Reviews for Sangue e Tenebre
Why so Sirius1236 chapter 1 . 4/16/2012
this is so great! I mean really. I don't think I have found something this unique in quite a while :D

I think you should continue writing when you get a chance or inspiration. Seriously.

Thanks for posting! It's nice to see someone finally get the better of Loki through his own means (even if she is a cruel, pshycopath vampire XD ) ... don't get me wrong, Loki's one of my favorite characters, but... yeah. this was a good change. :)

I also liked the depth that went into Loki's character. You were able to craft not only a good story line, but a Loki that was perfectly in character ranging from his insecurities to his temper coming out in all the right places. (at least that's how i saw it)

Wonderful job! :D