Reviews for In The Dark
civilwarrose chapter 10 . 12/21/2012
This story was great! Such drama and romance and an unconventional romance at that, because it features a man who was far from 'perfect.' He was a thief and criminal, who spent time in jail, but you fleshed him out into a relatable and sympathetic character and made the reader root for him. That is exactly the type of story I look for in fanfiction!

I am glad of the miracle that saved Marv's life, and that his marriage with Vera was restored. I am glad you are getting a book on Kindle published because you have the talent to be a novelist!
civilwarrose chapter 6 . 12/20/2012
I am liking this very much! I was looking for a good Home Alone story with more details on the Bandits. I like the in-depth focus on Marv and will be seeing him in a different light when re-watching HA during this holiday week!
EricaX chapter 10 . 4/28/2012
Oooh, this was a nice conclusion to a great story!

There was a twist that I did not see coming. Miracles DO happen, which is what happened here when Marv's dad saved him. Unexplained things take place all the time and this is a good example. I like how you did that too. How you mader it so that his dad ended up saving him.

Vi finally got what she deserved. Taken to jail for a long time. Now that she's out of the way and Vera understands Marv's past, everything can be happy and they can finally live in peace.

I think allowing Marv to get stronger and plan on getting horses was a good way to end the story!

Great job!
EricaX chapter 9 . 4/27/2012
Oooh, another amazing chapter!

I really liked the inner monologue that was going through Marv's head as he looked over all the options that he had at this point. That was a good way to allow the readers to know what was happening and give him a bit more understanding as to why he chose the actions he did.

It was good that Vera and Marv were able to talk about his past and about the family, even though it was emotioanlly draining on both of them, though it was a shame he couldn't mention Vi.

Getting to see Vi finally get what she deserved was quite enjoyable in this chapter! You wrote Marv's 'dark side' so well! Had I not been so busy thinking, "Yeah! You tell her, Marv!" and rooting for him, I probably would have been terrified of him. (but in a good way).

Excellent chapter! Looking forward to chapter 10!
EricaX chapter 8 . 4/24/2012
Oooh, exciting chapter!

I'm glad Marv was able to keep himself from shooting Vi (even though she deserves it) because it would only have made things worse for him. The struggle he was going through was very evident in this chapter. If only he could tell Vera what was going on: though she may not understand or believe Vi would do something like that.

Also, he videotaped Vi raping him? In this case, its really a good thing because as Vi was saying, who would believe him if he told anyone that she was raping him? Video evidence is really the only way to prove it!

The ending of this chapter really made me excited for chapter 9! I kinda figured that was how she was going to find out. Classic way too. It always happens: an outside sorce clues them in, innocently unaware of the rage that was triggered.

Great chapter!
EricaX chapter 7 . 4/23/2012
Okay, I just want to put this out there:

I badly want to kill Violet.

Anyways, on with the review.

Another great chapter! I was pretty much at the edge of my seat the entire time! Poor Marv! Seriously, the guy needs a break! There were a few times when I thought, "Fight back!" but then I kept remembering how muddled his mind is because of the stress, anxiety, and pills, and sleepiness. Plus, he doesn't want to upset Vi in fear she'll tell Vera their 'secret', which is sadly not even true, but twisted. :(

Showing that Vera was starting to get suspicious and pick up on tiny things is good, even though she hasn't been able to put the pieces together.

Now I'm just curious how far Marv will take his ideas of his father and the gun as he tries to keep Vi away.

I'm at the edge of my seat here! Great chapter! So looking forward to what happens next!
TheFilmDirector2013 chapter 6 . 4/22/2012
Aww this story is getting better and better! You're such a great writer, I'm starting to like Marv now more than Harry, lol
EricaX chapter 6 . 4/21/2012
Wow. I see what you mean now by this chapter being full of heavy heavy emotion. And, as I predicted, you did a little twist just when I thought I was getting to know what was happening. :) (That's not a bad thing, thougt!)

So, Marv was adopted? He was the one who carved "save me" under the bed on the wall? It was his father who had once owned the house. That is what got me the most. Interesting.

I can see how Marv's mental illness is relly starting to effect them being there at the house. And seeing the conversation between Violet and Marv was interesting. Though the end suprised me as well. Perhaps Violet is not who I thought she was either.

Keep up the excellent work! :)
EricaX chapter 5 . 4/21/2012
I'm startng to think I know where this story might possibly be going. I have a suspicion as to what is going to happen, but like what often happens in your stories, you write a great twist that throws me entirely off course!

The attic, in old houses like that, is always a place of trouble. Seeing Marv starting to break down the way he is, is making me wonder what is going to happen with that.

This story just keeps getting better and better. :)
EricaX chapter 4 . 4/21/2012
More creepiness in the house! Elise's bedroom really creeps me out, so whenever I'm reading something that takes place in there, I'm at the edge of my seat waiting to see if something will happen.

Again, I feel for Marv, having been through as much as he has. He just wants to have a family and live with Vera and be happy for once in his life.

I also think the way you are laying out each chapter is coming along great! You are giving just enough new details with every chapter, making the reader want to continue reading. That's always key and you're doing it brilliantly!

The past between Marv and Violet is really making me interested as well and I'm curious where that is going to lead.
EricaX chapter 3 . 4/21/2012
Oooh, this was an interesting chapter!

First off, I'm loving the house. Looks great and everything on the outside, creepy sounding on the inside. Great thing to have in a story like this.

The whole spider scene had me sppoked a bit, mainly because I have a HUGE fear of spiders, but also because of the "save me" words Marv saw. A bit chilling. :)

I love haunting stories and so far, this is classic. You're off to a great start! Haunted houses that new families come into are always good stories, I think.

Can't wait to see what more happens.
EricaX chapter 2 . 4/21/2012
This was a great chapter.

Again, I really felt for Marv. It was nice getting to see him interact a bit with Elise. Elise, by the way, is so adorable and innocent. :) But it was nice to see Marv taking her to school and such, he could easily be a good father if he didn't have so many troubles in his life.

I think Vera is being really strong about her relationship with Marv. It's good of her to know what she wants and to not let what Violet says to change her mind. Often times its hard for people to do that when someone so close to you, like a sister, thinks so strongly against it.

Violet I think is being a bit rude in trying to get Elise to think nasty things about her dad, but at the same time, she is only trying to protect her sister and neice. At this point, I have a lot of mixed feelings about the characters and their motives, which is good, because it makes me want to read more. :)
EricaX chapter 1 . 4/21/2012
This is quite an opening chapter.

I couldn't help but feel bad for Marv a bit. He finally get sback from jail and he wants to see his wife, Vera, and he is overwhlemed with all of this new information. Any day where you find out you have a child you didn't know about it bound to be a difficult one. Not to mention when your wife is staying with someone who hates you.

I can kinda understand why Vera would want to keep the baby a secret. The last thing Marv would have needed during the trial was for the news of a baby, which maybe have possibly made the trial worse if the judge and jury took the pregnancy the wrong way.

This is a great way to start off the story because it leaves the readers with a lot of questions and leaves them wanting to find out more. :)
TheFilmDirector2013 chapter 1 . 4/16/2012
WOW, this is intense! I love it! I'm intrigued! GREAT story!