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Guest chapter 34 . 5/14
Will you be updating in May?
Guest chapter 34 . 4/15
Will you be updating in April?
Guest chapter 34 . 4/14
Will you be finishing this story
Guest chapter 34 . 4/10
Can you give some kind of time line when you will be updating
Guest chapter 34 . 4/8
It has been awhile, will you be updating soon?
cha0sw0lf chapter 34 . 4/2
interesting reference to monty python and the search for the holy grail
Osma77 chapter 34 . 3/29
My biggest complaint with ALL the girls is that they are being terribly prudish in their own ways. Hermionie has been around people having orgies since she was young and enjoys "getting caught", at least to an extent. Sia is used to multiple marrages and shouldn't be overly shocked by the idea of watching or being watched by another woman (although i can go along with being shocked by gabby peeping), nor should she be overly hesitant by nudity since Heaven seems to spend a large portion of their time naked (the bath, the trials). Ginny isn't in her right mind quite frankly, but she should understand that if she wants to make Harry happy, and wants to take care of his friends to make him happy, that a young, horny male wouldn't have ANY problem with her walking into Hermionie's room and "helping a sister out".

Frankly, the only one who is not being prudish is Luna (haha at that idea), and if anything she is being on the other end of the specrtum. Getting doubleteamed by your boyfriend and his best mate is on the edge, actively trying to convince your boyfriend to share you and fill you to the brim is over the edge.
Throthgar's bane chapter 34 . 3/5
Nice ch, but what the fuck! What in the name of the nine realms made you decide to put a bunny monster in here. I mean the end was a comedic relief with a future nut shot for a celestial being, *not naming the idiot* but why not have him go up against something funnier.
chouritsushi chapter 34 . 2/25
Oh god. Seriously? You want us to flame you? I'm not sure I can, but i can definitely complain lol. I'll try to make it as un-constructive as possible... maybe?

Anyway, my main complaint with this entire fic is your subject material. No joke, its the fact that you seem to basing Kaede (Ginny) off of the Anime. God, I both love and despise the anime. The visual novel was LEAGUES better. Kaede in anime was a jealous, 1-dimensional yandere bitch. Kaede in the game was actually significantly better in all directions. She was an almost Belldandy level of caring and forgiveness and so on, and while that might create a problem of a different sort, she still had her issues, which were what the anime/her route were based on. While considering how long this has been ongoing, I don't doubt someone has told you about it, but Shuffle! is entirely translated at this point. I highly suggest you check it out. No one loves a mentally unstable character who is psychologically DEPENDENT on another. I freaking love what you've done with Nerine and her desire for self-discovery, and the hints of Lia and her ... sister-ghost-alternate-personality-thingy are great too. Gabby, while being initially weird as being the Primula type (considering how excitable she was in canon), has also come a long way in a magnificent sense. Hermione is also kind of hilariously neck deep in Da Nile river, but honestly, it's getting kind of old.

That leaves Ginny. Seriously, I REALLY hope you use this month long lack of Harry to either break her the rest of the way so she starts to heal, or give her something else to realize how broken she is, and thus start the long road of recovery, or something along those lines. Really. She needs to stop. I actually hate her right now. Quite indicative of Anime!Shuffle actually. Kaede in the game is a fantastic character that evokes compassion (and pity) and is freaking adorable. Kaede in the anime you just want to stab. Really, it's as if the producers of the anime never played the game, and asked someone who hates eroges to summarize her character in 4 bulletin points. So yeah, i know in the A/N you said you dislike her so much at the moment... so yeah, fix that!

Uh... I freaking love Harry now. He's hilarious, on the batshit edge of crazy - and i love the references. I personally also just love the concept of him taking a level in badass and joining the levels of Gods/Demons - I fully support Harry having ridiculous powers as long as he works for them, which he definitely has been in this fic. Just to confirm though, his horcrux was healed though? I like the idea of his Magic having a say in his sanity (lol), but it'd be a really annoying cliche move if the voice in his head was Voldemort of some sort.

