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JPandS chapter 23 . 9/22/2013
Came back to read this again after so long. I still utterly adore it!
NoLongerWriting-AbandonedAccou chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
Mkay, well you've waited plenty long enough to make an update, so you need to update like right now. If you need help or ideas or anything, you let me know I'll do my best but seriously. WHAT THE FRIGGIN HECK! YEARS! COME ON! Update. UPDATE!

Now I want you to listen to my instructions VERY carefully and follow them. Watch Gundam Wing Endless Walts, in subtitles on Youtube. com

Go to Mangafox. com and read the manga for Sailor Moon.

Now reread your FAVORITE gundamwing/sailormoon story.

Now REREAD your story.

I promise, afterall of that you will be inspired and you will update and if anything else, I am at your beck and call. We need more writers back in the gundam wing/sailor moon section. We need updates and finished stories. This is me begging you. Your story is amazing and deserves to be finished. Please do all of the above and PM me if you need my help otherwise I hope to see an update within the month.
michiriru88 chapter 23 . 5/4/2010
chapter 17
well, i guess it was a good idea afterall that the other senshi was there... but its also a good thing that you included them in the late chapters, cause the story was focused to Makoto and Heero even more... which was very very GREAT IDEA! I kind of begining to like Rei, not that i hate her or anything i just like Makoto more, and for me, Makoto is the most prettiest, even if her hair style was like that, i still like it...i usually drew her hair longer, and loose at times. that was a great chapter

lol Wu fie and Duo was funny. I laugh a lot of times in every chapter, especially when the guys came into the story again, and i also find the other fanfic stories cute of how rei was to wufei hahaha... I also realized just now in your stories, even when i already read some other fanfic stories about wufei being called Wu-Man when he hate girls. lol... and also realized in your story that Usagi (or minako) and Duo could be cute together too. their is a similarity, as to rei and fei, although i wanted to suggest that usagi should stay with mamoru in my earlier thoughts, but anything goes, its your story anyway... and that makoto and heero not only look cute together, but they had similarities too, Makoto being a anti social before he met the other scouts, and so was Heero... wowe!
Lol, I couldnt stop laughing at chapter 18, at duo,and it was also sweet at the same time between Mako and Heero

chapter 19, lol i also find it funny now that im older how usagi and rei argue, cause when i was younger i dont like it when someone did that to usagi, but now, I find it really amusing hehe. usagi, rei, then duo and fei, were funny... lol... love it

chapter 21, just as i thought though, that makoto would be in this kind of situation after she had killed relena. at first i was expecting that somebody like an enemy would had killded relena instead...but I guess you had your way to your story, but i had this feeling that relena would be resurected or something, even before i read those reviews and before i got to read that chapter. Ill just keep on reading till I got there.

