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Debbie Hicks chapter 19 . 12/28/2017
20. An Eplipuge of sorts
B pov
then BLACKED OUT With bitten fiv e you broke our law what law death then Murdered me with him witrh five surrendered then screaming this ones are guilty then Ripped from here with them scream ing you serve us then Executedwith tm with witnesses with three then slien ced from the living real blown freely then then fled then b rought here puynished us/them forbidden from here destroyed then screaming was Murdered then too late then was sick again then thenblown from our/their with them then give it back then Screaming of others then with my own thenblew up b ring the convicts here then reported a crime then myself spoke the tran sformation words BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! DELTA CRYSTAL POWER CESTUS CRYSTAL POWER DENEB CRYSTAL POWER HELL GUARD C RYSTAL POWER MIRI CRYSTAL POWER VENUS CRYSTAL POWER MARS CRYSTAL POWER MERCURY CRYSTAL POWER JUPITER CRYSTAL POWER SATURN CRYSTAL POWER NEPTUNE CRYSTAL POWER URANUS CRYSTAL POWER PLUTO C RYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! With the two with the Outer beyon ds smasshed with us/them then wwith them freed from help then bring them guilty then Guarded b y Betazed the planet of telepthy I Am the soldier of FIRE Won't forgiver you what you did the Guardian of of Thought an d PEACE SUPER SAILOR BETAZED HAS ARRIVED! So us negatrash thenblown freely b rought them Msters they are dead drain ed b y snakes good rip them alive n ow then too late killed b y the Volturi now un able to be born then too late the damages to us/them were Hosts thenblown freely turned as Alien so as all of them then it was too late blown freely then lost blood Alice noticed my strange alien ablities caused me to speak telepathically oh my god they did this to her with them then too late Pierced with them blown b ring ye the palace they escaped you are v erkasts b egone! then too late murdered now humans mourned our deaths with their deaths then were n ext fled with the trib e in oldest age then joined us/then b lown freely were more with both dead then b rought here then blew up were rein c arnated then appeared then found things as all of them were aboard then witgh as all five with three then exploding frozen solid then destroyed then caused from here then suddenly was a starcruiswer reall fled b ut the bioides were v anished thenbrought here then too late then caused a n oise was real then un ab le to return then Warped from here then too late werre more escaped split them from the Vampire merged then were in to here then destroyed from herer then excploded freely the as all of more as all of it then exploding now too late Exploding then blasting freely were as all m ore were no an imals now came with a violence then lost from here Sped up then was freed bodies as all b rought here then too late were as all of them extin ct then too latefrom the solar system but the husk opf as all with bodies now were more then fredom from here flying them reached Vulcan m y true homeworld with all to learn to be a priestess then it sucked with us/as all blew up then n ever return ed them were lost with both then destroyed in front each both split then vanished now reappeared collision of worlds now frozen freely then blew up now too late n ever appeared now bodies as all of them EXPLODING Then now at Mount Seleya in White Martian rob es with a clipped thing religious hand jewelry necklace with crown-headress studying m agic then suddenly felt myself was telepathic by touch then lost need had help then was not humanwith teenage Ocampan pointed ears had firmer upswept eyebrows cold skin was emotionless was with Surak embraced Kolinahr was logical had ideas looked Vulcan longer hair hung way down bangs swirled and myself seal religious justice like the one still swearing law and order was ordained afterwards bound to religous life with as all but the Earth in ruins rebuilt again by now the very as all of them had ruled for several yeas had passed with months an d dates now too late the bodies were waxen but rotting were too late tell them these on es died here good then now buried them as all of them in as all of gravestones were as all lowered from here then with as all blown to the pagen god/goddesses then b lazing freely were as all of them smashed then drained from as all of blood then then now nuked freely then were unable to die more as all of them reported they are buried good then now too late the bodies were as all of them blownkatras were on Vulcan warn ed us/as all now Earth had chan ged more than as all gravesties created then then too late the seer horrified they done evil yikes you look like a Vulcan woman good god alimighty it's darn hot yes Welcome to Mount Seleya you are a Acolyte of Gol your mental powers are stronger what is she not normal her powers had altered from here but they did to as all transplanted destroyed last humans an d animals Vampires took from us then too late news the hum an s had kids from help they n ev er age or die out then were deceased now adopted to us then with them now bitten then now adopted then never mate created more were as all then caused too late now had logic from him now think like them.
EAMC1992 chapter 14 . 11/18/2014
everyone is stupid if they don't know who's pov this is
because it is obviously Jacob's pov
Guest chapter 2 . 10/22/2014
Sorry...89 reviews...still shite!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/22/2014
I can see why you only have 39 reviews.
This is - for the lack of a better word -shite!
lilmizzkkCullen chapter 19 . 7/29/2014
this is amazing wow its also so sweet yousshould do a sequel ut if you dont this was amazing
tracyluvstwilight2010 chapter 19 . 7/26/2014
Great ending. Thanks for sharing the story with us.
Debbie Hicks chapter 19 . 7/21/2014
here is a Massive but monstrous sample of A fANICTION YEET TO COME.
