Reviews for Hell and High Water
Guest chapter 1 . 10/27/2014
This was an amazing fic! I really wish the anime would make a movie of this because it was well written and makes complete sense!
CloudehPaws chapter 34 . 6/14/2014
How in the world does this fanfic only have 10 reviews?! It was AMAZING! Such goodness (notenoughmaxietabithaactionifyouaskme) but still this is a wonder piece of work! :)
3774473974937497 chapter 34 . 8/18/2013
I totally loved this! The way you wrote it was just amazing! I really liked everything about the story because it was jut descriptive and terrific! I hope you make more amazing stories just like this because this is like a story to read FOREVER!


An Author's Pen chapter 15 . 6/12/2013
I love this. I love you. I never review in the middle of a story but I have to say this right now. This story is so so so good. How does it only have 14 favs? If I mentioned everything I love I'll run out of space. Still have 19 chapters left! Back to reading . . .
Kitsuru chapter 34 . 4/1/2013
This was PHENOMENAL. I've seen under appreciated fics before, but this certainly deserves far more than seven reviews. The writing was wonderful, the premise refreshingly original and expertly handled, and the characters... Well, I have to admit that I never watched too many of the Hoenn episodes, but it seems to me that your expansion on canon characterizations was brilliantly done. I could easily imagine the Team Rocket scene at the end, as well as all of those times Lance paced around showing off his dramatic cape-swishing skills, and how each character responded to the situation in their own unique way... It really made it that much easier to think that canon could have taken this road, if not for PG ratings and Ash's superhuman luck (as bad at getting into such situations as it is good at saving his and everyone else in the world's necks on the way out, which made it especially refreshing to see him and, in a way, everyone else, playing such a seemingly marginal role in getting to the resolution). The tensions and interactions between the characters, romantic, friendly, or somewhere in that gray area where you throw a ton of different kinds of relationships into a blender and aren't quite sure what comes out other than something genuine... your hold on these characters is one of the best I've seen in this fandom. I'm ambivalent towards most anime pairings, or at least I was until this fic... ;3

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm gushing, but I can't think of any way to temper it down. This fic was just THAT good.
FallenStarLucia chapter 34 . 3/16/2013
one of the best stories I've ever read.
despite not being keen on one of the pairings, i enjoyed all the romance scenes. this is a much better ending then the anime ending. i nearly thought Maxie and Archie died near the end before the mt Pyre scene.
I like how you mixed the anime and game universes (and maybe fanfictions, you refered to one of your other stories 'disguises' in Ch28).
Anyway, one of the best stories ever, could only stop reading it when without my phone and i had to sleep;even that was difficult.
IcyBreeze7 chapter 34 . 12/28/2012
That had to have been one of the best Pokemon fanfictions I have ever read. The way that you developed the characters and the characters' relationships was amazing, and realistic. I'm actually surprised this doesn't have more reviews, but people are missing out. All I can say is good job, and I look forward to your next work because your writing style is completely unique and impressive. Great Job!
Ijinzu chapter 34 . 9/22/2012
Oh my GOD! I havent read such an amazing story in... forever!?
Its written so good! the plot! the characters! the in-character characters!? Thats so rare!
Seriously girl/guy/whatever, I have no words. It was so good I seriously felt everything the characters felt. I just cant describe it.
And even at the end, I feared the worst but I got the best ending possibly! I dont want to spam this site, I really could go on forever about how much I loved it and about each detail, everything that happened!
Just know your - art - brought me many wonderful feelings. I love everything right now.
JamesBCrazy chapter 34 . 7/29/2012
This is exactly what a Pokémon fanfic should be like. It was an excellent read, and I had a good deal of entertainment from reading out Maxie's lines in his dubbed voice.
Puls3 chapter 34 . 4/22/2012
I'm amazed. I've been browsing this site for about 5 or 6 years now, and this was easily one of the best stories I've read on this site, and most definitely the best I've read of Pokemon. It had me reading almost non-stop. The perfect blend of suspense, romance, and even humor really got me into it. A really good spin on the Emerald storyline. I especially liked some of the quotes you used from the game itself.

All in all, a job very well done. It's not every day that I get so engrossed in a story that I'd be willing to sit through 34 long chapters without getting bored even once. Thank you for publishing this (especially all at once, I'd have probably ripped my hair out if I had to keep waiting to read the next bit of the story), and I look forward to reading more of your work :)
mightyenas chapter 1 . 4/18/2012
I've been working on reading this for the past three or four days, between schoolwork and whatnot, and I must say that I don't think I've read something this fantastic in such a long time - right here on FF.N or, well, anywhere for that matter. The story really had me pulled in, and I just couldn't wait to find out what happened next to any of the characters (which is a rarity for me, as I usually only pay attention to my favorites; but you've got me here worrying about ones I usually don't pay too much attention to, as well!); one thing is for certain, and that is that I'm glad you have this entire thing uploaded, otherwise I would have been going crazy with some of the cliffhangers, haha.

I was just amazed with this story, something I haven't been in a long time with the fanfictions posted here. The pacing, characters, plot - I thought everything was fantastic. I hope to see more writing from you soon, and if not - well, I know that I'll be rereading this one for a very long time. :')
Matchstick800 chapter 34 . 4/17/2012
This was... Really something. The writing was, for lack of a better word, flawless. Everything flowed, and for someone like me who never saw the Emerald or anime version of this story, it was very good. After this, I think I might try looking at a few other of your fics...

Anywho, excellent work man! I look forwar dot more from you!