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Alexbay218 chapter 14 . 4/10
It's a cool story, please update!

SovietSniper92 chapter 15 . 4/9
Glad to see that chapter fifteen is the resolution chapter (or maybe the intermission would be better?), as it finally concludes the attack on the academy. The pacing and characterization seem to be doing well, as Rin, and to a lesser degree Laura, seem to be stubbornly holding on to their feelings for Ichika (despite how Church has been there for the two more than Ichika has). I'm interested if Tabane will either create counter measures for the Exeter, or just ignore it and consider it inferior.
Alexbay218 chapter 15 . 4/1
This story is pretty awesome!
Its cool thinking on the authors behalf to come up with the idea of a Iron man like character and IS.
I encourage you to keep writing!

Lee chapter 15 . 4/1
Keep going sir! Loveing the story :3
Vandenbz chapter 15 . 3/30
Good thinking on Laura's part with the sonar. Definitely a case of Crazy Prepared having tech that's considered old school installed on such a high-tech machine like the IS. Nice to see that Chifuyu believes in Church enough to defend him against Tabane. I'm curious to see how long it'll take for Church to heal. Rin and Laura are both bound to visit him repeatedly in the near future now that he's regained consciousness. More and more I'm starting to wonder how many of those who are Church's superiors are part of a rogue faction allied with Phantom Task. Given that Exeter doesn't need an IS core to function and can compete with the latest IS, it seems inevitable that the Exeter suits will edge out their competition by simple virtue of being usable by both males and females. Starting World War III wouldn't accomplish much besides pointless death and destruction.

Keep up the great work!
tomy98 chapter 15 . 3/30
Make church tell them of his "status" with the americans but let him stay because its a good story and i hope you update sooner then usualy
pataponvideo chapter 15 . 3/29
This was good. Hope the suit AI can stay hidden.
teithant chapter 15 . 3/29
About the second to last comment about the policy change: it's not really possible to hog reviews, as there is an infinite and endless supply of them.

I think, with the actual explosion being as big as it was, word would get out just because of a massive explosion happening and inquiries being made.

What about Cerberus? I'm fearful that Tabane got her hands on him/them/it/its and will find a way to incorporate it into an annoyingly pointless thing. Like a toaster.
Cuz, no offense to Tabane, but that's what I think she would do.
christian.a.lebron1 chapter 15 . 3/29
I have been waiting for this chapter for a good while and I am glad I was not disappointed great work. Also on a small side not Tabane doesn't call Chifuyu fu-Chan she calls her chi-Chan not that big of a thing just thought you should know for next tims
DarkMeddler chapter 12 . 3/27
Hey it's been a while, look I definitely see that you're in a reaally bad case of writer's block, and I can understand since it happens to all of us.
It's good that you wanted to get more input on the IS universe. That "could" give you some great on how to progress the story more.
The last few chapters weren't much to read (This is before the notices), no offense, but I just didn't like the stagnation I felt after the match between church and Ichika. However, speed was put from .5 to freakin eleven with the whole missile incident, which made it looked rushed.
This read started off great with the main OC, instead of being some other male that can pilot an IS, uses a battle suit. That was good.
Brought up a good scenario of what could've most likely happened after the anime ended.
That was really good.
Introducing a badass AI that has triple split personality and would make one heck of drinking buddy. Brilliant!
So just take it at a good pace man. I'm thinking that you should edit the last few chapters or something like that, but I know that sounds like an insult or whatever but that is my opinion on that.
My opinion on the five reviews per chapter to actually go somewhere will eventually backfire on ya. You keep the story goin cause you like the show and want to give your own 2 cents, and feel good about it. The reviews are just a nice bonus of either constructive criticism and/or compliments
But thats just my take on all this.
So good luck on this man, and if you want to ask for some help feel free to message me cause like I said I do like this story.
Dead Pann chapter 15 . 3/16
Duuude. Stop bringing my hopes up. I want the next chapter to be actually chapter, please.
Guest chapter 14 . 3/16
I suppose that this policy is kinda... too much for an order to fill, don't get me wrong on this, since I'm also an author like yourself.

In my own case, I don't really care if someone reviews my work or not. Don't you write for the sake of your love for the said series itself, not for other's recognition? Once again, don't get me wrong on this, but I write for the sake of my very own appreciation towards the series. I write for people to see and enjoy the story I wrote. If people follows or favorites my story, I think it's already more than enough. It means people actually enjoy your work.

I personally think that stories with more followers or favorites are far more better than the ones with the more reviews. Followers or favorites indicates that people enjoy your writing style and are hoping to see more of your work.

And finally the purpose of reviewing. I'd say, review is more like a media for one to express doubts on the authors' writing style, and to give them constructive criticism. Or for one to express their own opinion on the story. I for one, likes the more longer, but more building reviews rather than those shorter ones that only says 'This is interesting!' Or something between that line.

For one to express their fondness of your work, a simple follow or favorite is already more than enough in my own honest opinion. Lastly, I think your new policy is not wrong, and I will not do anything to stop you from continuing on with this policy. But I really suggest you to tone it down a bit. Three reviews are enough. Five, I think that's a bit too much, seeing how FF is already rare on reviewers, lol.

And lastly, if I were to coment on your style, I think this story is one of the more interesting ones in the IS' s genre. The plot is solid, and the character interactions are just right, and the occasional humor is enough for me to break out a few laughs. This story needs more followers for the matter. It's one good and interesting OC story in my opinion.

Lastly, I hope you're not offended by my long babbling regarding the whole review thing. And if you are offended by it, then I deeply apologize. I just want to get my two cents in, that's all.

Anyways, I'll be waiting for the next chapter of this certain work. Cheers :)

Sedoltian chapter 13 . 3/12
Also for the hell of it, Ichika should be the one to save Church. Why? Because why not?!
Sedoltian chapter 1 . 3/12
I sincerely apologize for my lack of reviewing on this story. I have only just recently started writing a fanfic myself and I can see where you are coming from as mine hasn't gotten a lot of reviews and it worries me as I don't know what the general public thinks of it, only what the select few who review think. So far I believe your story is going well I'll give a more insightful and criticizing review when the next chapter comes but I cannot stand to let this fanfic end. I have read too many stories with such good ideas behind them butwere left undone by the author that created them. I do not wish to see that happen to this one So I will give you my support in hopes that this fanfic sees a future.
SlayerofLegend chapter 14 . 3/12
First off let me say I'm sorry. I've been ready your stories for a while, but have only recently gotten around to making an account. About the story, well I really can't find any problems with it. It really says something about your writing skills that I've never even heard of IS before,but still love this story. Keep up the great work!
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