Reviews for Blanche And George Through The Years
samanddianefan10 chapter 1 . 4/29/2012
OMG I love these! this is so well written and brilliantly executed. I hope you will write more for GG
luckyxlabradoodlexloverx7 chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
in the honeymoon part of the story, it's the french rivera, NOT the french reviare. there should be a comma between rivera and but. the whole sentence should read 'george would have rather gone to the french rivera, but blanche had always wanted to to paris and george just couldn't refuse her'. to me, that's a bit of a run-on sentence.

otherwise, it was cute.
Great on feeling not spelling chapter 1 . 4/21/2012
i read this even tho it was rated T cuz i wanted to see it cmpared 2 the other 2. u did very well capturing the sometimes very strict Southern way of life while also giving George deph and compassion. Like the other tho u could have done more. Well, u did witht he children and 2 of the grandchildren, but i dont understand why it was all 1 paragraph. that should have been a couple chapters of 500 words or so each. Or at least more paragraphs here.

Still you did very well at capturing feelings. i have only 1 problem.

In a 1,000 word story, spelling errors stand out more than a 10,000 word one. u have a few. I know Riviera is hard; maybe 4 u it's like medieval for me - or is that midieval? Anyway some words stump us. But with all the stories about faith u have i was surprised u misspelled miraculous. And then, "heat you up"? If u only type a little over 1,000 words it shouldn't be that hard to proofread and catch that; unless u didn't want to actually have him say "beat." But then u could have had a euphemism.

Still, you had great feeling, description of the wedding, and the comedy with her not being upset at being called a slut but being upset he called her his wife. that was funny. overall a very good job.