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Guest chapter 1 . 10h
Why did you make your story as a light side bashing and weak harry ? It had so much potential !
Calista01 chapter 103 . 7/28
Please update soon! It feels like it's been forever! I can't wait to see how the fairy visit goes! Although, I do have to ask or request how Lucius and Narcissa feel about how their upbringing of their child caused him to feel he had to hide who he was, and indirectly caused his recent actions.
Mrten chapter 103 . 7/22
I have finally come up with story after approximately 6 months of reading, love it keep up the good work. 3
DestiNy chapter 103 . 7/20

I read a lot chapter in german but then there were no more so I looked for the author and find you :)
And the only thing I want to say is that I will look forward for every chapter which will appear becaus i love this Story :D

It is interesting in which way the different poeple get involved and the background stories are also nice. Even if it is really a big storie it seems to me that it is a real life :)

I look forward for more
With Kind regards

(I apologize for my Strange wiriting i guess englisch lesson leaves me without English )
kameis chapter 99 . 7/18
Seseval chapter 103 . 7/18
Hiiii, i found your fic like a month ago and i read the whole thing already, plus most of your Scaled Bits. I do have a few questions, maybe you've adressed them already but i don't always read the author's notes at the end cuz sometimes i just wanna get to the next chapter.
My questions:
1. If harry had chosen a female dominant draken how would that had worked? Would he get pregnant or her? or both? You mentioned in his first or second meeting that there was female dominants waiting to meet him, they were dismissed because harry is gay, but what if he was bi? how would that work?

2. Could a male muggle impregnate a wizard who can bear children? or must they both be wizards?

3. Can female dominant drackens have sex with a wizard or witch without being barren?

Those are all for now :)
Thank you for your lovely fanfiction.
Greetings from Venezuela ;)
mckertis chapter 1 . 7/13
Huh. Apparently the Welsh are not just goatfuckers, but homo enthusiasts as well.
Coolgirlforeves13 chapter 103 . 7/11
Hi I have to say I really like your story's a of them really and I know this is wrong because this is a different fanfic but could you possibly start up "Blodd of a tainted father" the thing is I don't like what so ever that Harry gets hurt but I love it when he gets a family and I love this story and also because I can't wait to find out deans expression when they find out Harry's a I am truly asking could you please continue that story
Aoi chapter 1 . 7/10
I wanted to know if Harry will try to do something about the laws regarding drackens, his children are going to effected I thought he would something to make it safer for them.
DecrescentMelancholy chapter 102 . 7/8
I got confused on one part. At the beginning it says "Including his two missing mates, Myron and Aneirin" and I thought it was because of the potion but he never thought about that again nor did he mentioned it. What was the meaning? I'm confused sensei.
Arwen chapter 103 . 7/8
It's so freaking good story!
nintschibintschi chapter 71 . 7/6
thanks for the story i am reading it already for my second time since I forgot on which chapter I stopped reading I love harry Max nasta, draco and blaise and the kids and the grandparents :) thanks for sharing it
dhh chapter 103 . 7/5
The Dragon Rebirth is ALL I care about..I'm reviewing here since I doubt you'd even notice it elsewhere, fic-wise, anyways. I wanted to know if you EVEN REMEMBER the epilogue to TDR at all.

I mean, you could write so much for THIS STORY yet can't finish ONE lousy chapter for a ENDING the other story?
Guest chapter 103 . 7/5
I think that Harry is going to have setback in his therapy because it is his own mates that attacked him and placing his kids in harm …well I think that's what is going to happen and then he doesn't trust his mates to look after the kids if he isn't around and going to court. I want to see more interactions between Harry and the Weasleys and the in laws particularly Max's uncles and aunts they seem fun
streetfihhtersabrina chapter 103 . 7/2
Enjoying this so much. Glad to know Draco is working to become better for his mateship. But its sad to read that Harry was injured because of a mate and quarrel but it makes the story even better. Please continue with this lovely story
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