Reviews for The Rise of the Drackens
Guest chapter 48 . 3h
I love this chapter and I do as Harry does on trips and actually in the states they have easy open dispenses to take the facial tissues out and good make up remover wipes and I love the baby and can't wait for more.

From your friendly guest reviewer from College Station Texas
Guest chapter 67 . 9/22
What would happen if an unmated Dom was raped harry when his body is heated enough outside his heat
Guest chapter 114 . 9/20
You take your time with your boy
cecillopezgo chapter 114 . 9/12
i love your story keep up the good work, i hope the baby is draco's
PurpleFairy11 chapter 114 . 9/9
this is a fantastic story keep up the great work
brissygirl chapter 111 . 9/9
Hi Star, I hope Jethro is doing ok at the moment. One thing I've wondered while re-reading this several times and doing the same with scaled bits is why don't they have air conditioning? I know they are wizards and can perform cooling charms etc, but I just figured with having such a large house and family that they'd want a few extra comforts like air con.
MK chapter 114 . 9/5
love your story - looking forward to the next chapter - sorry to hear about jethro and hope u feel better soon
alinefgs chapter 114 . 9/4
adorei esse capĂ­tulo bjs
RebelRae chapter 85 . 8/31
Perhaps you could make a chart of whos related to who?
Guest chapter 114 . 8/31
I'm very sorry to hear about Jethro. I absolutely adore this story! I have read the entirety of it in only 3 days. Thank you for this amazing piece of art. I can't wait for the next chapter!
Mark Adaar chapter 114 . 8/31
I remember when we had our dog, Tuffy, put down. He bit my mom's friend after I warned her about him.
Kittens Kat chapter 114 . 8/30
I'm sorry to hear that about your purrbaby! You and he will be in my prayers.
acslayer98 chapter 108 . 8/29
just to let you know who you are responding to for the previous guest review about the use of magic. i forgot to sign in
Guest chapter 108 . 8/29
I was wondering if since this is a Harry Potter fanfic if there will ever be magic or wands being used or if Hogwarts or the ministry of magic will be mentioned. Drakens and fairies are magical creatures but nothing else is involved. Since harry is known to be especially magically powerful, maybe he can use magic to make taking care of the kids or the pregnancy easier
The View From Up Here chapter 114 . 8/25
I can't wait to read the final conclusion of the court case, but I totally understand if it takes a while and my heart is breaking for you. I lost my 4 year old lab earlier this year from liver disease, in only a month he went from happy go lucky to not eating until it was so bad we had to put him to sleep. My feelings are with you and I hope Jeathro and you enjoy the time you have together. (Also, I am definitely crying right now.)
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