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adary chapter 22 . 7/29/2016
Hello France,
Better late than never, n'est-ce pas ? This may be pointless, but because of all that happened lately, I just wanted to say, well... I love you. That's all.
manga-neko-96 chapter 22 . 12/20/2013
Bonjour monsieur France,
I too have been judged by ridiculous stereotypes. People do not realize that we cannot be judged. I face the same with my autism. We must stay strong! I am curious, have you ever not noticed Matthew? I mean the way everyone seems to not see him. Is there anyone else who can "see" him? Thanks for reading!
From, me :)
xXCrimsonRosesXx chapter 7 . 1/5/2013
Bonjour France,
I would just like to state that you are merveilleux and need more appreciation. Many of the fans of Hetalia stereotype you just by the way you are portrayed in the English dub and don't care enough to delve a little deeper and actually figure out the reasonings behind your actions. On another note, besides England, Austria, and the two other members of the "Bad Touch Trio" you are definitely my favorite. I have one more quick question…During 'Paint It White' (and I am unsure if this is mentioned in the Japanese.) While you and England are in the information room England had clicked on his country and in the information it offered it said that you and England "love each other…sexually." I'm sure that it was just in the English dub but I wouldn't mind an explanation.
Au revoir pour l'instant,
Crazy.rabbit2 chapter 19 . 11/24/2012
Dear France

Sorry to hear about your grey hair, it happens to the best of us! my friend got her first grey hair when she was only 14.. But I'm sure after the economy gets better your hair will be as great as ever!
Sorry for bringing up 'jour maudit' I didn't really think about it.. that must of been pretty traumatising for you as a nation so sorry for bringing it up!
Your birth story sounds really interesting, I love history things like that, unfortunately we only really learn British history at school.. which is still interesting but still..
I plan to visit your capital again! one day.. it's kinda expensive..

I still haven't mastered the French language yet, but I did do well on my GCSE.. who said cheaters never prosper..hehe.. Yes I cheated on the exam but that doesn't mean I don't plan to learn French properly one day! ..maybe.

From me. :)
l'envoi chapter 2 . 11/2/2012
This is the chapter that got me hooked to your fic. This has to be the best reply I have ever read to all those criticizing France's skinship. I adore how you explain these things both as a part of France's culture and of Francis' personality. It's very in-depth and interesting.

I love the tone you used in this chapter. France sounds so dignified, but his words are so biting! I literally couldn't stop laughing when I read the last paragraph. England, I think you're gonna need some ice for that BURRRRNNNN! XD Well played, France, well played. *slow clap*

I referred this fic to one of my friends, and she enjoys it too! She said that your France is "surprisingly legit." Absolutely wonderful! Great job! Keep up the good work! :D
l'envoi chapter 1 . 11/2/2012
I absolutely adore this fic! I usually don't like these "Ask the Nations" fics because from my experience from the ones I've read, they usually rely too much on the stereotype and end up making the character too one-sided, but yours is the only exception! :D

I'll be honest. When I first joined the Hetalia fandom, I didn't like France as a character because he was always depicted as being too pervy and touchy-feely in the series. The Christmas bloodbath strips were especially traumatizing for me. I couldn't even bring myself to read the whole comic because it really confused me and just made my head hurt. The whole time, I was just thinking, "Himaruya, what the heck is your idea of the French stereotype?!" (To which my friend replied, "Don't ask. You might find out." XD) It's no wonder he's labeled as a pervert and a rapist by the fandom.

But after I left the fandom, I've come to respect and appreciate France. I believe he should be given more credit as the "cultural center of the world" and be depicted as the chic, laid-back big brother of Europe more often.

I love how you're fighting against the French stereotype and the way you tackle the questions. Very intelligently and gracefully, just like France himself! Your replies are as snarky and as sweet as they need to be and have just the right amount of French for the feel. They are also very informative! I learned a lot from reading your fic, and I do hope you will continue it. :) But don't feel pressured though. Take your time. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. There are really times when you want to give up on writing, so don't be worried. It's all for fun and knowledge, right? Besides, your fans will happily wait for you.

