Reviews for The Rise of the Drackens
asjblackthorne chapter 138 . 1/28
I'm so excited everytime there's a new chapter! This is absolutely my favorite story.
yr1104 chapter 138 . 1/28
I have been checking everyday since the last chapter came out for the next one! Not disappointed and so sad for Harry's likely depression coming up. Please keep writing, love this slice of life story.
Tsuruga Lia1412 chapter 138 . 1/28
Bebé Malfoy... Ya quiero leer la elección de nombre de Harry.
melissa52080 chapter 138 . 1/28
Loved it...
xDarklightx chapter 138 . 1/28
I like it.
mayawene chapter 138 . 1/28
Thank you
lilly-flower15 chapter 138 . 1/28
excellent chapter update soon
draconic skysong chapter 138 . 1/28
Wooh! seeing an update to this is always a surprise! maybe because this story is the only one I look forward to updates on. Hello little baby Malfoy! I'm glad Harry and baby are both going to be ok.
Child of Dreams chapter 138 . 1/28
If Lai is a boy, then why is his surname listed as Potter-Malfoy instead of just Malfoy?
Child of Dreams chapter 138 . 1/28
If Lai is a boy, why is his last name listed as Potter-Malfoy instead of just Malfoy?
Joooooooo8 chapter 43 . 1/25
Well, Amelle is a bitch but she shouldn’t be forced to let her step mother have her baby.
Child of Dreams chapter 78 . 1/22
I forget, when was it mentioned that Dudley killed one of Marge's bulldogs?
VictorianRosie chapter 74 . 1/20
I’m rereading this story from the beginning for I don’t know how many times and just reached your note from ten years ago saying that it is coming to a close! I don’t think you imagined at that time that you would still be writing this one, let alone have written another 60 chapters!
love-orthelack-thereof chapter 137 . 1/14
I'm so happy there are more chapters! I love you! I love the story! I can't wait to meet the new addition! I have an awful feeling about Amelle's brother. I can't wait to find out what's next, you absolute genius!
Rebe Marauder chapter 137 . 1/12
Creo que los bebés de Harry son adorables. Me encanta leer sobre estos ratos familiares.

No me gustó mucho que Max le dijera a su tía, que acababa de encontrar compañeros para sí misma, que no debería haberlos llevado a la reunión familiar. Hombre. ¿Y por qué no? Ella tiene el mismo derecho que él y quiere presentar a su sumisa.
¿Y ella qué iba a saber que Harry estaría inestable?
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