Reviews for The Rise of the Drackens
Soul Sendant chapter 1 . 7/6
Well this is some disgusting faggot shit. And you wonder why we hate you mentally ill trash. suicide is your friend.
happyhippy chapter 139 . 6/26
Always so excited when I see an update! Yay for baby boy!
Jay chapter 139 . 6/15
Thank you for another fun chapter! I hope you’ve been well and I look forward to the next one :) Take care!
chattystarcats chapter 139 . 6/14
Your story is awesome. Please keep writing. Cheering you on for your wonderful work.
AnnaMerteuil chapter 139 . 6/12
13 years of existence ... wow, if that's not commitment, i don't know what is
rhjmcgin1 chapter 139 . 6/5
So happy to see this and that Draco finally has his baby. They are all complete now!
Guest chapter 139 . 6/2
So happy you have kept this wonderful story going! Thank you and I hope you will keep posting more chapters soon.
Heart666 chapter 139 . 5/29
thank you for the update I adore every time you update!
Guest chapter 139 . 5/28
Demi-Raven chapter 139 . 5/28
Thank you so much for the update! 13 years and counting is a huge accomplishment, congratulations! This is by far my favorote story and I always lookforward to your updates.
DarkGangsta chapter 139 . 5/27
I have been following your stories for years now, and I am always waiting for updates on this storyThank you for all your hard work. Please continue posting.
mayawene chapter 139 . 5/27
Thank you
Navyangel85 chapter 139 . 5/27
Loved this chapter it showed a lot of growth in the family.
Munnie chapter 139 . 5/27
oh thank god! I was waiting this update desperately. I need more.
Elisandra1 chapter 139 . 5/26
Thank you for the new chapter! Always brings me joy to see you update.
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