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JokerKPrince4578 chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
To tell you the truth this chapter was kind of boring for me. I guess I'm anxious when Naruto will finally face his former family. Anyway great work on the story and soon enough you'll be a big time writer.
Rickjames196 chapter 1 . 4/16/2012
You had me at mass harem D. Sucks no konoha girls but you can't have it all \. -wonders if tsunade counts as a konoha girl...- food for thought 3. NARUXTSU 4ever! You published this three days ago and already have 120 reviews so I doubt it sucks XD. So much for the uzumaki always being loyal and all "tight" with each other. I hope Naruto comes back and destroys em all MWAHAHAAHAHA. Awww wtf he doesn't have normal chakra? Guess he has reiatsu? Omfg he has a twin, I hope he doesn't leave her behind T.T Jeez this fuckers sound like the diet version of the uchiha clan xD. Wow kushina is on their side...fucking hoe. Awww man, poor Naruto. Hahahaah kasumi likes him. I can't wait for him to go all bad ass. Be all like thanks kaa-chan your idiotic clan made me become a god D. Awww that is so sad, your evil T.T Bwhaha Naruto is a good boy. Awww that is messed up of sarutobi playing with his young heart. Phew he isn't a douche and say they will love him, he said many will love him. Gotta love political word play. PSh sexist kami is a chick D. Hmmmn I wonder what sex god is lulz. GG sarutobi putting dreams of grandeur in his young mind. Watch him try and be kami. Good thing it wasn't hidan giving him this talk or we'd have a mini jashinist in konoha. Bwahaha pein got nothing on him. But how did umm hogyoku land in the elemental nations? Is this before aizen gets it? Will he try and take it from Naruto? How will he fend off against a fucking shinigami? So many questions . Omfg someone poisoned his ramen? But sarutobi was there he is a lame ninja if someone can poison his shit/someone near him without him noticing. Bwhahaa they gonna get it, I hope he becomes god soon . TIME SKIP TIME SKIP. Omfg ahaha he fell on hogyoku, so...was he poisoned? Yay fem. hogyoku? Wow, fuckers. Can't wait for him to go god of Olympus on their asses. Awwww he gets the dump... Bwhahaa he going to civilian academy... Poor Naruto the world is against him... Fuck gaining those fuckers respect. He better go kratos on their ass hell I'll settle for hollow ichigo XD. Dude is hilarious. Wonder where is kyu during all of this... Fuck yea time skip XD. Omfg did he remake nemu? XD. Bwhahaa he did, awesome she is so cute. He is a civilian so he can travel/leave konoha lulz. Bwhaaha bleach already happened, he is just gonna recreate a bunch of them D. Awwww hogyoku was waiting for him XD. Could he be able to travel to bleach world? Not that there is any point since this seems to be after bleach ended, unless aizen ain't the last villain. Oh the voice wasn't hogyoku? Or is hogyoku his zanpakuto. Awwww evil ichiraku T.T Bwhaha he recreated seireitei. Omfg bwahahaa he is recreating project spearhead. Bwhaaha awesome his new clan already has members D. Bwhaaha omfg all his recreations like him. Bwahaha fuck yea I wuv unohana. Nice they can reproduce. But won't the shinigami king say something bout him building a shinigami army? Hahaha silver haired gin. XD aizen mod soul, hate that d-bag. I'd laugh if it tries to steal hogyoku from Naruto. Bwhahaha koharu should get into a staring match with gin. Bwhaaha silicone bimbo. Lulz they don't even waste time trying to remember the civilian faces. Kasumi is coming back? Nice D. Wtf, where did ino come from? XD. Wow tsume, fucking cunt. Bwhahaa yakumo, awesome. Awwww so much for "out with the old in with the new..." Yay kotetsu and izumo aren't Naruto haters D. Is jin a boy or a girl? You said a young boy but then you said she. I hope Naruto rewired the mansion and no one can go in D. Bwahaha is he gonna conquer the west? He should have gone and stopped the war in kiri xD. Become the god of kiri. kenpachi is gonne become friends with zabuza and kisame XD. Won't aizen try and take over if they are like the originals? Bwhahaha omfg he gave the guys harems hope you don't focus on them though. While it's funny I don't like side pairings XD. Iron fist village XD. Watch lee and gai join. Omfg isn't he just gonna make enemies from both sides by being a buffer? XD. He doesn't wanna be a god anymore? Where is kyuubi? Hahaha he is leaving konoha yatta. He better go with a bang. Awesome first chapter keep up the good work. I hope he get some out of konoha girls and not just bleach chicks. Even if most of my favs are from konoha XD. Tsunade so doesn't count as a konoha girl, I beg of you to give it some thought. Plus tsunade and unohana on the same team, the sky is the limit as they say.
senjuuchiha chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
it was fantastic brother you have done a remarkable job well done bro well done it certainly have promise as advice let naruto and his group become legendary and more feared than the three legendary seinn and let the uzumaki clan find out that it was naruto their former clan member is powerful and was wrong for what they have done to him let the gulit flows throgh them knowing that they have no chance of gettin forgiveness from him hah hah ha ha well done again brother keep it up update soon we will be waitin sho and this is my advice and praise for you brother
Forgottenkami chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
Great story it has an awesome and badass naruto that will become a GOD! Well I hope u update soon as in today. Please get the new chapter out soon
senjuuciha chapter 2 . 4/16/2012
well done brother excelliant work as expected of a prodgy of writing as advice let naruto grows stronger let show the mistake they made from abandoning him let him shiows how powerful he had become so they can see the truth and let them suffer for it inthe mind that is well done agin and keep it up.
Wolvenstrom chapter 2 . 4/16/2012
I am truely honoured.
Please Read my stuff chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
Aaron Leach chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
Awesome chapter.
Toby860 chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
so far it is okay. i want to see naruto curbstomp his mothers ass out of kohona in a kenjutsu match. what sword is naruto getting. Personally i think he should get zangetsu. all in all you have a good line going but i dont think you should do a massive harem. mabye 4-5 girls maximum. If you try for more how are you going to balance them out. I mean how will he spend time with all 20 on an individual basis.
Nara110 chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
It was gd i lk fored to the next chapter.
Lednacek chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
why didnt the gotei fighters kill their opponents?
ncpfan chapter 3 . 4/16/2012
Very intersting story so far. I'm dying to see Naruto and his little reunion with the Uzumakis. How will they react to him, and just what will they say or try to do to him? What will Kushina say, and how will Naruto react to her?

Can't wait to see that!
lexum09 chapter 3 . 4/15/2012
The chapter is ok, but it has only battle and few talk, the problem is that it doesn't develop the plot too much, only the addition of Mei and Mangetsu is too relevant to the plot.

In the fights vs the mist swordsmen none of them die, nor the kage, maybe in the next chapter you could make the impressions of the attack in the mist. The chapter is good but is more a fight based chapter, from the fics that i've read the authors generally use them to finish an arc, or when they use them the next chapter use for talk, reactions, developmnets and all that stuff. Thanks for the update and for be a quick update
rescue 007 chapter 3 . 4/15/2012
I guess this chapter was better than the last only problem was all the fights. granted normally reading fights ain't a bad thing but having to read one for every character that's fighting? I could understand maybe naruto and kenpachi but there's a limit to how many fights should be written about at once. Other than the annoying as hell fight scenes, the chapter wasnt that bad...
rescue 007 chapter 2 . 4/15/2012
Small comment here, the first chapter all the way thru was serious and interesting with a bit if drama to it . However for most of this chapter till about half way thru it, it was just stupid. i found myself purposely skipping thru alot of it just to get to the actual story...
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