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nancyyrose chapter 1 . 12/9/2017
Mimi reminds me of the steward in the 1997 movie where Thomas says put on a lifebelt to be a good example for other passengers.
Thandeka Sithole chapter 1 . 7/8/2015
Very inspired, especially as a young author
msroseross07 chapter 33 . 4/29/2015
I just wanted to say this story is beautiful so far, you clearly did your research too, this story makes me want to know more about Thomas and his story and oh poor Mini I feel so sad for her, I don't know what I'd do in her situation, she's strong though so I'm anxious to see what happens next, it's hard for me to finish it cuz I end up breaking in tears:p, anyway beautifully written
Sam Fraser chapter 1 . 9/20/2014
Please update :(
Sam Fraser chapter 23 . 9/2/2014
There is some debate to this. The account placing Andrews in the Smoke Room came from first class Verandah Cafe steward John Stewart. This account was later quoted in “Thomas Andrews: Shipbuilder”, a 1912 book by Shan Bullock. However, Bullock “did not claim this was the last time Andrews was seen.” The timing of the account may also be off, as it may be “the result of simply drawing a line between the report of Andrews in that location, and Bullock’s statement that the sighting was after an event which he had placed at 2:05 a.m.”

Stewart himself never gave a time for the sighting of Andrews, and it was most likely a guess on Bullock’s part. There’s no argument as to Andrews being in the Smoke Room, staring at the painting at one point. The question is when, which is decided by and leads to other things. There was some question of whether John Stewart left the ship in Boat 15, or pulled from the water by boat 14. However, the authors of On a Sea of Glass concluded that, based on the evidence and accounts by one who had a better chance of knowing Stewart and Stewart’s own daughter, John Stewart had indeed left Titanic in Boat 15. (You can read more on that in the book.)

If Stewart did leave on 15, this places the sighting of Andrews considerably before 2:05 a.m. Boat 15 was lowered around 1:40 a.m., so a sighting of Andrews by anybody in that boat had to have taken place some time before 1:40 a.m.

Then Bullock discussed several other very late sightings of Andrews.

A couple of the other late accounts place Andrews on the Boat Deck, throwing deck chairs into the water, and then making his way to the bridge while carrying a lifebelt, possibly the same lifebelt Andrews had draped over a chair in the Smoke Room.
That Andrews as heading to the bridge in the final moments is corroborated by the account of Mess Steward Cecil William N. Fitzpatrick, which stated that Fitzpatrick had seen Andrews on the bridge with Captain Smith, with Smith telling Andrews “We cannot stay any longer; she is going!” This fits many other accounts that placed Smith on or near the bridge in the final moments of the sinking. Other details of Fitzpatrick’s account also place his sighting of Andrews with Smith on the bridge late in the sinking, around 2:15 a.m., just as the ship began making its final plunge.
These accounts are also supported and further detailed in a letter to Lord Pirrie from David Galloway, a friend of Andrews’. Galloway had spoken with some of Titanic’s crew, and so would have known details of their “said that an officer, unfortunately unnamed, claimed Andrews was last seen throwing deck chairs and other objects into the water, and that ‘his chief concern seemed to be the safety of others rather than his own’.” Galloway had also said “a ‘young mess-boy’ saw Andrews and Captain Smith on the Bridge. Both men put on lifebelts, and then the witness heard Smith say: ‘It’s no use waiting any longer.’ When water reached the Bridge, both men entered the sea together.” This also raises questions regarding Smith’s legendary final moments, but it’s not something I’ll talk about here.
To quote the conclusion reached in On a Sea of Glass, the tale of Andrews final moments in the Smoke Room “…seems to be nothing more than an oft-repeated, if erroneous conclusion based on some very scanty evidence. While there is no way to know for certain, it appears that Thomas Andrews took some time in the Smoking Room to gather his thoughts, probably just before 1:40 a.m. Then he continued doing what he had done for much of the evacuation: assisting the crew, and attempting to save the lives of others. It appears that he kept his work up till the very end, with little regard for his own safety, and only left the ship at the last moment along with Captain Smith.”
(You can find more about the details and accounts of Andrews’ final moments, as well as the debate about Captain Smith’s fate, in ‘On a Sea of Glass’.)
Personally, I, too, believe that Andrews’ last moments did not take place in the Smoke Room, especially if he was seen there at least a half hour before the final plunge. Andrews was concerned for the lives of others, he had work to do, so why would he stand around looking at a painting for an entire half hour as the ship sank and people were dying around him? Even at 2:05 a.m., that still means Andrews would have to be standing around for the last 15 minutes of the sinking. That just doesn’t seem like Andrews. I believe he would have been working to help others and see to his ship until the water overtook him and the ship, and he could do no more. It also seems likely that, like anybody else on deck at that time, he would have went into the water as the ship took its final plunge. And just because his body was never recovered, that doesn’t mean he was inside the ship. Many who went into the water with or without lifebelts were never recovered.
At the end of the day, the idea that Andrews spent his last moments staring into a painting as the fireplace crackled in front of him and the ship creaked and groaned beneath him, his lifebelt over a chair at his side, is merely a romanticized, idealized tale woven from an erroneously-placed account that ignores other lines of evidence.
Both endings may have been fitting for Thomas Andrews, but the one of Andrews working to the very end seems most likely to me.
GeneaLady chapter 44 . 1/9/2014
Whore indeed. The entire story ruined in one chapter.
The Clock Strikes Thirteen chapter 6 . 5/2/2013
Meh, I think the person below me is out of their mind. Mimi is human. You're an amazing writer and that shows because you've written a wholly human character.

