Reviews for Somewhere I Belong
chicalicious chapter 26 . 1/12
Very sweet ending! I love the story of how they were blessed to find their precious daughter. I'm sad this is over but at least I can still read BTS! Take care!

frostedglaze chapter 16 . 1/12
It looks like Edward was subconsciously punishing Bella.
frostedglaze chapter 14 . 1/12
I just want to smack Edward! Why didn't he just say the girl was his cousin?!
bearygirl chapter 26 . 1/12
Really enjoyed reading this story, thanks for sharing.
wee scot chapter 26 . 1/12
Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it with us. Best wishes for your future endeavors! Btw, I love beneath the surface :)
boomerand chapter 26 . 1/12
Sad to see these two go.
anonymouslysufferingfromOCD chapter 26 . 1/12
I can't believe it is over. I'm so sad but know that it was time. Thank you so much for writing such wonderful stories for all of us and for being such a great friend. Love you bunches and bunches!
ahhleesaaa chapter 26 . 1/12
That was PERFECT.
Maplestyle chapter 26 . 1/12
So much love for the ending of this story! Thanks so much for sharing it!
beachcomberlc chapter 26 . 1/12
What a wonderful epilogue! It was absolutely perfect for the two of them to end up adopting an orphan from one of the disaster sites where they volunteered.
Thanks so much for wrapping up this story, although I would certainly be happy to hear more about these two any time you want to add any additional chapters.

mountainlion718 chapter 26 . 1/12
great ending! i can't believe her parents, no redeeming qualities at all!...damn, but she's better off that way. her mother is pure poison. so happy for them, loved this so much! :D
mommymac0508 chapter 26 . 1/12
I loved it that is how all should be everyone got what they deserved the good and bad thank you
GreenEyedLove06 chapter 26 . 1/12
Absolutely loved it and sad its over
Holidai chapter 26 . 1/12
What a beautiful epilogue! I just loved this ending. Very well done!
ladysharkey1 chapter 26 . 1/12
What a sweet ending for a wonderful story. I loved the fact that they adopted a little girl. It made my heart melt.

I can't say there's a missing moment, but I'd love a futuretake of this happy family.

Thanks for sharing your story. Take care!
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