Vive la France! :D
Emma chapter 16 . 10/17/2012
Hello, France! I've been reading your letters with curiosity and, though I have no account, would like to ask you things.
I hope nobody mistakenly assumes that the French people are weak fighters or perverts, (I certainly don't), but it sadly is a bit of a stereotype. It would make sense to show itself in you, being a personification, right? Or am I wrong?
You once said during a bloodbath that you knew the other countries found them to be harassment, but would continue anyway for…various reasons, I guess, you never specified them at the time. I'm sure they were all valid.
Please don't think I sound accusatory! I don't think any less of you for that, I understand we all do things and think in ways others frown upon. It's what makes us human (and you representing humans), of course!
But, that's just a side point. My main question is something I'm quite curious about. What is your favorite place to be in your country? Are there any parks, stores, or places like that that you find to be unrivaled by any other country? I'd like to hear about them.
Thank you! I really can't wait to hear your answer.
I don't have a name on here, as you've noticed, but you may call me Emma.
Becky999 chapter 18 . 10/15/2012
rebonjour France,

Your welcome,

... Christmas bloodbaths... I don't think I'd like that... Kissing on the cheeks fine... I just get scared if they're wearing make up it doesn't transfer onto my face... -.-'
...One day America's going to get type 2 diabeties if he isn't careful...
What's the culture like?... I don't go to different counties much... I've only been in the UK (the french lessons at school aren't helping either)... and is the Maginot line being used as a museum or has it gone?


P.S. I don't think my Great Aunt will... I don't see her that much... and when I did I was scared, because I was 15 floors above ground level... and then I got ignored...
Except for the stubble... that's the only part that can't be smooth. wait... England Gives you bruses... and I thought you only fought when the rugby world cup or Six Nations is on.
Becky Liddell chapter 16 . 10/14/2012
Welcome back! 3 This fic is like, eeeeeeeeeh I love it so much! It's kinda adorable, and I love France to death, whereas all my friends are always hating on him, so it's nice so see him stand up for himself! I'm using too many exclamation points...

Love 3
Becky Liddell
Crazy.rabbit2 chapter 16 . 10/14/2012
Bonjour France!
Hiya, hope your doing okay with.. The economy and that (it's a little weird writing a letter to a country) but anyway I was wondering a few things about.. Whose side were you on on the st bartholomew's day massacar?.. And when abouts were you 'born'
I went to France and it was a really nice place even though our hotel was set on firee, the effiel tower was really good, and all those other things, no ffence to London but it was definatly prettier than London.
Anyway I'm from Britain, and I've never noticed anyone express contempt for the French ( besides me nan but she hates everyone.) I'd say if there was a country people don't seem to like it would be Germany (no offence Germans! I think ur cool), So even if the personification of Britain hates you, remember most people like France here!
From Crazy Rabbit.
P.s Why is your language so hard to learn, I'm definatly going to fail my french gcse:(
Becky999 chapter 16 . 10/14/2012
Bonjour France,

Nope you didn't bore me to death...
The family member was one of her 5 son's and he is a chef...
why are you called a Pervert? I know for a fact that the French aren't perverts...
And what was America like when you visited?

AnonymousSanSama chapter 16 . 10/14/2012
Hi France,

I would like to remind you, that, yes you have a reputation of having a strong military, but the Germans, who came from countries known to also be very strong military-wise (like Prussia, which was completely a military state or as a quote I heard once, Prussia was "a military with a country") were too much for you to handle.

As for Belgium, Norway, & those other countries surrendering, they were countries that were never known to have strong militaries. It would be a harsh blow to discredit them as being "surrender monkeys". They didn't have much choice. Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, & Norway were all blitzed by the Germans. They tried to fight, but they were too weak.

You are not a weak country. You held your own for a while, much longer than the others, but they were still too much for you to handle. Americans know that, but you did deserve that from America. He'd just gone through one of the worst days ever that still haunts him & you could have been a little softer with him.

Becky999 chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
Bonjour France,
I think I'm french somewhere in my family and I've got a french aunt who is scary with a spoon.
any way... Why Does England Call You a Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey? Is it because of the world wars or something?
And why are French Women so protective over the Kitchen?


P.S. The spoon Thing happened to a family member when he tried to help with the food. He got chased out by being threatened by the spoon and very harsh French words...
Pouceline de Gresiel chapter 4 . 7/25/2012
Haha, la vache tu leur as mis le paquet J'ai pas tout lu mais j'ai fort bien ri :D
About the episode of sick England, I was more like thinking about our super technique of the magic healing kiss ;D Oui, le bisou magique, bien sûr! You put a kiss where it hurts and tadaaam everything is set! :3
Rocketman1728 chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
very funny

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