Reviews for Sinister Cabaret
Jette chapter 14 . 9/9/2015
This is brilliant! You made me laugh, made me cry, made me want to run around the house because of all the nervous energy! Oh please, please, keep writing more! It's been so long since you've updated- is it because you can't write Jack that OC anymore? Because, I wish you would. I love this fairy tale... I wish this could be canon... But not really- the whole point of it is to make me rage and cry and gasp, right? No, it's your job to make me have hope for these characters and, in some cases, make them more lovable. Write more? Please? I'm dying.
Dragonna chapter 14 . 4/17/2015
Already the last chapter for now...I have really had a good time by reading

First what a horrible nightmare, and a bad wake up...

Then Isla deserves to die! That someone kills him into a "accident"...
So protective Glen is in reality!

Well finally homosexuality isn't seen in a very good way in this universe...
Yeah Isla, how you dare to give orders to Glen's guards? Whoa Glen takes the seen of the tatto very well, he's surprised but he's more furious of the reactions of people than of this tattoo and what he means. Even if Oswals is shocked, he was great in reaction here...
Glen is furious toward Jack, I suppose that Jack's terror has played...or he has understood some things...

Jack admits the truth, not to the better moment but he has does it! Poor baby, I just want to hug him and say to him that all will be alright!
Whoa glen has taken the a pretty good way..He will keep his promises, protect Jack and all... I guess that his reaction is almost positive...but she's hurting Jack's the heart a lot more.

But I begins to wonder if Glen had not already guessed that Jack wasn't a Jetrose...
Jack take that in the wrong way, in a way who reduces him like someone who is just a tool for something. It's not what Glen wanted to say. I think.
Glen wants still protect him and end his suffering...he's so precious and marvelous...and he hiddes his deception, I'm sure that it's for not hurting Jack even more...

Ho...Glen is a little angered finally...go away like that...I suppose that it's a way for punish Jack...but poor Jack, he has takenb that in a very extreme way...
You descrfibe his distress and his suffering so well, he's so alone now...he feels clod and alone...

Arthur, precious baby! They're really friends here and it's great.

Jack is so destroyed now...Glen come back before that it's become not repairable! I suppose that Jack's depression could become worst in the next chapter, and Glen could have a new chat with him...Or gilbert will help...

I can't wait for the next chapter *_*
Dragonna chapter 13 . 4/17/2015
Haha you have kept that "strange impression" of Oswald about Jack. Even if it's less hard here...(since Jack is more human and without any obsession).
Poor Oswald, he has had a horrible sad and alone, without hope until Jack's arrival...
I'm a little worried for how he will feel when Jack will say the truth about him...(but he loves maybe that forgivness is possible?)
Protective!Glen is adorable...(he's really cute in your fic)
I loves also that you state that the "real Jack" is still here, hidden behind suffering...(in the manga, the real himself is already more or less "dead" when he found Lacie again, and it was why Oswald couldn't see him)...So jack can be saved in your fic!
Thank to Glen
Oswald loves so much Jack, and almost wants that Jack calls him by his real name!
Dragonna chapter 12 . 4/17/2015
The relation between Jack and Oz is so cute. Oz is the voice of reason of his brother but loves him dearly and he is really worried for him. And Ada is so cute. Their family is so adorable. I hope that they never be separated...if they're separated at one moment, I hope that it will be temporarily at least!

First years of Glen's regn must have been painfully sad. Alone. Surrounded by guards.
I wonder what was this veil of darkness a year before Ada's birth...

Jack has ended in king's room, of course...even if it's not like he had thought at the beginning.
If glen says that nothing obligate him to marry a woman, it's mean that he can be with a man?

Their relation is so adorable, Glen is soft and Jack is shy by being with someone so kind with him. Someone who seem loving him. He has probably never lived that before...
Ho Jack...I just want to hug him, he's so precious...and knows so well what say for that Glen feels right.
Ho Jack...It's probably the first time that he's treated like that, with love and tenderness.
Glen has not seen the're really lucky Jack...-for now I suppose-

Miranda is in a bad situation...But like she seems in the bad side...shame to her.
Lacie is pregnant so? Hohoho...Levi you was here?!
Ho nothing between Oswald and Miranda in the past? I had found strange that Glen would have been interessed by her when she's the one who has a obsession toward him in the manga XD
Dragonna chapter 11 . 4/17/2015
Jack's hair are fabulous, it's for that they're so longs! Aww the scene in the gardens is adorable. Glen taking care of Jack's hair so cute...
Poor Jack, he isn't accustomed to be trated with so much kindness by someone...his reaction is very credible Yes Jack, accept to be saved by Oswald!