i was just thinking though, what if it wasnt emailed by the policed and it was a conversation on the phone when they ordered that to Makoto? cant they just go to the police station right away, and followed the moment they took her?, and not wait any longer after two hours after it happened? before they hacked those emails.. but oh well... ill just see what would happened
this is just a thought again, isnt that Rei can sense spirits and stuff? she isnt supposed to be scared of those ghost, lol... ,but im more into Makoto anyway... i just wanted to write what my thoughts. but I think the story was still great.
chapter 23
wow, heero didnt get mad when makoto was thinking of something like that for their baby.. i mean some guys would have actually gotten mad if they really love the girl to planned like that... i guess they are just a teenager anyway in this story. and maybe Makoto's mind was really confused at that time, to think that she wanted her baby for an adoption..if that was the case, maybe she could have given it to her friend, and let her baby still know who his mom is, cause i dont think heero would like that to happened, since that already have happened to him. Well, it’s a good thing, he is understand her, and that he wanted the baby no matter what the circumstances of their lives and i guess i was wrong when i thought relena would be resurrected… well, I hope you update this story soon, and I know you will, cause I just saw your latest update on your profile, 2010… I did compiled my reviews, so that’s why it’s a long review again. My apologized for feeling up the reviews… all, in all… I LOVE THE STORY
michiriru88 chapter 11 . 5/4/2010
um... lol... i dont usually read song fics.. lol... i do like the story, but this chapter was cheesy for me, because of the singing, lol.. but i still like the story... i didnt mean to offend anyone and mostly you. but the story was still great, just dont like song fic, or singing, hehehe
michiriru88 chapter 9 . 5/4/2010
woho!that was a great chapter.. so sweet! i love this chapter the most! argh!i love this kind of stories.. heero and makoto together is so sweet.. not cheesy for me, but just right when all those chapter combined, and not falling inlove fast. ah,great story (just everything into it,in the right place)
michiriru88 chapter 8 . 5/4/2010
sorry, i did a lot of misspelled words, and typos that i didnt double check when i was making a review, and i meant that i was only on chapter 8... i just read that the disclaimer in chapter 9, anyway, ill just keep on reading, i hope youll make more story someday that revolves around Jupiter only, and the pilot. there are already a lot of other stories for the other senshi. and i hope it would still be heero and Jupiter, these pair had me hook for 1 week now. they just look cute together. and i guess, i dont mind now, that you mentioned in the next chapter that they will appear. since this story was made a long time ago anyway. ill just read on anyway, to know what would happened. sorry for writing a long review... ill try to review to the last chapter if i could, hehe
michiriru88 chapter 8 . 5/4/2010
wow, so far, its like im watching a rael anime.. the story really was great, i forgot to include that in my other reviews. and most of the chapter made me smile. theirs also some hilarious parts.. lol.. i dont mind at all, it didnt also made me unhappy, and yes, i think that this story should revolved more around Jupiter, im glad that you had thought that too, even if i hadnt read that before i commented and this was made a long time ago...
(Also, as I've said, the inners will make an appearance, but not for a few more chapters. Sorry if you're unhappy with that, but this is meant to be a Lita/Mako centered fic. pairing up scouts and pilots will be rather hard to do. Also, if one should be written, Relena will not be an included character, but Zechs would be. Just something for you all to think about.)

ill try to not comment on every page there is... haehe.. cause im still on chapter 7.. well, im on to the next page
michiriru88 chapter 7 . 5/4/2010
the other sailor scout had more stories than Jupiter already... wish you could have made this story only jupiter cross over... not that i dont like the others, and its fine with me if they pops out once in a while. but i guess its okay to give them a partner too, i just hope that, the story still revolves around Jupiter and the pilots, and much less on the other. but reading on...

first of all, i love that earring, and that psycho just crashed it... i hope relina? loses soon.
michiriru88 chapter 6 . 5/4/2010
hi again, i hate relena... even though i really dont know gundam wing stories to watch or read them, the first time i have researched her, i already dont like her.. and she isnt pretty like my fave.. lol.. anyway, i may have that name, sounded like neptune, but the only character i sued to like when i was younger was makoto, pluto and saturn, but JUPITER IS THE TOP OF ALL OF THEM. i didnt like sailor moon anime(but still like Jupiter) when i made my user name, just that i think that is my name in jap. and it sounds near to it anyway.
michiriru88 chapter 5 . 5/4/2010
i know this story was a long time ago made, but i wish that it was only Jupiter who was in this story.. cause every story that i read, a few days ago that i started, always seemed that the other sailors are there as well... im just interest on MY FAVE Jupiter/makoto stories, and her love life. especially with heero... but oh well. ill just keep on reading... but for almost all the chapter that i read so far was great... i mean really! i was really enjoying it very much,
MiLeggie chapter 1 . 6/19/2005
uumm...oops, hehe, i meant 'i hope you update soon**' hehe...
MiLeggie chapter 23 . 6/19/2005
ah! u havent updated in so long! i hope u havent left the site yet! ur an excellent author and i miss this story so much! i just re-read the whole thing! i hope u update son!
Athena Kyle chapter 23 . 3/8/2005
Hey there Nixie! I hope that everything is going well in your world. Haven't 'heard' from you in a while, and I know that I miss you and your wonderful stories! The fanfic world just isn't the same without you! Come back! :) Take care!

Athena Kyle chapter 1 . 1/8/2005
Hey there Nixie!

Just wanted to wish you a very happy yet belated new year! Hope that you haven't given up on this story! Anywho best wishes for your new year. Take care!

~Athena Kyle
Forbidden Smiles chapter 23 . 12/5/2004
I started this yesterday, Saturday-December 4th, 2004.

Okay...Since I got that through...I absolutely LOVE this story...Is this the end? Anyway, if it is or isn't, I love this "ending" either way. But, if it is not, I will eagerly wait for the next chapters or real ending!

Nice! _
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