous combination to a potion master, and to air, because that is a big hindrance for being an archer.

Flaws: (Well, her flaws in cooking and communication were already explained at her weaknesses, she is definetely not a perfect person)

Why would the current party accept the new member:

Well since they need a long range attacker Astor could come in handy, and also her organisation skills can be a good addition to the team since strategy is kinda important in an online game.
aimiera chapter 5 . 4/30/2012
I want to submit an OC, I hope that you will like her.

Name: Ling Ming Yue

Game Name: Moonlight

Nickname: Moon

Personality: Yue mostly is the young woman that kind, nice, and innocent. But, she has little patient. She can get annoyed easily but can mask her annoyance with her smiling face (you can say that she is a great actress). She doesn't hesitate to use blackmail to get what she wants especially to the people that annoyed her. When she is in 'devil mode' she will gain extra strength and speed (from adrenalin, maybe) to bash something/ people and make some poor life miserable. Because of that, many that know her scared to annoy her, especially her fanboys that decide to watch her from afar, because there will be 'hell' for them if they cross her patience. Besides that, she really like reading some literature especially about mythology or fairy tale, she secretly believed in them and hopes to meet one in the future. Yue believes that women have their own strength and can protect themselves. She doesn't like sexist people that think women is weak, especially her childhood friend/fiance (Huang Ju Long, i.d 'Dragon’s Fury', if you need his name) that decides that 'he will always be her protector because that is a man's job'. She likes to keep her things clean (a little freak at that), and has some skills that can make her stay clean even after she makes a blood bath around her. She loves cooking, cleaning and has a very sweet tooth (maybe it’s the key to inactive her ‘devil mode’ besides get one, that she get mad at, in bloody bath after she bashing/whacking).

Quirks: an evil that sleep behind the angel mask. likes to blackmail people. She can smile innocently even after beat someone to blood bath (i.e. someone really annoy her when talking with her, the Yue will bash him/her until bloody then with a innocent smile will says, “I am sorry, what did you say before?”)

Appearance: Game: race angel. hip-long light blue hair in one braids, big green eyes, small and slim posture and fair skin. Wear white long sleeved drees, dark blue cloak with hood and dark blue shoes. On her waist, a belt with some ready to use potions, and knives to make somethings. Black bag, and silver staff (good for whacking people too) on her back. Real life: Black shoulder length hair, light brown eyes, doll like face. Like to wear simple dresses, flat shoes and silver accessories.

Class: Mage, level 42

Strength: Wind-main, Lightning-secondary. She mostly use some quick casting spell with low mana consumption and fast cooldown, but when she get angry, she doesn't hesitate to use her more powerful one. Good at concentration, strategist, collecting money and information (especially about players to blackmail them).

Weakness: Fire element, mostly because she hate to be in hot places. Get tired easily after her 'devil mode' and when tired she will become very clumsy.

Flaws: Clean freak, when she saw someone make her things dirty, she will beat her/him to blue/bloody if she use her dirt repellant skill on her (so she didn't get dirty). Has mood swings and easily annoyed. Actually she can getting lost easily, fortunately she has pet (big hawk) to guide her ways (her hawk actually has great wisdom).

Why Would the Current Party Accept the New Member: She manages to scares some fangirls to actually didn't dare to try to glomp the bishies around her, manage not to waste much money, and support Zero to become 'Reborn Prince' because Zero (and Exile) remind her as another woman that can be strong enough to protect themselves, and (maybe) she knows some information about Zero's rival in attempt to become the 'Reborn Prince'. Good at cleaning, especially after Zero go into Bloody Elf mode.

Thank you for reading my OC. I hope she doesn't too unlogical.
YuuriKyo chapter 4 . 4/30/2012
Name: Ren Rey; Game name- Huī sè Yún ; nickname- Yun or Lazy


In short he is smart but lazy, he is the type of person that prefer to live peacefully without care of the thinks that are happening around him (because of this he has average grades ) that is until he or his friends are involved, he is very loyal to thous that are close to him, but he is having problems with socializing mostly because he has tendency to get into his dream world in this state he talks fights etc. but he remembers only parts of what he was doing that why he thinks it was part of his imagination, he don't talk a lot only when he must (short and precise answers) or when he is around his friends.

