Reviews for Splinter'd Realities
Pat Portillo chapter 47 . 7h
Yeah! Actualizaste por fin! Muchas gracias, aguardo con ansias el siguiente capĂ­tulo! :)
Lament of the lamb chapter 24 . 7/12
#lordfluffy #lordlumpy
MoniqueMiku chapter 47 . 7/6
AHHH YOUR BACK THANK THE HEAVENS AND WITH SUCH A GREAT CHAPTER! Even if you did end it with a cliffie TT I hope you update again soon!
dark daimon fate chapter 47 . 7/1
That was incredible and well worth the wait. To be honest, I forgot about this story...and how incredible it is. There is so much that has yet to be revealed, I can definitely tell that you are a professional writer from the way that you weave the story together, and they way that you let the story progress at its own pace. Very well written, captivating, and by far one of the intricate and original fanfictions that I have ever read. Great work; I look forward to further installments!
I'm in here chapter 47 . 6/26
I recently reread this story, and I just want to say first, congratulations in writing your own individual novel, I hope you get it done and it is something you will be proud of. The next would have to be that this story is amazing. The way you have your characterization and the dialogues between these characters is just mind blowing. Your a fantastic writer and I know I became a fan. Don't worry about hurrying to return, we'll still be here! I cannot wait for your next update and I know it'll be great! :)
Guest chapter 47 . 6/25
I was very pleased to see that you have not abandoned one of the few very original stories i have read
jay90 chapter 45 . 6/23
Wow, poor kags and touga, but they will prevail eventually good aslaays win over evil, will touga be taking his overprotectiveness over board for his mate?
jay90 chapter 44 . 6/23
Lovely story, I red it all so far up to this chapter, I remember where I letter off, its great! Thanks for writing such an amazing story!
lovingthefandomlife chapter 47 . 6/22
I'm so glad you updated! This is one of my fav stories on here and I was so sad that it had been postponed! Thank you so much
Purplediamon chapter 47 . 6/21
I have to tell you my twin and I were so ecstatic to see that this has been updated, this is after all one of our favorite stories on here.
TruGemini chapter 47 . 6/21
I am sooooo gonna get you Kanna! I'm still here!
SparklingSnowfall chapter 47 . 6/20
Oooh, I hadn't expected to see Shishinki in this story. It's nice to see how you imagined Touga stealing his power of the meidou. It would be exciting if we could read about Touga commissioning Tenseiga!

You know how to make me feel sad for Kagome for her part in this story. :( It always makes me nervous about the ending. Hah, the side characters-I'm always happy to see them. Kirara, Arata, Kenji, and the family. I'm considering reading the entire story again. I love all of your characters.

The chapter was great in every way. Don't know how you found the time to write it, but kudos! I appreciate the time you've taken to plan, write, edit, and post this chapter. :)
mel870709 chapter 47 . 6/20
Great chapter
YumeTakato chapter 47 . 6/19
I enjoyed it!
lunamoon0320 chapter 47 . 6/18
So glad you are back to writing this, keep up the great work!
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