So yeah, keep up the good work! (Need more Nerine, Ginny can suck a pistol, the little bitch. I mean seriously, THE HOUSE ELVES PITY HER. - there, have a flame!)
badkidoh chapter 34 . 2/10
Yet another great chapter so I look forward to your next update.
Also if you disliked the girls in this chapter it doesn't show or at least i think it doesn't.
Also it seem Fred & George are not at the school so it seem the where just vising DA around chapter 28 I think?

Not really much to flame or hate.
Although in the books Hermione kinda seems insightful about what other girls are possible feeling but i guess Hermione could just be keeping this insight to herself. Also it's a little strange that even with Hermione being in denial, that as smart as she is that she doesn't seem to consider that her feeling for Harry or Harry feelings for her may not be the bro/sis kind, although I do like the slow build up that Harry/Hermione have going but I do hope when they both get out of denial that they both see that they have deeper feelings for each other at around the same time so it doesn't just turn into one them seeing other as a bro or sis just to drag it out a bit lounger and even when it does get romantic I hope they still keep up being BBF's each other at the same-time.

As for Ginny other then her don't love me thing I don't really know, although without Harry there I guess she can work on studying for her O.W.L.s , also I wounder if Hermione is helping Ginny or Gabby study for O.W.L.s and if Harry passing some mastery test has made Hermione want to do the same or maybe she doesn't want to test out of school as it would give her more time to read though the Hogwarts library?

As for other characters I do kinda wounder what Snape thinks about Heaven/Hell/after life thing given his very obsessive love for Lily and the whole to married to death do you part thing possible making Lily single again? Also with riddle gone for now I wounder if Snape is still spying?

Also I kinda wounder if Molly or possible Arthur Weasley are just an anomaly when it comes to Magic-Contraception failing or in a rush they forgot to cast a Contraception-chram or cast it wrong or the Contraception-potion they took went bad or wasn't taken or even possible the Marauders idea of a prank was swap the Contraception-potion with something else? I wounder this because beside the Weasleys I don't see a lot of magic-families with more then one child in fact off the top of may head the Black family is the only one I could think of with more then one child with Sirius and his brother and the 3 black sisters and I guess maybe the Patil twins kinda. Although with the magic population so low and likely lower still after the last war with tom and the war with Grindelwald before that one I would think they would want to have more children for each family just to get the magic population up to pre-war numbers and because part of the reason they need to stay hidden is that they are hopelessly out numbered but on the other hand they may not want the magic population to grow to much past pre-war numbers to help them stay hidden maybe?
docfrodo2 chapter 34 . 2/10
Just glad you updated. I still liked the chapter. I'm sure you 'll get it figured out.
badkidoh chapter 33 . 2/10
good chapter.
badkidoh chapter 32 . 2/10
Good chapter.
Sia gone to need a bigger chair.
badkidoh chapter 31 . 2/9
I really loved this chapter,
Also Bane getting smacked down was nice and amusing.
Also silly Hermione still in denial but getting better i think?

Also seeing how it somewhat multi-cross just for ideas I was wondering if you could work in adding in the Netherworld dimension from (movie)beetlejuice seeing that it's a dimension just for ghost and the dead that have unfinished businesses or just don't want to move on and it also works for a reason for there to be a lower hollow population world wide, Also assuming Sirius black isn't found in Heaven or Hell by chapter 34 it would very amusing to me if the Veil of death lead right into the waiting room in the netherworld and still alive Sirius Black ending up having to take a number ticket and wait for his number to be call in the waiting room over 5 or 6 months although time moves at a different speed in the Netherworld so forum Sirius point of view only a few hours have gone by maybe.
badkidoh chapter 30 . 2/9
Yet another great chapter.
Nice Sia on Nerine and harry stuff.
I wounder when Harry and Hermione will talk things out seeing how they didn't on this Sunday?
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