Reviews for Stains of Time
chm01 chapter 11 . 4/4
this is a great fic.
Discovery's Daughter chapter 66 . 3/31
You are a truly brilliant author. I have enjoyed your story immensely. And wow? 700,000 words aren't a joke ! I'm a writer too and God knows I can't write so much with such intricately woven plots intertwining with a masterful style. The parts of the story I specifically enjoyed were the ones with Superman, Terry, Shayera, Agent Faraday and of course Batman in them. And oh boy, the story of Justin Saunders is one of the most heartbreaking arcs of your story in my humble opinion. I would like to understand your take on time travel though. Also, I'm very curious about what you studied at college; as a student of International Relations, I can see traces of disciplinary vocabulary in your work, not to mention your knowledge of philosophy. Overall, an excellent story and it's taken me 2 weeks to read it all. But it's been a wonderful rise. Keep writing and if you want, you could totally be a bestselling author. This particular story is better than even the original Batman/JLA stories in the comics and the animated series. God bless you. Stay talented and keep up the great work.
Guest chapter 66 . 3/7
Amazing story! This story has been the best I've ever read here on fanfiction.
FAN-OF-EPIC-FANTASY chapter 66 . 2/20
oh man no diana bruce get together
TheGoddamnBatman117 chapter 66 . 2/18
I did not see that coming. And that's the hallmark of a great writer: the ability to take something as well known and loved as the DC universe and create something new and dynamic. You've put years of effort and imagination into this story, and it shows. As for everyone who complained and wanted a happy ending, what would be the fun in that? Thank you, sir, for a thoroughly epic novel
Delta808th chapter 65 . 2/9
Aww Yes Know I understand. I understand this story now. This is your best and perhaps so far greatest story you have written. Forgive me for my transgressions. I didn't understand and I shall not ever again be mean about any of your stories until I understand. If I had been more patient (which is not my strong suit) this story could have had a better ending, I shall live and carry that burden.

Exceptionally well done the theamerican91 : )

Sammymann chapter 66 . 1/28
I remember starting to read this fiction from the start. Its the one thing that kept bringing me back to fanfic. I knew it would come to an ending but i always tried tricking myself to believe that it would last forever. Well now that i've read the last chapter, i'll have to say that YOU are a prodigy and i hope and pray that you go far.
turtlefan16 chapter 66 . 1/27
Great story. Edge of my seat the entire time.
Anubhav Tomar chapter 66 . 1/27
first of all , a great story and a really nice ending . glad to see that bruce finally got the peace he deserved and before going away for the last time he saw diana and was really happy to see her smile .

you did a great job telling this story . hope that your other story " Out of the Flames " is as good as this although i know it will be .
Lazarus495 chapter 66 . 1/22
There is that very satisfying feeling when Hades finally gets what has been coming all along. And the batcave scene at the begining was very interesting. Also when everyone else came to help him. That was great. And finally when he found peace at last. Great ending to the story. But i think this should have been the final chapter and the final chapter should have been the epilogue.
Lazarus495 chapter 65 . 1/22
Finally got around to reading this. This whole chapter (except the ending) is more of an epilogue than the final chapter. The final chapter is supposed to end the main story, not the epilogue.
But the thing that pisses me is that bruce had time to make two requests to diana and even explain why he forgave vandal but not to say the three little words. How does that work?
Ok. So after that fan rage moment, something serious: About the last part of this chapter. Hadnt Bruce already gotten over his existential crisis? That bit just feels like repetition and really nullifies the point of the chapter 'I, Metron' doesnt it? So i think you could have done that bit differently.
sunshine2009 chapter 66 . 1/21
Wow what a story! Thank you so much for finishing. I probably will read the whole story again. it will be more fun now that the whole story is available for a complete read.
dorisrpg chapter 66 . 1/21
Well the journey has ended..what a ride it was.
I remember logging on numerous time over the last two years for updates on this fic..SMH
You are a brilliant writer that shows depth in all your work "yes I follow your fics",not many can follow suite...oh how I wish they can.
One mortal man give everything he had to save the world... The selfless BATMAN not much can come better.
That being said.. outstanding work..and we'll be here for your next fic..TAKE A BOW earn it...
MASSHERO-95 chapter 66 . 1/21
The only thing I can say was it was a very nice ending with Bruce getting peace before fully crossing 't wait for out of flames to continue in the future and any other future stories you have in store for us. I closing I just want to say thank you for the last three years of this story and I plan to (maybe) re read it when you finish proof reading it. Thank you .
MASSHERO-95 chapter 65 . 1/21
Damn that was a depressing ending , nice to see closure for most of the characters . If DC ever sat down to discuss an idea on how to make the DCAU go out In style this story should be the number idea with me holding out my family fortune demanding that they take it. And my god i will never get tired of lobo , a true definition of an anti hero who doesn't have to try hard to justify their existence in comics.
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