Reviews for Tethered
flame.of.abba chapter 2 . 4/9
LOVED the brotherly love you portrayed here. Though I have just been introduced to Supernatural (and therefore have a LOT of catching up to do), I was able to definitely keep up with the back and forth between the various characters. There were quite a few characters thrown in here-and every one of them had their own voice, their own personality. Very well written-very strong story.
flame.of.abba chapter 1 . 4/9
Wow! I have to say this story starts out as one big roller coaster. I am loving the story so far. Will definitely be reading the rest, but I think it will be in spurts.
ngregory763 chapter 32 . 1/28
So I loved this had everything! Brotherly love, sibling angst, mortal danger, unexpected allies, dark humor and a 'big, bad' evil to keep the Winchesters fighting the good fight. Awesome job!
dogluvva99 chapter 30 . 1/18/2016
I want them to make peace with each other. Brotherhood Forever!
Angelus320 chapter 32 . 11/19/2015
I found your story last night and was not able to complete until earlier this afternoon. I have to say that your story about the boys is probably in my top 5 fave of all time. It had all the elements of a really good episode, comedy, heart ache, tears, suspense and just all around snark. But you kept true to the characters and dealt with all the issues i feel that a majority of the fans wished the writers would eventually have the boys hash out. Thanks for such a wonderful story.
SonjaLei17 chapter 32 . 11/15/2015
This story was absolutely, mind-blowingly, wonderful to read! Oh my gosh. I love this story so much! The way you conveyed Sam and Dean's inner turmoil with themselves and one another was so beautifully and perfectly written. I can't even find the right words to describe how awesome of a job you did writing about their characters, their brotherhood, their emotional pain/fear, just everything. It was so, so good. And I LOVE Wade and Nathan so much! They were a great addition to this story and friends for Sam and Dean. I especially loved the parallel between Wade and Oliver and Wade and Dean. Not only that, but everyone's sass and humor was spectacular! I really, really enjoyed reading this story! Thank you so much for sharing. This easily just became one of my favorite SPN stories ever!
milkysupernova chapter 1 . 7/23/2015
Eek, Dean I hope miracle is with you! I enjoyed reading this chapter and on to second!
spnfan44 chapter 11 . 7/21/2015
You have a wonderful talent for spot on character voices and relationships! ! Even your OFC's! Your portrayal of Sam and Dean's relationship and affection apparently meshes with mine.
You also have a talent for realistic character developments.
Sallyannerenee chapter 1 . 4/7/2015
I absolutely love this story. I have read it several times now, you did a wonderful job portraying the boys.
NANCY chapter 6 . 3/24/2015
I thought is was a great chapter, not boring. The whole story so far is like me watching a episode.
Well written. and the way you portray Sam and Dean is perfection. I have no writing ability, but i like to read and it's good. It's important to have these kind of details so the story can play out.
so no it was great , can't wait to read the next chapter and thanks again,
NANCY chapter 3 . 3/24/2015
Really great, thanks
NANCY chapter 2 . 3/24/2015
I like you writing style, You really peg Sam and Dean perfect. really enjoying this thanks
SGAavidreader chapter 10 . 2/15/2015
I am getting absolutely nothing done at home this weekend due my inability to put this story down. Thanks writing such an engaging story. Off to keep reading...
SGAavidreader chapter 1 . 2/14/2015
Wow, so glad I stumbled on this story. I am enjoying the start. I am a sucker for a story that brings up Sam possessing the amulet and brotherly angst.
Guest chapter 32 . 12/30/2014
I really enjoyed this, I had trouble putting it down.
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