Reviews for Forest of Mystery
Nyssix chapter 43 . 8/18
I.. I kinda feel sad Severus quit the school..

But also.. I'm glad the letter he sent to Dumbledore when he spoke of his death..
I'm glad he's not dead.

And yes, the only reason I read this as because the movies did not please me when it comes to content of the legendary Professor Severus Snape.
13360073-Deleted -Account chapter 43 . 5/9
Very good I enjoyed reading it.
13360116-Delete-account chapter 43 . 5/2
Very good I enjoyed reading it.
unknown chapter 4 . 4/4
interesting but i wish snape could turn up earlier...
roon0 chapter 43 . 2/21
This is a fabulous story which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for sharing.
roon0 chapter 41 . 2/21
I love that they are all back safely.
roon0 chapter 40 . 2/21
How scary, the teens are so brave.
roon0 chapter 39 . 2/21
Loved the chapter.
roon0 chapter 38 . 2/21
Hermione is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Poor Harry he is bound to feel left out.
roon0 chapter 37 . 2/21
I love how they all care so much about each other.
roon0 chapter 36 . 2/20
The children are so brave and logical.
lilashannah chapter 4 . 2/15
I read this story before and absolutely loved it. for some reason it's not on my reading list. so glad to have found it again. it's so unique and one the the best reads out there for Harry Potter fanfiction.
Alfia chapter 32 . 12/18/2019
Dis story is a look addictive... ima staying up late to read it
Squirrela chapter 43 . 8/2/2019
I enjoyed reading this idea. The quality of your writing, as well as the freshness of the plot, kept it interesting. If anything, I would have liked to see a few more of the explanation ps that would have come at the end, but I can see how that might prove challenging.

Thank you.
LAB1 chapter 43 . 7/2/2019
I really enjoyed your story! Very interesting and loved Uncle Sev!
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