Reviews for The Rise of the Drackens
R chapter 128 . 3/19
Congratulations! Have fun spoiling him. {R!}
mayawene chapter 133 . 3/17
Thank you
Anavas88 chapter 133 . 3/4
I’m so glad to see more chapters! I understand blocks though, they make it difficult. Take the time you need! I’m looking forward to the gift that Blaise must have gotten Harry. I’m making a wild guess that it’s some sort of zoo themed picture frame? Just a guess lol since he didn’t have memories. Will that Submissive who gets older Dominants killed be coming soon? She has me scared! Wonder if it has anything to do with another hint you dropped once about the older Greek Dracken playing a part we might not like? Thank you for your amazing story!
Guest chapter 33 . 2/28
Love it ️️️️️ it’s amazing
Guest chapter 133 . 2/26
Thank you for the post! I’ve been following your stories for years now and they’ve grown to be a comfort. I hope all is well, and wishing you much happiness
Navyangel85 chapter 132 . 2/21
Is he having a little girl that is somehow a fairy?
AVID35 chapter 133 . 2/20
I had a question about leolin with Harry nesting and max being a potion master why don’t they try polijuice? It’s something I thought of so figured I’d ask:)
jewel131415 chapter 133 . 2/15
I really love this story and have been following it for years. I really can’t wait till Lai comes in October.
sleepingisbliss13 chapter 133 . 2/12
It’s been a minute since I’ve had time to be on fanfiction. The first story I look up is your Rise of the Drackens, and I was so happy to see it updated! It made my day. I’m super excited to see Draco with his first biological child and I hope everything in the fairy city turns out well. Please keep up the good work!
Bella9498 chapter 133 . 2/11
Please don’t stop! I can’t wait to see where you take it!
asjblackthorne chapter 2 . 2/10
I absolutely freaking love your stories and everytime a new chapter comes out, it's like someone's handed me a huge bar of Honeyduke's best triple fudge chocolate! I actually started reading this story, and the Scaled Bits, on aff, but I can't leave reviews there, so I'm really glad you post on this site too. I actually started learning Welsh because of Nasta, and thought it was hilarious that the first word the language software taught me was dragon. I can't wait for the next update.
kristinamanga chapter 47 . 2/8
Harry doit faire sortir son côté serpentard simplement... XD
kristinamanga chapter 47 . 2/8
il y a une phrase qu'on peut toujours dire avec Harry Potter s'est querien n'est impossible avec Harry, au contraire tout est possible !XD
kristinamanga chapter 32 . 2/7
mon cerveau est scandalisé quand je vois à chaque fois la phrase "Scène manquante"... x)
kristinamanga chapter 27 . 2/7
les cycles de chaleur sont les mêmes que les cycles de menstruation... x)
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