He don't like when someone is trying to manipulate him into doing something that is against his principles or his friends well beings.

When he is sleep deprived for a long time (about 5 hours a day for about week) he can become very violent until he don't get good night sleep(around 12-14 hours).

He gets his revenge on others in the most unexpected moments with very little work on his side after all he don't like losing energy and time on someone that don't think to much before acting (like saying something about 'that person' around his/her crush – if he had energy and wasn't lazy he would blackmail; or he trips-up 'that person' so he/she fell right into something smelly or he just shove 'IT' down the cliff).

When he was younger his father mead him learn aikido and how to fight with staff, in game he uses it with his electric element.

He likes to read especially fantasy and mystery books.


dream walking/fighting with memory lapses,

he has weakness for small animals, little kids and sweets with chocolate,

violent when sleep deprived,

when he begins something he needs to complete it.


RL: Black wavy hair past his arms, grey eyes and black rimmed glasses, 180 centimeters, toned body from his years of training material arts, sun kissed skin, he wears mostly black jeans and shirts in dark colors (like grey, black, dark green, etc.) with black sneakers or brown lather boots to the middle of his shin similar in style to cowboys boots.

SL: race-demon, he looks the same like in real life but without glasses and with dark green almost black hair, he has black skin-tight pants and turtle-neck with no sleeve, black lather shoes, on his waist brown belt with brown pouch, he has long (to his ankles) emerald green mage robe with hood he wear it open so it looks more like coat/cloak, silver cross in Celtic style around his neck


Mage, level 42


Electric (main) he uses it to make around himself or others (something similar to cloak, cocoon or barrier) that shock when touched if he uses more strength it can even give different degree of burns, he can use thunder strike(thunder from the sky) for big areas- AOE (if there are his allies they'll meet at the rebirth point).

Wind (2nd) he can cast spells with big range and AOE it can cut enemy severely when highly concentrate (for example when concentrated in one spot/person/thing it can cut it in half) it gets weaker with bigger areas but still give cuts to the enemy making them bleed a lot weakening them with every seconds.


He is weak with earth element, because of his dream walking he easily gets lost and he annoys others with his one word answers, he is bad at socializing, when he sees small animal he wants to cuddle or at last pet it even if its dangerous animal

Why would the current party accept the new member?

He is loyal and when he thinks about someone as his friend he would help that person as much as he can and if they let him of course but he won't get in the way when he knows that his friend is strong enough then he only make sure that he/she overcome his/her hurdle and be there to give his support when needed.

With every level his spells become stronger and more dangerous he can control their strength, the only one he can't control is thunder strike, and he can use material arts when he is in dire situations. He is smart and with few easy words he can explain plans even to the Zero when she has problems with understanding their plan of action.

He is smart – he first thinks what to do in the easiest, safest and fastest way then he do it, he don't jump blindly with no plan of action that is if he isn't dream-walking at the moment.

When he begins something he'll make sure to see it to the end.
Kappa Taicho chapter 5 . 4/30/2012
I have modified my previous submission to your new guidelines but I made a few more changes such as the change in class, now instead of being a mage my OC is now a new class,Mystic Marksman.

Game Name: Swift Eclipse

Real Life Name: Inari Minamino


~She is apathetic to most people, especially strangers, but to those few who she considers "friends" she shows them her real personality.

~Her fake personality is described as cool and spicy.

~Her real nature is that of a narcissist.

~She is always blunt but not judgmental towards her friends.

~Although she seems to be a loner, she unconsciously craves attention from others.

~She is actually protective of anything or anyone she considers important to her.