Chapter 1
Bella's pov
after we escaped then heard three noises we raced back then with the Cullens who were preparing a Army of as all then joined in then all the Sudden Edward Cullen drain you heave Thrre two ONE ATTACK! Then their own screams were Silenced and all the sudden the Newspapers reported us as Carnivorus vampires and Gone Against Ra with our All of our Allies then all the sudden WHAP Right into Caius of the Volturi's face then while spiriting them all of them away and all the Sudden as very all of them their own trucks and went a BLAST By the Volturi Guard who Silenced us with a very all of the Burning and All of our Sown souls Escaped from the now dead bodies were taken with the Scouts then reenty into the palace once more our souls reformed inside the Cullen Mansion with their places from around the world then and with the both merged Evolved as Kindred and the Pack with both were Interplanetary Lycans with our both turned as very turned were Newborn kindred Volturi you murdered us as very all of these allies and our interplanetary Allies YOU ARE CURSED WITH INFERTITY FOREVER WITHOUT SEED HEAR US GODS OF MOUNT OLYMPUS PUNISH YE THE VOLTURI WITH A DISEASE WILL Kill their Seeds FOREVER! My own voice was angriest but ringing and very furious and still screaming at the Gods blissed us as their agents and true children of the gods made us immortal and forever young and youthful as them then it happened to as very all of the Volturi suddenly became infertile with a painful but terrible disease in both genders from us were the much younger and youngest and all the sudden adopted them as very all of them were enraged and furious and Angriest and declared a all scale martial law and forbidden the allies to remain into America as exiles and then banished them from lands then the next newspaper reported a headline CRYSTAL MILLENNIUM COVEN RISEN FROM THEIR GRAVES AND KINDRD AND INTERPLANETARY LYCANS AS VERY ALL OF THEM BITTEN AND TURNED BUT DIED HERE GAINED A VERY LARGEST KINGDOM IF ON THE MOON RULED BY THE 4 MONARCHS AND THE COUNSEL LOST THEIR BOTH ADOPTED CHILDREN TEENAGERS FROM TROUBLED HOMES AND DIED HERE! AS GUARDS he was furious then removing as all of the organs and released all of the Each both and then all the sliced my throat but removing it forever with theirs and all the sudden Killed us for Good and forever then then our Crystal Tokyo voices were Destroyed and went bust onto n us again then all the sudden felt a brand new voice box softest but coldest and stronger then all the sudden destroying us with as all of from our backs then the bodies who violently vanished again Bella can you talk oh no she I Can hear you telepathically via my voice echoing help she has Telepathic illusionary/Mental shield is with us as well my eyes see better greater than a human's oh then felt a shock I control pain like one from Capella my voice is out but speaking like a Cairn huh they evolved onto a planet and they can use illusions I can control my powers very well hear me I Use telepathic illusions and mental shield to enter your mind you killed us Again and we will cause you Pain Caius see this Beast I spoke telepathically with illusion via his mind it It's a Targ I created inside your soul will be Ripped apart beware while I rest and slumber you will be torn into shreds then his Scream was roaring into the long night the Volturi heard him screaming like a crazed man they wre enraged then they did the others as well then they were cured by myself healed differently then Alice Screamed not so loud you Sound like a Le Matya the Volturi they know we did turned as much many more they killed us and they are approaching to America they know you are a Capellan/Cairn hybrid yes Alice oh god a beer and Women A-Hem that is a great race cover up story from Star Trek then all the sudden we felt very strange powers and remembered who we wre then we unification suden the Serum of death made us pop from our corpses vanished then a SNAP! Then into Their lab oddly and differently with each oth them all of them turned as Kindred Vampires and Werewolves united then all the sudden the bodies released as all of the each both with the very all of them much many more and then had our looks and voices and the clothes who became Black then the bodies buried and then we were reincarnated as Kindred and Interplanetry Lycans no longer Vampires and Werewolves with them as well then a POP! Freed of life to death the bodies's minds into as all of the Women the who had hybrids and then all of them bitten their families and became Vampires who lost their places with the homes all of them with ourselves from around the world went RIP A New race was created merged it was monstrous but largest was hugest then their bodies were all of them then all the sudden their next new troops and warriors birthed and they all of them joined were us and them reported more warriors and their own spawn reincarnated and these bodies from around the world killed remove their organs so that was it but they killed us and had friends with members the world was in mourning was split into two what is our theme ROLW : HA with Dragons swords magic sorcery I can use illusions and mental shield and chant a hex or a curse watch this my finger glowed a symbol we wore from the anime my powers were Much many more stronger than Jane's black sorcery Momma mia he was both tall and Muscular was built like a Wrestler he was strong like Hercules three times powerful as Conan who was fit as a Athletic person Strom! he was crowded by Women oh! the small little girl was cared by Esme and Trista Meiou a tall but caring woman long Forest hair of pure green with a ball and bangs with Crimson eyes was Vegetarian it never changed preferred animal life and serene peace and calm way was tanned but bronzed from her change oh brother quit flirting you are writing into your notebooks then it happened one night then we Slipped outside by two both crashes then all of the bodies all of them vanished then never returned to America much many more and all of Volturi vampires controlled Italy for real but for good.
Eponine-Paddy-Cullen-Baldock chapter 18 . 12/11/2013
I love this story it was amazing. Just a thought I had after I finished reading it. Will there be a sequal to this story, it would be amazing to see how she adjust to vampire life and the fact that she can now hear everything.

Aka Iesha
paralighter4ever chapter 18 . 12/10/2013
Yay she can hear! Sequel?
stef chapter 17 . 10/21/2013
Love the story you would carry on with it
paralighter4ever chapter 17 . 10/14/2013
brikaspoms chapter 17 . 10/14/2013
Cute story
Lionnara chapter 17 . 10/14/2013
sounds lovely for a moment i thought they would go to vegas
bubblegumbella chapter 16 . 8/17/2013
awww so sweeeetttt write more
A is for Angel chapter 16 . 5/23/2013
awesome. thanks for updating
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