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WonderWomanForEver chapter 66 . 10/6
Well, this is officially the best ending I've ever read and the best fanfiction I've ever read. You just got yourself a free ambassador who will advertise your works any way possible. Now, a little storytime. I started reading your story after finishing Heart Of Darkness, which I'll soon reread. THAT was two years ago. I remember reading one chapter per day and reaching the Medieval era of Sir Thomas. And then, I stopped reading it, because I grew obsessed with Sherlock and I focused on reading fanfics on that fandom. One year later, I came back to Stains Of Time, really determined to finish it, but when I reached the Wild West era of John Wayne I stopped again, because westerns aren't really my division. And then, almost forty days ago, I made the decision to finish it, because I had also read the whole of Out Of The Flames and I had fallen in love with your writing and plots. Two years ago, the only thing I cared seeing here was the final reunion between Bruce and Diana. Now, the only thing I wanted, was Bruce finding true solace and salvation after all this pain and suffering. As he was dying and being so calm and smiling and after Diana's speech in the final chapter, I felt that this was how it was supposed to be. So, all I have to say is once again CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for sharing this incredibly beautiful thing with us. You taught me a lot and I hope that you will keep writing masterpieces. I will be following you in any new project and supporting you with every way that I can.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 65 . 10/6
WOW. WOW. JUST WOW. No words can describe how I felt about this chapter. Gordon's words, Dick's realization, Diana's desicions and calmness, Hippolyta's revelation they were all excellent, marvellous and fabulous. Did Bruce really travel through time and space and met Diana in his dreams? How much of a brilliant mind and writer can you be to think that? Interstellar would blush in front of your masterpiece. And lastly, the Universe is so unfair; they gave Lobo and Artemis a second chance, then they gave Vandal and Andrea a second chance, and then they ran out of chances, no more for Bruce and Diana. It may sounded egoistic, but that's how I felt. But, in the end of the day, you chose the best ending. It felt so right to just relieve Bruce after everything he went through. After all, the Joker died and what's Batman without Joker? Now the only thing I want to happen is Hades not to be the winner.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 64 . 10/6
Goodness, stop this agony, just kill him already and be done with it, I can't live with that stress anymore! The flashbacks of all the good that Bruce has done were AMAZING, they reminded me once again how brilliant Batman really is. And seriously, he had a talk with Clark for like Two hours and when he FINALLY GOT TO SAY THE BLOODY WORDS came the time to die? Couldn't it just wait for ten seconds? That angered me so much, and then I cried a lot, because I realised that he was dying for good. What a roller coaster.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 63 . 10/5
That review is going to be very long, because the chapter was very long. First, I want to point out that the recognition scene between Alfred and Bruce reminded me of those from the Greek tragedies and the Odyssey, especially the one where Ulysses was reunited with his father, Laertes. I know it's from the previous chapter but I wanted to point it out. Now, Bruce and Diana had a reunion that we were expecting to see for so long and yet they were separated again. I felt the intensity of that scene very much. Then, Flash had to be a true Doctor. I felt so proud of him, he's really matured. Then, Mister Terrific was such a great character; so well written, so sassy, he made me smile. Also, Shayera's fears when she was giving birth were so human and realistic, I thought I was reading an actual woman's confession. Let's get to the action parts. Lobo & Artemis again?! Meant to be, right? Later, the fight between Bruce and The Joker reminded me of those between the Doctor and the Master, especially at the Universe part. And so we march to Diana's almost sacrifice that showed her abnegation which was just PERFECT. And then, Talia surprised everyone and took her place. Now, haven't you got a soft spot for Talia and Andrea? They seem villainous but in truth they mean good, just like we saw in Out Of The Flames ;) As for the ending, I held my breath for too long, I was more than sure that Diana wouldn't arrive in time. That would've been too heartbreaking.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 62 . 10/3
Well, that's what you call a Hell of a chapter! So much action, anxiety, adrenaline, the reunion with Alfred, and Joker trying to be a comic relief. I felt so satisfied and happy in the end of the chapter and now I'm preparing myself for the upcoming anguish and tears...