It's natural of humans to want to extract revenge on other humans who've done them wrong! It's human to bite back when someone you care about doesn't feel the same. Heck, it's even human to want other people to feel bad.

Mimi's not a slutty bitch, Mimi is human and for some reason that it almost impossible to execute as well as you did.


The Clock Strikes Thirteen
Rachel Dawes chapter 23 . 1/27/2013
You write very well and you are talented. But I think Mimi should've been the one that died. Mr Andrews should've lived. He was a nicer person than she is anyways. Sometimes she comes across as a slutty bitch.
Don't Stop chapter 45 . 1/13/2013
I hope you decide to continue this! I realize it's already 45 chapters long but you've got one hell of a story to tell here. Please keep going when you get your inspiration back!
ograndebatata chapter 45 . 1/8/2013
Well, when it comes to writing, this chapter is as well written as all the others have been, but I have to say its content wasn't... the best thing to read about.

Don't get me wrong, I knew that moments of heartbreak such as the one depicted in this chapter simply had to come sooner or later... but I still can't help being sad when they do come.

I confess I didn't expect Fraser to get this upset over Mimi turning him down, but that is because I also didn't really expect him to be serious when it came to looking after Mimi's and Thomas' child - at least not in a wholehearted manner, although I had considered the possibility. And speaking of Thomas, it seems he can be quite the jealous sort, unless, of course, his watch stopped for an entirely different reason.

Poor Fraser... whichever of the two fates you mentioned he met, neither can have been a pleasant way for him to go.

Now I wonder what - and when - Mimi's next moment of heartbreak will be.
Enter The DragonN chapter 45 . 1/8/2013
The title of this chapter seems to be very apt - both for Mimi and for the writer who now dislikes the way the story has turned out.

Personally, I like reading about Mimi's internal struggles between her heart and her rational mind - not in a sadistic way at all. It is part of what gives life its colour and sometimes people do get hit by one disaster after another in a short space of time. I always felt Mimi could resolve her inner conflict in time and would have realised any dream that she had. They say knowledge gives you power, but it is character that gives respect in the end and this is how I would see Mimi's life eventually turning out in the final analysis.

I love your vivid descriptions and the small details you put in - for instance, the small actions Fraser makes (braces onto his shoulders or hands through his hair). The sense of mounting frustation and ebbing passion is clearly articulated through both narrative dialogue and descriptive narrative. Mimi's desperation at yet another loss and the dread of being alone again bubbles under the surface the whole time she is telling Fraser she can't be with him just now as she feels it's improper. Mimi has to work everything out for herself, but should remember that not every part of life is about using heart or head above the other - there is a time and a place for either.

