Reviews for The Dragon Masters
Grimreapersgolor1 chapter 39 . 9/16
*glares at you* how could you? How could you? Why is it a cliff hanger? EVIIIIIIL~ you!
assassininblue chapter 38 . 9/15
Now I want to live in the castle, so pretty
assassininblue chapter 35 . 9/15
assassininblue chapter 33 . 9/13
Wait one minute, I just realized that between Lucy and her mother there were no Dragon masters but they where still alive, is it just the blood line that has to survive? Plz pm answer
assassininblue chapter 30 . 9/13
Just loving all the cliffhangers here
assassininblue chapter 23 . 9/13
So happy I almost cried again
assassininblue chapter 22 . 9/13
You made me cry (:
nightdreamerofthestars chapter 38 . 8/23
i kept getting distracted every time somehow...
nightdreamerofthestars chapter 13 . 8/23
you could have made cleaning like a water fight or who could clean the fastest with fairy tail you never know what they'll do next
Dwarrior chapter 39 . 8/16
Its a great story, even if unfinished.
fan chapter 39 . 8/13
Beautiful story! keep writing...gosh can't wait for the sequel ..hi..hi;
Guest chapter 39 . 7/24
Awwww! Please don't leave it there! You're a really good writer and I love your naming sense with the dragon! I'd love to see more of this storyline as it is basically the perfect situation in Fairy Tail in my opinion! I always hated how weak Lucy was sometimes, and I know it's one of her selling points and what-not but I prefer how Lucy is so powerful in your Fanfic. I think you have really good ideas with your writing and I'm glad I found this!
John chapter 2 . 7/6
hehe..cant help but notice natsu riding a carriage normally... :3
Guest chapter 29 . 5/1
Good u made sure that Lisanna was trying to be good not a enemy like every other story I've read
faithful2kh chapter 39 . 4/8
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