Aww the kiss...the scene is beautiful. And Jack's reaction is still very credible, first he respond, then he freaks, because nobody had never acted like that with him and he can't deal with that...

I really wonder who is Victoria...Alyss? I wonder also what is the "what" that they must not discover...

Lacie has run away? Why I'm not surprised? The bigest problem is "she remembers his brother?" because she was very ytoung when she has been kidnapped, right?

Isla Yura is from Arthur's family? Poor Arthur!
And it's Jack's stalker? Poor Jack.
Ho my...I can't believe that Isla says such things in front of the king...Oswald is a little innocent, right, for not have understood?
explantion for Jack's tattoo is a little scary...I can understand whe he's so terrified!
Aww Glen, he's so adorable...and kind.
The last scene, aww...Finally they kiss.

All what Jack has need is love!
Dragonna chapter 10 . 4/17/2015
Pfft Jack, have you no shame?
Don't remove your pant in front of your king like that! XD
Glen don't seems to be shocked by the way...but are lucky that he had not seen the other tattoo Jack!

For Oz. I'm worried for the poor boy, very worried! Black magic? Brr! If even Glen can't saving or even helping him, it's that it's serious...

Shraron is adorable, like Ada.

And I loves the relationship between Lottie and Jack!
Dragonna chapter 9 . 4/11/2015
I wonder if only Glen is the only one to be smart in the castle...I mean Jack was ...wait...7 years old (something like that?) when Lacie has been kidnapped, I doubt that, even if he had be a jetrose member, he would have be a part of the group at this moment. Specially when Jack pretend to be a... not at all important member, right? Even so it's certainly a secret, even in the group.

Glen is already the second big brother (-in-law) of Ada XD

Gilbert, Oz is a child here, no bad toughts young man...Yes I know that Oz is 15 years old or something like that but still...for Jack it's still his baby brother. And now Gilbert don't want to let Jack see his siblings...but he has nos right himself to see them without Jack's autorization normally.. Gilbert has need of a slap...really! Gil, dear, learn to see the grey, the world isn't black and white.

Hum...Arthur's story is interessant, a lot of theories come to my mind right now...
Twins...boy and girl...huumm

I love the discussion of Glen and Jack...Oswald has enough trust into Jack for admit that he loves not women but men ? Whoa...
...and Jack has never be so close to say the truth I think...He's so himself in your fic, without his obsession

And the end..Oz T_T
Dragonna chapter 8 . 4/11/2015
First, the memory...Poor Jack, he sacrifices himself for his sad.
I wonder if Miranda has manipulated him for putting him into the cabaret!
So heartbreaking when he think that his body is now only a object T_T
Poor Jack he's so used to be used that few days without be used are bad for him...
Naughty boy, you think to your king when you does that? XD
I loves Jack's horse, he has a good and cute name
I loves so much Charlotte XD
I have no real trust toward Miranda, she's a little strange...

Gilbert is hysterical, seriously Gil, are you serious? kill two people in the whole city, in front of everyone, like that?

Thank Fang has saved Jack.

Ok even if it's Jetrose band who has kidnapped Lacie, Jack was too young at the era, a lot too young, younger than the king. How he could know something? Specially if only a part of the group has acted, not the whole band...(ok we, we know that Jack is not a member but Glen don't knows). Even if Jack was a Jetrose, he still could not have any ideas about the whole thing. Because if the group is culprit, it's probably a secret.

The end is very interessant, I'm wonder who are the two person...
Dragonna chapter 7 . 4/11/2015
"It was very hard to not panic" Well Jack you have all right to panic now!
I like how you have described his distress and his fear...and the fact that he ask to the king to help him...aww...
(Well somewhere it's Glen's fault)
...Oz in a outfit of maid...
PFFT. So funny. In front of the king, even more...
(Big brother is under the shock and ask himself where he failed in his education...)

Oz and Ada...they entered in the castle and taken clothes of maids...this family have no shame and dare everything XD

Glen is so nice and noble here...
And I just wanted to give him to big hug...poor man, he misses his sister so much...