~She is composed under most situations (unless it involves her boyfriend, Saizo, whose game name is Alvah)

~Unlike other females she does not pursue hot guys or bishies because (in her reasoning) she already has a man. (She considers her boyfriend a bishie.)

~She also has a tendency of being sarcastic when in pain.


~She is a closet yaoi fan.

~Loves a combination of black and red items

~Fascinated with demonic artifacts

~She reads old manga such as Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha.

~Idolizes the Final Fantasy VII character Vincent Valentine.


~REAL LIFE: She stands at 5 feet and 1.5 inches. She has waist length, dark brown hair that could easily be mistaken for black. She has a Mexican skin tone even though her parents are both Asians. She always wears prescription glasses so she seems to look like an average girl. She's also almost always seen wearing pants so she's labeled as a tomboy.

~IN-GAME: She is a petite (still the same height) demoness with crimson eyes and black hair. Her clothes resembles that of an assassin as it is all black with the exception of the tattered red cape and red band she wears over her head, as well as, the gold shoes and a metallic, golden gauntlet on her left arm (think of Vincent Valentine's outfit).


~ Mystic Marksman (new/original long-range class): In this class, the character uses a gun as a weapon, but instead of shooting bullets it shoots out magic.

Level: 42


~Primary Element: Ice

~Secondary Element: Darkness

~ She prefers to shoot quick but weak spells

~ She is also able to shoot out strong spells but she doesn't do this unless necessary

~She is very agile at dodging.

~She has high speed and wisdom.



~When she focuses on shooting out stronger spells it leaves her vulnerable to the enemy

~She loves yaoi a lot so if she sees it she quickly becomes a blushing mess.


~Inferiority Complex: She has always been compared to her genius, older brother thus developing this complex.

~She also has a tendency to be more of a follower than a leader as she would have second doubts about her decisions.

~She inadvertently gives off a loner vibe so most people avoid her.

Why should she be accepted?

~For one she is NOT a fangirl of anyone (except, perhaps, Vincent Valentine though she would never admit it to anyone other than Saizo), and two, she is really good at scolding and chiding others when they are out of line or just being childish so she is good at maintaining order within a group.
Frostfire613 chapter 5 . 4/29/2012
Okay, here's my OC

Name: Yubari Lucienne (Female), Nickname is Luci or Yu

Personality: Indifferent, cold, blunt, stoic, but had a kind side.

Quirks: Often is very logical about things and is naive about some slangs and jokes.

Appearance: Silver long hair, moonlight blue eyes, kinda short, is very pretty

Class: Water/lightning Mage. Excels at illusion techniques and lightning strikes, good at combining her water and lightning attacks together as well

Weakness: Is not good at hand to hand combat, but can give a good whack with her staff if target is slow.

Flaws: Emotionally dense, physically weak

Why?: She saves them from a mob, or she needs help with a monster boss, or joins them if they fight a monster boss

Lvl: 42 near 43
ShipMalec chapter 5 . 4/29/2012
Name: Ace; Ace (Fey Ning Ou)

Personality: Ace is rude and shy to new people because of blabbering whatever she's thinking and because of being wary of other players. Ace is like any other archer except she likes being skilled in other classes. She has a better temper than others and is calm in dire situations. When you get to really know her, she's nice and understanding.

Quirks: Even though Ace is nice, has a good temper, and is understanding, she is sadistic at times due to stuff that happened in real life before she put the game helmet on.

Appearance: Wears a tan-brown leather archer skirt that is above her knee and has high boots with daggers poking out(in case of emergencies). Ace has a light blue star earring on her right ear. She has long black hair that's tied in a high ponytail at the back of her head. Ace chose elf as her race, has light red eyes, is about 5'0", and has a pale luminous skin color. Her real life hair is black with the same length, she puts it up the same way in-game, her eyes are a chocolate brown color, and she wears blue jeans, shirts with intricate designs, a light blue earring on both her ears like her in-game one, and sandals most of the time. She's rarely ever seen in dresses, heels, tennis shoes, and skirts.

