Reviews for Nobody's Little Girl
mytwilightaddiction chapter 30 . 7/10
AWESOME AWESOME STORY! I really enjoyed it and didn't want it to end, thank you for the awesome story! Loved it
quisha1991 chapter 16 . 7/4
I so hate you right now... Things just have to get better for her, cuz I'm tired of crying... Enough already
Nlresda123 chapter 30 . 6/21
Did you know that during the twenty something chapters I was bawling my eyes out like a baby? They were full blown tears and I had to stop reading just so my eyes could clear from the tears and I could see again. I can honestly say that literally no fanfiction has made me cry. Several books have made me come close to tears, but they have never actually made me cry. If that doesn't say how good this book is, then I don't know what does. This book. Oh gosh. This book. I couldn't help but empathize with Kid or feel what she was feeling. This was such an amazing read that I shall recommend this to literally everyone who reads twilight fan fictions. If this was a real book, it would be a Nee York bestseller. Honestly. I love you for all the effort and work you've put into this, and it really shows in the writing. Keep this up and you'll become a famous author.
mark.tiltman chapter 30 . 6/16
This was great well done
Nina05 chapter 24 . 5/28
I love this story always make me cry though but in a good a lovely story, this is the second time I read it and I enjoy like it was the first time
j chapter 30 . 5/9
prisil chapter 30 . 4/4
OMG! This is a great story!
I cried while I was reading this fanfiction.
I would like you to write an epilogue in which we saw how is the life of Bella and Edward after a few years.
Best regards.
AnonymouslyContent chapter 30 . 3/15
I genuinely enjoyed reading this story and loved Kid's innocence. You did a great job*thumbs up*.
el chapter 30 . 3/13
One of the best i've read.
el chapter 11 . 3/12
I hate fics that Bella gets sad and cut out because of Edwards girlfriends...but also I love your fic. Its the first one in a while that i really love and look forward to it.
Bevey99 chapter 30 . 3/11
Lovely story. Feels a little unfinished, but still lovely.
Bevey99 chapter 4 . 3/9
I love the story, but she said early on that she had no idea what her real name was. ?
READING LOVER 16 chapter 30 . 3/6
You should do a sequel cause this was rly good and I think u should continue it
Guest chapter 30 . 2/10
I loved this, but why is it rated M if there aren't lemons?
lesley.wright.923 chapter 30 . 2/9
a wonderful uplifting story of the good and bad of people
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