Reviews for The Illustrator
MangamanZX chapter 2 . 12/30/2012
I have to say... Considering what I've read and the comments made... The idea could be expanded upon much more than the monster of the day thing... You could go with the Siren or Eas route... You know evil enemy turns good scenario, heck have Peace make a bad end zone... Maybe play a role in the evil by making drawings of monsters that the big bad three could make Akanbes out of (you know since she is an illustrator... You really didn't expand on that plot point much... Or at all) heck you could make an arc where Yayoi tricks the other cures into thinking that she is there friend, before stealing one of the Cure's smile pacts (make sure that they don't know who Cure Peace is at this point) Heck you could go a route where Yayoi doesn't even get her Cure powers til later, after she's already been with the Bad End kingdom for a while, the angst where the Cures know that she is supposed to be on there side but works for the enemy is priceless... Heck if you want to do an evil cure thing look at Cure Dark... She was an evil cure and she was well writen, compitent and forced the Cures to be more tactical while fighting her... Or don't make her join the Smile Cures right away, make Yayoi try and atone for the sins she committed, make her act like an aloof ally against her former masters and join only when Happy convinces her to get along with the other members of the team, heck give her some moments where she is "just passing through" or heck try and make Yayoi try to go solo against the Bad End kingdom and actually succeeds until they get to the Blue noses or super Akanbes, where she is basically forced to join the team, but finds that she actually doesn't mind being on the team... See there is so many ways to do the "Evil Peace" thing... Seriously I want to see this story go to its full potential, it's here just not realized -_-
DaManWOFear chapter 2 . 7/14/2012
Ok, I've just read the second chapter but my question is if you're still going to make Cure Peace still as evil and when I've read your response, it seems your planning her to be a total bitch. But making Yayoi as an antihero or a dark and brooding character can be a possibility.

It's like Skull Man, which is one of Shotaro Ishinomori's works (he's also the creator of Kamen Rider) that I also admire. He has a darker past that involves the death of his parents, the Skull Man would never hesitate to kill innocent lives in his quest for vengeance.

Please update on this. My OP for this pic is "Hikari no Machi" by Tokio.
Abicion chapter 2 . 5/16/2012

I think the in-between stuff would have gotten really boring if I actually wrote it out. It would just be a bunch of Monster of the Day-type battles, with Peace showing up at the end to repeatedly wreck the Smile Precure team's shit and degrade and insult them. Maybe throw in a slightly longer sequence where she teams up with Aka-Oni and Majorina and causes a solar eclipse so she can blow up the Megazord. Oh, and she obviously has to kill Steve at some point

www. youtube watch?v6-mEphm6LcQ

But that goes without saying.
BHS chapter 2 . 5/10/2012
Nicely done. This felt almost like it could have been an actual episode.

I do wish we could have actually seen Yayoi getting her revenge, and more of her actions as a tool of the Bad End Kingdom... it sort of feels like you skipped over some important stuff to get to the fight with the other Cures.

For that matter, I can't help feeling like there's more you could have done with this concept... Cure Peace being evil is terrific, but what if you went deeper, instead of having her join the team in the second chapter? You could have her slowly be corrupted by Bad Energy, or bring Joker into the mix and have him manipulate her, or even do something like the Dark Precures from the first Precure 5 movie. There's lots of other directions you could take with it, is what I'm saying.

Not that that's in any way a criticism, I really like what you've done, and it feels authentic to the show. You may actually inspire me to do something similar in a fanfic of my own, horror of horrors. XD
BHS chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
A fanfic about Cure Peace? Yes.

A fanfic where Cure Peace gets corrupted to evil? YES.

I'm watching the HELL out of this now. I can't wait to read more, love what you have so far. :D
Cake chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
This fanfic is seriously good. I loved it. Very creative :)