Reviews for The Rise of the Drackens
CKuriger135 chapter 18 . 3/22
So basically the submissive dracken is the center of a dominant drackens world
Eliza Walker chapter 52 . 3/20
Would you ever write a story where harry is a merperson or a vampire?
Red Distress chapter 5 . 3/18
Wait~. It's not possible that Lily was Severus Snape's mate, right? Harry isn't his son, right?
Shadow chapter 108 . 3/15
I love it
You write everything so detailed. Even if it sometimes drags on a bit it makes a really nice read.
amayagreen2001 chapter 108 . 3/14
It's so good, I can't stop reading this book and rereading it. Can't wait for the next chapter.
ServantIndo chapter 108 . 3/13
Hey, can't wait until you update again. I really enjoy your story. Also, just because I thought it would be funny when I thought of it (and I'm not pulling a "you need to give Draco a child" thing), I thought it would be funny if when Draco does get a child, that he gets a girl, just because of Lucius's reaction would be since usually the name is carried out through the males of the family. It was more on Lucius's reaction as to whether or not he would demand that Draco needs a male to be the heir and how he would react to having a biological granddaughter. Either way you do about it, I'm sure it will be great. :)
jddmn13 chapter 108 . 3/11
Okay couple of questions we still haven't seen nastas grandfather will we at all? What was up with Warren staring around for anenrin a couple chapters back? Are kailen and dain attracted to eitri? What about Warren is he trying for eitris affections? Do ezran and lathen finally get their own child once they move out of faerie city and where did they relocate to? Okay now that I've been a complete pest I hope to see another chapter soon maybe with the answer to some of my questions oh and I love this fanfiction is definitely my absolute favorite I have re read it at least 3-4 times now you're an amazing writer and to be honest if you removed this from JK world of harry Potter it would be an awesome story on its own but I just love what you've done regardless:) hopefully I wasn't too much of a pest thanks you for writing this!
Guest chapter 108 . 3/10
love the story
Louise chapter 108 . 3/8
Please please please review soon! I get so excited when a new chapter is posted! I've been floowlomf this story for years and re-read it all the tome as it's just my fav to go back to time and time again.
Also do you have an idea on who's going to be the father of the new baby I hope it's Draco even if the potions damaged his swimmers a lot I think it would just make the story that much sweeter then it already is to have a little girl or boy Draco lookalike running around with Harry's eye colour it would just be adorable!
Miahbug chapter 108 . 3/8
I just found this fic and waited until I finished it to comment. I am loving it so I hope it continues.

I love all the characters though I was terribly bummed when you killed off Severus as he is my favorite character in the books.

I really can't wait to see more.
curles3 chapter 8 . 3/6
Star ive just started reading this and its real good but I'm a bit confused and wondered if you could help. How can can a dracken have a full dragon as a relative? like did a human have intercourse with a dragon and a dracken person was the result? Or are you thinking a bit like evolution where a dragon has evolved into a human but some dna is left behind? Sorry if you've answered this before, I hope you can do it again if you have.
OnyxSheep chapter 108 . 3/1
I have just binge read this whole fanfic in the past 7 days, I haven't done or given in any of my school homework, I haven't slept but I regret nothing whatsoever! This fanfic is AMAZING! I cannot wait for the next update
Guest chapter 31 . 2/25
Awesome chapter! Hope you update soon
born2potter chapter 108 . 2/24
Why does harry never carry to full term or go over his due date?
Guest chapter 108 . 2/23
Please continue. I keep checking this story for updates every few hours for the past month
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