Reviews for Of Sheep and Battle Chicken
Publicola chapter 42 . 7/27
...That was insane. Brilliantly written, exceptionally clever... just perfect. It is so nice to read a story about geniuses, that *shows* and doesn't just tell us how smart and gifted the characters are.
Capulet730 chapter 123 . 7/21
Where to even start with this review. That was one hell of a ride. It's amazing the number of authors on here who just rehash canon, with a few minor tweaks. You really went into the abyss with this one.

First, your characterisation of Shepard. Her transformation from an emotionally dead weapon into someone capable of forming close attachments to others was a delight to behold. Her relationship with Liara felt like something that had truly been earned, rather than just a given.

Second, all the politics added a whole new level to the story. The structures of the SA are not accorded much prominence in the first game, and your exploration of their dark depths was intriguing. Love what you did with Cerberus.

Finally, the small flashes of humour kept the story from becoming too dark. One of my favourite scenes was Joker looking at all the Shepard memes.

Amazing story, thanks for writing.
nints chapter 11 . 7/14
ookayy. so by now, the amount of re-treading you're doing in this story is ridiculous. I don't need Shepherds entire freaking service record. Yeah, cool, you've come to paint her as this unstable yet perfect soldier who has somehow gotten in the military with the overwhelming amount of crimes she's done both before getting in and after getting in. As a real-life member of the Marines, I have to say that it's completely taken me out of the story. Not to mention that everyone has to have a discussion about Shepard's character and actions that is really not telling us anything new that we didn't get in the first chapter when they were discussing her candidacy. This whole 'painting the ME universe as grimdark and political' is hard for me to handle since I think of the ME universe to be about friendship, duty, and personal sacrifice in the face of weird ass stuff. I think of it as a happy story, and this just subverts all of that.
wierdscience13 chapter 49 . 6/28
I'm really struggling with this story now, there just seems to be so much pointless filler that I seem to be skipping more and more..

Also I had to lol at the author's note, Feros made so little sense but Noveria was well done, a team of highly trained soldiers, tech expert and biotic couldn't make one person open a door yet could shoot up an office, killing a multitude of guards in a pointless fetch quest
wierdscience13 chapter 11 . 6/26
I don't know what to think of this story, it's well written and interesting, full of detail and interesting characters, however it makes no sense at all that somebody like Shepard would be part of any military, mass murder, arson, killing police officers. It goes against everything I know about the armed forces and the fictional Mass Effect universe.
AnthonyR89 chapter 11 . 6/4
so, re-reading this, and i forgot about the part where you gave Shepard a sibling. whatever happened to them?
TheBronzeLine chapter 123 . 5/1
I absolutely adore this story. It's exceedingly rare to find such high quality among fanfics and thrice rarer still for I to deem one fit for reference material.

Hands down one of the best. Period.

Though the Yagg will be sorely disappointed. :D
TheBronzeLine chapter 109 . 4/28
Spirits, yes!
TheBronzeLine chapter 55 . 4/24
Did you set up that poem just so you can make a MiracleOfSound reference? Lol
hjcallipygian chapter 63 . 4/15
This is such a great way to use Liara, I'm astonished they didn't do this. (Although I wonder how optimistic they were of getting a second game when it was first published - I didn't get into the series until ME2 was out.) Love it.

I'm really enjoying the series so far. Off to read more!
mujoona chapter 96 . 4/12
honestly when I first heard of the comissariat I just thought of like Soviet KGB and hell maybe they really are that big of terrifyingly tyrannical assholes but I love how they also seem to be glorious trolls, notably from the bits I've seen here and also from that bit in the STG report on Shepard
mujoona chapter 60 . 4/11
so like I've just began reading this today and am still obviously in the process of doing so since I'm reviewing this chapter and normally I dont leave comments as I read along but holy shit for one thing I feel like an idiot for avoiding this fic before. I'm not normally a fan of the darker type stuff but this has definitely been awesome and I really love how your world works. The reason I'm leaving this review here on this chapter is that the last bit with Wrex legitimately made me shiver like damn awesome writint.
hjcallipygian chapter 31 . 4/8
I'm only this far in so far, but I'm pretty sure you're going to break my damn heart at Virmire, aren't you?
DerelictTyrant chapter 79 . 4/6
Lol burned 80 something chapters. And an old ass review!

But I just wanted to say: "Praise the Emperor, and pass the ammunition."
Azrael66 chapter 52 . 3/16
It's weird that Shepard described her injury on Feros as being shot through the "tummy." Seems a little childish and out of character for her.
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