Reviews for My Own Happy Ending
Grayladywoolf chapter 3 . 8/27/2018
So far it's great. I can just imagine what Sho is thinking now and what his reaction will be when returns to the apartment. Lol. Looking forward to more.
Guest chapter 7 . 9/28/2015
Pleas Finnish Butt Dialing 2: I begg you
Guest chapter 7 . 1/23/2015
I was really looking forward to you ,yourself finishing your own fic that's so exciting to me for the author to finish with their own account of how they felt it should be sorry that you're unable to find your direction in how you wanted to mount your story I truly felt you did a great job wishing you the best in your next endeavors in life n writing hoping you'll find the time n confidence you'll need in all you do sincerely your fan sorry to see you go peace ; )
viha chapter 7 . 1/23/2015
That was really cruel of you rushing and ending it abruptly
Guest chapter 7 . 1/22/2015
It's too bad that you won't finish it :( it looked like it wwould have turned into a great story! pleeeeaaasssseee reconsider please *cain's puppy pout level 5*
Guest chapter 6 . 1/10/2015
I love this version of skip beat! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEE update soon please!
Bloody.Kirai chapter 6 . 4/5/2014
This is an interesting AU story, and I'm surprised not many people have taken this kind of idea into play, since it's kinda possible, to an extent. Ren is a bit OOC, but it's not bothersome. I do hope you update soon!
kyoko minion chapter 1 . 2/16/2014
keep going
macy posey chapter 6 . 10/21/2013
Hahahahahahaha you and kyoko chan sound alike just the other day i caught her scolding herself with her favorit corn doll. Says kanae chan.
Moko san! Dont telllllllll mengaeater sama that!
(Hahaha do not worry kyoko chan shes right. Giggles as mio sama comes to play. Hi friend sama! Your wrong i read everything including your "chop off your curly head" statment. )

Hey kyoko- chan, mok... kanae- chan, macy-sama and Ohhhhh your here and lme today as well mengaeater- sama? What are you guys talking about?
CORN! YOUR HERE... W. WERE J. LEAVING! Gotta go see you tonight corn! Kyoko says while shoving us all to walk.

Oh okay well bye! See you tonight!

I loved the chap it was amazing! I cant wait to read 7 and eight. Hehehehe


Yes, mio sama i do apoligise. Says while turning to moko san and mengaeater sama with a smirk and a silent giggle.


Your friends/ hopefull penpal's
Macy posey, kanae kotaname, kyoko megami

(Heheheheheheehehehe smirks and giggles some more.)

Mo! Just end your review already!

(Okay okay! Moko sama! says Macy sama)
macy posey chapter 5 . 10/21/2013
The therd person, how it was writen was very natural. I dont have anything bad to say about that chap. (Seeeeeee ren! Now was that so hard! Geeeezzzz you told her you were corn right away im proud of you! Only 550 storys later and you did it good for you! Lol) (yukihito and i scream and hug eachother tightly as we jump around like idiots!) Haha. (Mean whieal prezzz stands to the side in his mad scientist costume with a grin to match.)
I can not wait any longer once i finish the next chap im going to feel so lonly. sigh* but i can wait and i will continue to read and respond to every chap. Thanx for entertaining me. So far i have luaghed on every chap except for the dark past part. On to the next chap. Keep up the good work! (The amazing) mengaEATER- Chan!

Your friend/ hopefull penpal
Macy posey

Mo! Will you get off! Your embarising me!

But? But? Moko san! You said you would get ice cream with me!

Mo! Not untill you spill!

Moko san ice cream! Mooookooo! Saaaaan ice creeeaaaammm! Says in possesed voice.

(Coughs* ummmmm guys? Didnt you want to say something to the amazing mengaEater-CHAN? I asked half screamed over kyokos begging)

Oooooh! So so so so sorry mengaEater- chan! I am so not worth of speaking with you! Such a lowly talentless like me to have disrespected the amazing...

(Kyoko/ Mo! Get up you did nuthing wrong/your embarising me! Kanae and i yell at the same time)

Mengaeater- sama i just wanted to thank u for returning to me my speashile corn... oh corn say hi!

Hi thank you for supporting us mengaeater- san. Says corn.
Well onto read the next chap thanx till next time. We all say together
macy posey chapter 4 . 10/21/2013
Lmao! Im still laughing at that chap it was so funny. If u need a beta or someone to help u with the. .. (and I quote the amazing mengaeater-Chan) "smexy parts" or "smex" lol i can help but it will have to be over email i just finished a chap in my book that has really angery very bad "smex" haha. Its pritty easy once you get over the (blushes) embaressment. Lol i gave you my email in a review in the story but dail 1 lol. Hope to hear from you.

Your friend/ hopefull penpal
Macy posey
macy posey chapter 3 . 10/21/2013
I want to keep this short, want to read the next chap lol. All i can say is awwwwwwwww! There is one other thing. Your chaps are a lil short. Everything is perfect though other wise and lol you do leave cliff hangers haha. But that is what makes us want to keep reading. Keep it up! (The amazing) mangaEater- chan!

Your friend/hopefull penpal
Macy posey
macy posey chapter 2 . 10/21/2013
Omg that broke my heart. I wanted to cry, but i couldnt cuz my mind was stuck on the words. You did an amazing job describing everything. You did it profesionally. Alot of writers go over borad with the details. When i was younger and got my first short story published it was quiet hard. The publisher told me that detail is important. Yes. But to much detail draws the reader away from the plot of the story and sometimes confuses them. You did it beautifully. On to the next chap i go! ( squeals with excitment) kuon/ren/ CORNS! Comeing yeah! Keep it up ( The AMazing) MengaEater-chan!

Your friend/hopefull penpal
Macy posey
macy posey chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
Woah! I live to read stuff like that! That was so awsome, for once someone who writes about sho getting his ass cussed out! My eyes were huge when the i read the first line. I like this new side of kyoko. ( giggles and claps hands like yukihitos fan girl side) keep it up mangaEATER-Chan!

Your new friend/hopefull penpal
Macy posey
ERMovieFreak1210 chapter 6 . 10/14/2013
Keep going please!
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