Reviews for Afterthoughts
Naval chapter 6 . 7/22/2012
This is Wanlingnic. c: Logging in because, sweet holy cripes, I stumbled across it on my phone (where I couldn't recognise you from your icon) and immediately thought of who-the-moon-is and wanted to share a fict this brilliant with you. It's so hard to find Kay fans!

Please, I swear to God, please don't ever stop writing. How is it possible a fict this brilliant doesn't have a single review? Blasphemy, I say.

This fict is everything I could ever want. And I honestly, truly, mean it. I do think I'm addicted. ;) It's good to know someone else out there feels the same way about Kay. I picked up Fables hoping to see The Snow Queen adapted into the plot properly, but while Lumi was a good villain, what Willingham did to Kay was pretty much the comic equivalent of the McDonalds cashier spitting into your burger. He got so screwed over, and to see his story handled with your level of grace and talent and your own love for the original story - good gosh, this is honestly the perfect fanfiction.

You managed to handle the canons with a really really good idea who they are - Bigby sounds perfectly in-character, and so does Frau Totenkinder. They're not cruel to Gerda, but they're not bending over backwards to be nice to her either, exactly what you'd expect from Fables. The way you kept this in touch with the plot itself is wonderful - you're not changing anything to suit you better - they're not in Fabletown because it's more comfortable to write there. You set it in the Farm period and, good gosh, your respect towards the canon MAKES this story feel canon and real and I could legitimately believe these were canon events.

Your writing style is incredible, too. I couldn't ask for a better writer to do justice to this story - "All the worlds and a pair of skates, as your story goes" is a brilliant quip and another reminder that I'm reading and amazing piece by an author who truly loves and respects this tale. I also love the fact that you never explicitly describe Gerda, either - it takes talent in skill to know when less is more.

And let's get to Gerda! She's legitimately the best non-Andersen Gerda I've read. There've been plenty over the years (Mercedes Lackey and that awful Cameron Dokey retelling. ;m;) but I am so in love with the way you portrayed her - she's not young and beautiful, and you did a great job pointing it out with her and Bellflower, but she doesn't have to be, her original job as a nanny and her personality are thoroughly lovable. And Berk and Kramer's interactions with her are so amusing.

I'm so curious to read more! Please, please please don't ever stop - I swear to God above, I'll give you anything to keep you writing. xD This is just so brilliant.

Expect fanart. A lot. Of. Fanart.