WonderWomanForEver chapter 61 . 10/2
I can't believe that he appeared to Alfred first. This is so touching. A tear rolled down my cheek. And lastly, don't expect me to feel sorry for Hades, he had gone too far. Though I'm very proud of Metron, who made a selfless and mostly right choice.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 60 . 10/1
Oh Gods! Diana was such a Clara Oswald and that star that shined screamed of Galifrey! I was so sure that Diana was going to be the savior of Bruce. And now that Metron is back, I'm excited for the next chapters!
WonderWomanForEver chapter 59 . 9/30
LOVED IT! A bloody masterpiece! So intense, so amazingly written and action-packed, I was so worried for everyone, I cried with Terry and Donna, I cried with Savage's death, and yet I know that I have to save some crying since THIS IS NOT THE END! Frankly, you're growing to be my bloody idol of a writer. Thank you for sharing this majestic story with us!
WonderWomanForEver chapter 58 . 9/30
I really wanna kill Hades! He's getting to my nerves a lot! Apart from that, Lobo's sacrifice was so touching and I felt so proud for him; that's what you call character development. Batmite is cute af, Artemis is extremely badass and I honestly felt like Diana and Shayera are back fighting, Savage reminded me of Diana in BvS, especially when he complained about getting old, and Bruce, well, he's and always will be our favourite sassy, badass Batman. The first scene where he dies got me in tears.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 57 . 9/30
I loved the dynamics in this chapter. Seriously, Lobo and Artemis?! I laughed so very much. If you watch Game of Thrones, they reminded me of Jaime and Brienne :)
WonderWomanForEver chapter 56 . 9/29
Great chapter once again though I have a few observations, mainly regarding the Greek Mythology. First, did you do any research or just based yourself on the comics? Second, Heracles wasn't as monstrous as you described him. Actually, that version of the myth with the Amazons came from a Latin, when the Romans had enslaved the Ancient Greeks and tried to change the image of Heracles into something darker. Pindarus, the Greek historian who wrote Heracles' life described his adventure with the Amazons outright differently. Third, the Trojan War happened twenty years after the death of Heracles and not before, as you implied. Fourth, I loved how you portrayed and presented Sisyphus, since he's quite a mastermind of Ancient Greece, quite similar to Batman. Fifth, I see a little bit of weakness to Deathstroke and Kasnia. Somehow they're in each of your stories. All in all, I bow to your talent once again.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 55 . 9/27
This chapter fulfilled two of my big wishes; Bruce meeting Lois, and taking the necklace. That scene was BEAUTIFUL. Now, I'm intrigued by the way he went to Themiscyra... Also, I'm Greek and I'd like to point out that φιλία isn't our word for love. It's actually αγάπη. Google translate can't be trusted.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 54 . 9/26
I literally gasped in the end! Wow, that chapter was soooo full! Vandal's touching story, The Joker's evolution, The Wayne Manor after all this time, and the HALLUCINATIONS, a really perfect and intelligent trick. After this chapter though, I've been wondering about that Bat Zoo in the Watchtower and I fell like we're going to see it again in the future. Lastly, this mother description stinks of Hippolyta.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 53 . 9/24
That chapter solved all my questions on the Batman Beyond storyline. Also, I really screamed when I realised that Bruce had landed on the battlefield and I felt sorry for Maxine even though she had started being a little bit annoying. POOR MATT! Honestly, O can't wait to see how Bruce's going to react, when he finds out what's happened in the future.
WonderWomanForEver chapter 52 . 9/23
I expected The Bat to be Savage, but I really wanted that cloaked figure to be Andrea. I just hope that we haven't seen the last of her. The most tragic thing is that when I finished reading that chapter, I realised that Alfred died too in the bombing. So, I am sad for him too. :( However, your story is getting even more interesting and I can't stop reading!
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