Class: Archer, Level 42

Strengths: She is good at putting random small items(like rocks, exploding paper, fire, etc) on her arrows to pack a powerful punch. Like said above, she likes being skilled in other classes so, she can wield a sword like a Level 21 warrior and has the sneakiness and agility of a thief.

Weaknesses: She distributes way too much on strength and speed so she needs to get a lot of equip items with intelligence. The element she is weak to is earth because she's usually in trees killing the enemy from afar.

Flaws: She is almost murderous to someone if they hurt her friend mentally or physically. Ace is undoubtedly, a huge fan or Prince and the rest of Odd Squad. She is also prone to cling onto bishies that are 10 feet away but can resist the urge when necessary. She cannot tell right from wrong most of the time so she relies on teammates to help her make big decisions.

Why would the current party accept the new member? She can help backup some of their other teammates because of learning some skills from different classes. Ace won't have to be healed 24/7 so the priest can help the other teammates without worry of her. She makes up random schemes when in need of them that usually work 85% of the time. If the team needs her to be, she can be very persuasive.

CookieStarrs chapter 5 . 4/29/2012
Name: Akira;Aki[Aito]

Personality: At first,she seems like an angel, when you let your guard down shes a amazing at acting. Loves books since they're to most people[she's only mean to people she hates or on a hunch/stressed]likes to help random people[i.e. give free money]. She hates people who use her,loves to eat sweets,&forgets things someone eats her food, they'll end up in the rebirth point without even knowing.[when they come back they start to wonder,"Why is she covered in blood?"] Sometimes shes bored she goes through random things and memorizes the content.

Quirks: Closet sadist,likes to ask indecent things with an innocent face(i. cousin asked if I read porn, when I asked him what porn was he ran away... so what is it?), anyone who gives her food is a good person, her pet likes sake[alcohol],beats everyone up who eats her food in the most cruel way possible[well she puts them so sleep first then torture them].

Appearance:5'3" Black hair to her knees. Fair skin and blue eyes. Usually wears a black kimono[short skirt] with red butterflies on the end of the sleeves there's a skirt and its black with red lining.[and its poofy]Wears thigh high socks with traditional yutaka shoes. has a black bow with red blades on the end. Usually does classic lolita,Wa-loli,or gothic punk in public.

Class: Archer [Level 42]

Strengths:Fast at the bow and geom [double edged sword], good with close and long range, doesn't hesitate when attacking a lot of connections and due to saving money all her life shes rich.

Weaknesses:Scolded for forgetting things,anyone who gives her food is a good person,she gets kidnapped easily but in return the kidnapper's wallet dies[she says,"Ill go with you on one condition.../insert long list of foods &they end up not kidnapping her].

Flaws:Occasionally accidently cuts people while walking around town, clumsy, forgets [mostly] all important things but remembers all small things,her personality is.. unique.

Why they accept Aito: She seems normal, had an awesome pet [black Mokona Madoki],shes strong,has alot of money.


1)Monocrome Dream Eating Baku

2)Love is War
Razedragon chapter 5 . 4/29/2012
Game name:Lost Wanderer (RN-Daisuke Nakamura)


Personality:He's kindhearted and very shy but can be creepy at times, almost like a ghost, has poor sense of direction, in real life he took a whole lot of fighting styles and learned how to use lots of different weapons, the only reason he is not a warrior is because he got lost and went to the mage quest instead

Quirks:every time he gets lost he finds rare and valuable items and if given a weapon his opponents are skewed


Appearance:he wears a black trench-coat with a blue shoulder plate on his left arm, blue jeans, black gym shoes with blue skulls on them, has long blond hair, light skin, his eyes are left blue and the right blood red, is 6ft tall, and beautiful black feathery almost ghostly wings coming out his back, is very hot but has a very creepy aura

