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Guest chapter 27 . 2/17
I'm crying because this story is over. You did such an amazing job with this story!
Shadow2252 chapter 19 . 2/14
I couldn't stop laughing! I love this chapter Katniss kicked ass! I love the squad members!
Rosesareforever chapter 27 . 1/26
I stumbled up on your story a day ago and just couldn't put it down. It really is an amazing story. You should be very proud of it.
Paulii.AliAl chapter 27 . 1/2
SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. For me, this was the end of the books, I loved it. And congratulations for the way you were able to catch every bit of the personalities of the characters in the books, you stayed true to what they were, how they were imagined and you created some others very complete and loveable. I must say, that the personalities and the construction of the characters is way more complete than in the original books, you are simply awesome. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with us, thank you for giving us an alternative ending of the original story. Congratulations, and like I said to my brother when he asked me if I was reading a fic "Nope, this is not a fic. This is a book". Congratulations. Paula Alarcón.
xtracy chapter 27 . 12/28/2014
I loved this story so much, it's my favourite Galeniss fic hands down.

This story is what actually happened. Yup. Final. The REAL ending. I read the books years ago and was never satisfied with the ending. After seeing the Mockingjay Part 1 movie, I suddenly got pulled back into THG fandom and realized how much I loved Gale and felt so sad for his tragic love story. I could never understand how they were so close and grew up together and knew everything about each other only to have their friendship dissipate like that. It bothered me so much I had to look up Galeniss fics to find some closure. And this is it. I liked the AU fics but this is the one I needed. It just makes so much sense and everything is so believable. It is so well-written.


And please write a sequel (or oneshots or whatever). I'm obsessed with this world and the characters and I don't want it to end. 3
Guest chapter 23 . 12/26/2014
i love that this relationship is so messed up! it makes it so much more real i mean its katniss everdeen and gale hawthorn i feel that this would have definitely have happend after all she still loves peeta no matter what
handymam chapter 27 . 12/25/2014
I put off reading THG for a few years and finally gave in and read it last month. MJ left me SO disappointed... I get the anti-war message and all, but really? Tear your strong heroine to pieces, and take away everything but PEetA while everyone who used to matter vanishes into thin air... but it's okay, she lives happily ever after... she even has kids (that she never wanted)...?! Ugh! Not to mention that if she never learned to forgive anyone she'd never be able to handle 12 where she was somewhat responsible for the whole district being leveled... Oh, and I MUch prefer Gale. He's human! Peeta only ever moons over her and requires rescuing... So I started searching for alternate endings. I think this is my fave so far. You did an awesome job with the journey back to forgiveness and life (as opposed to survival). Aaand I loved the Galeniss sexy time )
tfios1975 chapter 5 . 12/25/2014
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove omg good gale/katniss fanfiction miracles do happen!
tfios1975 chapter 2 . 12/25/2014
gale forever!

handymam chapter 27 . 12/17/2014
I've been putting off reading the Hunger Games books for a couple of years and I finally did a month or so ago. I was upset and outraged at the ending for a week or so, with how Katniss lost her fire and gave up on everything. THIS was the ending I wanted. I feel much better now! Thanks )
Guest chapter 27 . 12/9/2014
Okay I totally read this story twice and still love it! But now I really want to read that epilogue or oneshot you were considering! What happens to the squad, do Katniss and Gale eventually get hitched? Does Hazelle get with Hamitch? You an excellent writer, keep it up.
Guest chapter 27 . 12/6/2014
Amazing story. I couldn't stop! I feel the same as you about Gale and Peeta. Peeta would suffocate and Gale will challenge and let her be free to be herself. Thank you!
aquathyst chapter 7 . 11/18/2014
umm... its like asdgfhfka. i love your fics seriously. i read truth or dare, etc. and.. im glad theres a great author who likes katnissgale and write about them.
the ending is kind of weird in the book. can you believe it when gale kind of kills prim. he saved her life, a lot. he saved prim when there was a bomb in 13. he fed hr family when she was away. thats like.. weird. its not logical in my opinion. and so far, gale has been really understanding so its kind of off when gale and katniss just separate? really? i thought their friendship is better than that.
im glad someone make the aftermath(?) of THG. galeniss no less. um im going to continue reading!
Jennette chapter 27 . 9/19/2014
This has to be one of the best Gale/Katniss stories out there. I loved the way their friendship was growing and then eventually became, well, you know...anyways, you just show so much emotion in this story and it was wonderful
Wolfskin1989 chapter 27 . 9/16/2014

Ok so first thIngs first. Awesome story! Took me the better part of 3 days to read it (bloody work) but it was totally worth the time. It always really bugged me that gale and Katniss never had a proper goodbye at the end of Mockingjay. Of course I understood why, but still Collins could have put maybe one little sentence in the epilogue like, gale comes back now and then to visit and we hunt, eventually our friendship returned. Wouldn't have been that hard would it. But I digress.

I loved gales squad mates (my name is jack so I liked him straight away and I'm also abit like him, perhaps not quite as blunt) I loved the "district 4" chapter, thought it was very, very well written. Actually scratch that the whole story was superbly written. The whole deal with the robots I had to read twice to wrap my head around it but I got it now and am very impressed. Also the "details" in chapter 26 was very... I'll just say got me pretty hot under the collar, if you know what I mean, ha ha.

This might just be me but the way your wrote this I could... See it, if that makes sense, almost movie like.

Thanks for the awesome story
#Galeniss Everthorne forever!
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