Or think that Jack's job toward the king is...well I can't blame him...poor Jack he's so afraid that someone discovers that T_T

I loves the whole magic things, Oswald is so adorable, Jack is too

Jack is really honest...since the beginning yes he lies but he really want to help and says again to the king that he's a was maybe a way for say that he has already lie to him...

At the end...Break, it's you?
Dragonna chapter 6 . 4/11/2015
Jack takes informations with precautions. Good job, man! And he's already under the charm of his king (it's the fatal charm of Oswald). Lottie is in love, so cute.
Aww I love how Jack teases Lottie XD
Haha Miranda and Glen XD At least she didn't want his head here...or...she will want it later? They disappear during few minutes? Hoo I feels something that everyone has misunderstood ...but it look like Miranda has rejected the king...what a courageous thing to do Oo
I loves the friendship between Jack and Arthur, it's so cute and more since here, Jack is honest with the man. Arthur is so adorable to be worried for Jack, what a wonderful friend.
And Oz and Ada have disappeared? Outch...Jack will not take it weel
Dragonna chapter 5 . 4/8/2015
Hoho Oz is sick? I'm afraid for him!
But it was implied that he was: since Jack wanted to buy medication for Oz.
It's cute how much Ada and Oz love their brother. Oz who doesn't want to worry him and who don't want that Jack suffers more in the cabaret for him.
Jack is so cute here, shy and humble. - and probably afraid for himself-
I just want to hug him, and pat his head and say to him that all will be right T_T
He's so adorable to have accepted just because of the hope inh Glen's eyes...he's a such sweetheart..
...even if now the lie is same time Glen has not really leave Jack speak and would not have believed him if Jack had said the truth...
It's so adorable that he want his family with him...
So it's Oswald who is so attached to Lacie here, not Jack?
But it's cute to want to found her and keep memories still after 18 years...

Lottie? Jack will be playful with her again

Aww Glen is so nice
Dragonna chapter 4 . 4/8/2015
Haha I love how Jack understands in a wrong way Oswald's intentions XD
The poor boy, he has a big lack of self esteem...even if, with his life, it's understandable.
Haha Oswald is so Jack has tried to do say the truth, even if he has not wanted to say it clearly...Well even if Jack had said the truth "I have taken this collar on a dead body" Glen could have not believe him, especially if he was so desperate. So even if Jack had not lied...well it would have been taken like a lie.
I can't blame Jack for be interessed by money: with that, he could stop prostitute himself, and give a wonderful life to his family...
Poor Jack, he's too nice...and already under the charm of the king XD
I loves the last words, like in the manga...
Dragonna chapter 3 . 4/8/2015
aww Jack is a so sweet big brother with Ada and Oz. He's really IC, but in a sane way, he's still a liar and a actor but for the good, for his family and it's so nice to see him like that...he's happy when he is with Oz and Ada.
Haha Poor Jack, always in the problems right?
I love his thoughts when he is taken by the guards...the poor boy has nott understood anything...
Yeah Oswald!
DGtnsl chapter 14 . 3/31/2015
Oh wow. So Isla Yura got the big show he was probably looking for from the beginning. That snake. At least Glen dislikes him too. Ahh, what a horrible way to wake up! I had figured Jack would at least put on some pants after sex so that Glen wouldn't have the chance to see his tattoo, but I guess he really was out of practice and/or was incredibly comfortable if he forgot about that before falling asleep.
Isn't Fang still standing outside the door? Maybe he heard everything exchanged between Arthur and Jack. It'd be nice if he realized that Jack wasn't just seducing the King, that he did actually care. I'm sure Charlotte is going to be p!ssed!
Looking forward to more! Drama with the feels, and more about Lacie and Abyss!
DGtnsl chapter 12 . 3/30/2015
Oh wow. So the guy in charge of the thieves is actually Abyss. Well now that comment about him being a dream and needing a vessel makes sense. He knows where one child is hidden, and now he's discovered Lacie's location. so Miranda is actually a seer? I wonder if all this time she knew about the reason for Jack's 'clock' tattoo and knew he'd be involved in this drama all along.
And omg, Jack and Glen did the deed. And, luckily for Jack, tattoos weren't seen. I wonder if that issue will ever be broached. Haha, I hope Isla Yura wasn't being the creepy shit he is and listened to the whole thing through the door. eew
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