Class:Mage, level 42

Strengths:Special elements Dark (main) and Light (secondary). his dark spells weaken the enemy and can create a zones that can both greatly weaken the enemy's stats but a the same time power up himself a his team, his light spells help heal himself when he has a weapon and is beating the daylights out of someone, his main specialty is that he can use almost any kind of weapon

Weakness: his fear of being alone

Reason: there are three reasons they would let him stay: #1 he keeps finding rare and valuable stuff they can sale for lots of money, #2 because of his amazing fighting and magical abilities, and finally #3 he gave them the most adorable puppy dog look and begged them to join when he heard they needed another member
Tsubame-go chapter 5 . 4/29/2012
Game Name:

Real Name:Bai Chen Xu

Personality: Nervous almost all the time, especially when it comes to 's afraid to face monsters in the game close up, which is why he's an archer.

Quirks: He's surprisingly good at gambling, and has one tons of money (which he only spend at shops with male NPC's) off of it.

Appearance: Wears simple armor with a swallow engraved upon the chest plate over a mint green tunic. Has ankle-high leather boots. Has short, curly, light brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin. In real life his hair and eyes are the same, but he wears glasses.

Class:Archer, level 42

Strengths: He shoots poisoned arrows at monsters, which are pretty effective, but slow to take effect. He usually has to hide and wait for the poison to spread. He also has high agility.
darkkami chapter 5 . 4/29/2012
my character just change level to 42
Lovely Miss Max chapter 5 . 4/29/2012
Wynter Breeze/ Bree (Gwen Lovegood)

Personality: She is very quiet, until you get her alone with friends or drunk. She is a fierce fighter and can hold her alcohol well. She is wise and tends to dwell on things too long. She can read people like an open book. tends to spend most her money on alcohol and other useless things. Kind to friends and harsh (really harsh) on enemies. Nearly as demented as Prince.

Quirks: She will spend hours making and remaking battle plans. Likes big weapons used to maul enemies

Appearance: Race-elf, 5"6", curvy body type, purple hair, long hair almost to her thighs with sweep bangs, strikingly sky blue eyes, wears green tunic and brown breeches with a black belt, wears a thin leather band in her hair hippie style, and bangles

Real Life Appearance: Japanese-American, 5"2", curvy body type, boy short black hair with sweep bangs, grey eyes, tends to wear knee length shirts with tights or shorts underneath and converse

Class: level 42, Archer

Strengths: Uses a 6 foot yew long bow with special made arrows to shoot enemies in their faces for up to 220 yards away, 95% accuracy rate

Weaknesses: Waits too long to attack, likes her alcohol, and is a major prince fan

Reason for joining: She is a huge prince fan and doesn't even care that prince could be Zero, She will follow Zero to the end of the world if she is prince, they might accept her because her plans work 89% of the time or just because she is an awesome archer
Keeper Of The Eternity chapter 4 . 4/29/2012
Name: Pandora; Hatter (Yue Haruka)

Personality: Loud, playful, slightly insane, moody, riddle-speaker, violent, hyper, a joker, and prankster.

Appearance: She has Hatsune Miku styled white hair that is mid-thigh length. She has dual-colored eyes, the right bright green and the left light grey. Her hair covers her right eye. She wears a dark blue version of Miku's outfit.(Basically, she is a Vocaloid avatar.) She has the same hair color and eye color in real life and she is 22 yrs old. She wears dark clothes in real life. Her main outfit is black skinny jeans with a white tank top and a red coat over top with combat boots.

Class: Mage

Strengths: Main- Dark, Minor- Light. High attack, medium defense, and thinks ahead.

Weaknesses: low agility, fear of dogs, heights, and large stomach.

Why would the current party would accept the new member?

She is friendly and willing to help Zero become prince again. She may act crazy but that is how she is in real life too. She would put her life on the line to protect what she cares about no matter what. She holds her friends put higher than her own needs, always acting silly and happy to lighten the mood. And besides she is actually a lot smarter(and older) than she acts.
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