And I hope the author will also resolve their parrallel conflict between heart and head. I've greatly enjoyed reading through all the chapters and if you need a break, take one - I'll be ready for any future updates! If any...
Susan Viktorija chapter 45 . 1/7/2013

(Shuffles awkwardly) Sorry about that. What do you mean you've lost inspiration? This is the best Titanic story on here. Please continue this story. (Puppy dog eyes)
Anon chapter 45 . 1/7/2013
This story still has some great potential, though I admit I get a little frustrated when you dangle someone like Fraser in front of her and take it away.
When you lose interest in a story, it shows. My advice would be to yes, leave it be until inspiration strikes you or put this story up for adoption by others. I among many others hate to see a story like this go unfinished.
Also I admit to some impatience-the story was great until she left Ireland and then it just slowed down and lost its edge. Why not fast forward the time until right before she gives birth? It's just going to be the same old Mr.-Andrews-is-dead-woe-is-me until that happens. It isn't necessary to cover every month between them or every day between the events.
The only impression that I got was that Mimi wants love of course, but she keeps going the wrong way about getting it. I get she repents the way she has been, but she keeps doing it over and over-her first kid with some guy and now this kid with Andrews.
This story doesn't come together the way it should for one reason or another and it really shows. It is too soon to bring back Donovan?
You really should think more clearly about what you want for Mimi. I think you just lost interest because you killed off Mr. Andrews.
Expand on Mimi-as you portray her, she's got the Edwardian sensibilities but also she's a bit whore-ish. She only knows shame, romantic flings and maybe true love, but she doesn't know what she really wants from life. Does she have other talents? Can she write, draw, paint, garden, etc? I get what MX5 means by one dimensional, but maybe Mimi has other interests you can exploit for a better storyline. Maybe years later she can write a tell all book, turn her woes into art, etc.

MX5 is jealous of course about the amount of reviews you get on one story and she has next to nothing on any of hers so I wouldn't bother about her.
KittttIE chapter 45 . 1/7/2013
lol Don't pay attention to MX5. Mimi's not one dimensional. You did give her a hard time in life but that's to be expected after what happened. Life for women was hard back then.

MX5- how is Mimi supposed to be bold and daring when she's still in mourning for Thomas? She's been left to be pregnant on her own. She had to leave Ireland because Thomas's ex made her life hell! She was bold and daring when she was working on the Titanic. so your review makes no sense. smh.
A Tangled Web77 chapter 45 . 1/7/2013
I'm only posting this here in the reviews section because I have no other way to comment to MX5 (you've disabled your messages).

MX5, I'm not sure why you think Mimi is one dimensional? With respect, I doubt you've read all of the story if you feel she's *that* one dimensional. She's a complicated character with a crappy past. The whole point is that she IS isolated after Mr. Andrews; she became obsessed with him to the detriment of everything else, even after his death. That's the point of the story.

And make her more daring? I'm not sure what else you expected a penniless, working class maid of the Edwardian era to do. She said and did things that were frowned upon for that time. She's just had a one night stand with Fraser, a man she knew almost nothing about, while 5 months pregnant with a dead man's child! That sort of thing would've been pretty scandalous in those days. She's sexually forward (making the first move on Mr. Andrews, Will Murdoch and Fraser). She's currently pregnant and her choices are limited. Women were second class citizens in those days as you know. They couldn't even vote. And she had various sexual escapades around the ship with Mr. Andrews (M rated for sexual scenes, not to everyone's taste but it shows how daring she actually was) - / s/ 8397379/1/The-Thomas-Andrews-Affair-Sex-On-Fire

The problem here isn't that Mimi is one dimensional - she's not. The problem is that I've given her too much heartache, too many woes and little to look forward to in her life. And as the author, yes, I can fully admit that.
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