Reviews for The Rise of the Drackens
nerosaidno chapter 1 . 5/1
Please I'm begging you post more chapters the suspense is literally killing me. I love this story please I beg and plead...
kristinamanga chapter 114 . 3/29
j'espère que le prochain enfant sera un Malfoy ! XD
kristinamanga chapter 112 . 3/29
je l'aurai pas mis deux minutes au coin, moi quand j’etais petite j’alai au coin plus de dix minute, et parfois même en plus dans le noire...
kristinamanga chapter 100 . 3/14
je suis en traind de déprimé en lissant ton histoire... T-T
Demi-Raven chapter 138 . 3/11
I absolutely love this story! It is my absolute favorite and I really appreciate that it has never been abandoned in all the years you have been writing. I just re-read it from the very first chapter for the 7th time :)
Lizzarnia5887 chapter 138 . 3/7
i absolutely love this story! i cried so hard for little leolin. it was the meanest part of the story, but it just showed how strong he was to survive. it took me almost a week to read this story, but i wanted to savor the story. you definitely have a way with writing. i hope to see further chapters to this story cause it so good
VictoriaNara chapter 138 . 2/25
I love this fic so much! Its one of my top comfort reads.
Nata67 chapter 138 . 2/15
Danke für das schöne Valentinstag Geschenk,das war wie immer ein sehr schönes und spannendes Kapitel. Sorry das ich auf Deutsch schreibe aber mein Englisch ist nicht das allerbeste. Deine Dracken Geschichte ist mir seit Jahren so sehr ans Herz gewachsen das ich mich auf jedes neue Kapitel mega freue. lch liebe deinen Schreibstil und ein hoch auf deine Phantasie. Mit lieben Grüßen Natalie Schäffer.
LunaDragAngel chapter 108 . 2/8
Happy Belated Birthday! To celebrate I have been reteading your wonderful work. Was this chapter a year ago or more? The AN says it was your 27th.
Crio Yaroi chapter 1 . 2/5
You lot are seriously messed up in the fuckin head, fanfiction or not.
Child of Dreams chapter 129 . 2/3
Missus Weasley?
mamabear888 chapter 138 . 2/2
Wow! That was some chapter. I can’t wait for the next one.
aguamarina chapter 138 . 2/2
aaaaaaaaa... no puedo creer que llego el pequeño Malfoy y yo estaba apostando que seria una niña jajjaajja
Child of Dreams chapter 118 . 2/1
I don't remember St. Brutus's being mentioned in the court proceedings, when was this?
darkmoonfairy16 chapter 138 . 2/1
This was such a a good chapter! I hope Harry is okay and can’t wait to see what happens next.
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