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pixileanin chapter 29 . 4/3
I really want to know what Kristin's dream was about. It sounds bad, and if I had to guess, it was about Sylvia. See, this is where I wish Kristin would open up to Nathan more, instead of try to carry the burden alone. That's what he's there for. He's so very patient with her. I know he can't DO anything about it, but he can listen, and maybe Kristin would feel better to talk about it.

Or maybe she wouldn't. Oh well.

This was a really sweet interlude before the big bad happens, whatever that's supposed to be. Darwin's appearance made the situation feel a lot lighter than I had expected, and the swim was a great way for Kristin to let go of some of her apprehension. I liked that the dolphin was able to sense that there was something going on, and it was great that even Darwin was able to show his support for Kristin in her time of need. She is learning from this experience, which is a relief to see. I can see her grow as a character through the fear, which gives me hope that once all of this is over, she will be more confident and maybe she'll be able to open up more to the people who love her.

And the picnic, awww!

Ready for the badness, wherever it may be.
pixileanin chapter 28 . 3/27
Hi again! This is a review for both chapters 27 and 28, because I was itching for action. I feel like I'm close to something big.

Nathan is still being so sweet to Kristin. I love the way that he takes care of her and that she is able to rely on him to keep her calm. She really needs someone like that right now. And I'm right with her when she was saying that the Secretary wasn't acting right. I didn't like him touching her either. There's something definitely wrong with that man. I'm sure that Nathan felt it too, but I bet he was just putting on a brave face for Kristin.

I'm also very happy you let Nathan tell Kristin that he wants to show her affection. It's about time that one of them said something about that. And you kept with the sweet tone of the story too. So sweet!

I seriously got chills when Sylvia showed up in the bathroom as Kristin was getting ready for the party. It was ominous and disturbing, and even though she had encouraging words for Kristin, the time's almost up, and I can feel badness trying to seep in. *shudders*

The party sounded like a lot of fun, and I'm glad Ben got his hamburgers. :) Poor Nathan is rather oblivious to the fact that the rest of the crew caught on to his feelings for Kristin! I guess he's too used to hiding it to actually realize that they've already figured things out.

The reminiscing scene was so lovely, and it brought out all the affection that everyone had for each other. I'm glad that it let Kristin come out with her true feelings. She couldn't have held that in forever. The whole crew was rallying around her so hard, and it was nice to see them saying goodbye, at least to that moment.

And again, it was good to see Kristin and Nathan at least admitting to each other how they felt. That should give them both the strength they need for whatever is coming next.

Lovely writing, as always! I need to know how this ends!
pixileanin chapter 26 . 3/12
Okay, so Kristin is being evasive again with the facts. I don't know why she doesn't just tell Nathan about the skirmish in the dress shop and how that woman went after her, especially when he figures out that something happened in town later, when Kristin becomes jumpy about being seen out and about. I guess I'd be cautious too under those circumstances, but I'd also have expected her to open up more to Nathan. I suppose she's not quite there yet. She is rather good at avoiding telling people about things that bother her. Nathan is quite the man not to push her about it.

That whole thing with Richard and Reggie creeps me out. To tell the truth, I didn't see that one coming at all, with Reggie pulling the strings. If Richard goes through with getting rid of Sylvia like Reggie asks, who's to say that Reggie isn't going to have him put away so she doesn't have to deal with him? And why doesn't he think that's a possibility? Maybe because he underestimates the women around him a little? I don't know. Reggie is creepy. I wouldn't put it past her to plan a double cross in the future.

I thought it was sweet for Kristin to keep the dress a surprise, and it makes me curious what she has planned for an afternoon indoors with Nathan. *thinks thoughts*

Another lovely chapter! I can't believe I'm not even halfway through with this story! I'm wondering what you have up your sleeve next...
pixileanin chapter 25 . 2/11
I love the feely moments with Nathan. He's so protective and caring and he worries for her, even when she tells him not to. Kristin is very lucky to have a Nathan! I can tell that even though she's still a little reluctant to accept the help, she's grateful for his company.

Kristin might not be trying to turn his head, but she doesn't have to. :) I'm glad that Katie has already picked up on that. It's good that Kristin was at least honest with her about her feelings, but that woman in the shop, ugh! Things like that cannot be helped when you're a public figure. I feel sorry for her.

Oh, and Reggie! That phone call was... fake! And the man who appeared was... two-timing! And, and... their plans! I can't stand it. Kristin is too NICE to have to deal with people like this, even if it is in an alternate reality. Bah! Two horrid women in the same chapter! You've got to be kidding me! Kristin needs more fuzzy feels. I demand it. Right now.

Great chapter!
MissScorp chapter 14 . 2/6
I really live the character development that goes on in this chapter. Even though nothing untoward happens (I admit I squeed about that kiss and the admission of feelings), there is a great amount of character development and relationship development which goes on in this chapter. You really showcase who Kristin is as a person, that she's a person with feelings, that she can be hurt, that she can love, that she can be afraid. Her identifying with Sylvia shows her compassionate nature and ability to empathize with the woman for what she's gone through. I also love that you show Nathan to be strong, logical, but also capable of being afraid and having doubts. The ending where he is left hoping that he can protect her is a fabulous way of showing how he's not a perfect man, that he doesn't pretend to be one, and doesn't need to be one (because his flaws make him wonderful).

(("Oh, sweetheart," Nathan said. He'd never referred to her with any term of endearment before, but he couldn't help himself.))- this was the d'awww moment of the chapter. Nathan is definitely right, it is warranted given the situation and Kristin's mentality at that moment, I think it also shows how much he cares about/for her that he'd cross a bit of that line he holds and use such a sweet term in order to provide Kristin with that bit of sweetness. I think having this endearment really works well because it provides a bit of intimacy to the logic that he applies when he says, (("The only way we're going to get through this is if we stop trying to analyze it, stop trying to think about the 'what ifs' and the 'maybes'.)). Nathan is still being his logical self here, but he's using that logic to provide comfort as well as to explain that part of why she's so upset is because she's become so fixated on the one possible outcome and how it will effect everyone else that she can't see or think about anything else.

Oh, I thought this line was wonderful: ((She could also smell the light scent of aftershave as she buttoned the shirt.)). It's so feminine and representative of the underlying feelings Kristin has towards Nathan. There is also an olfactory twist in the line which makes me engage with it because there's nothing sexier than a good smelling man in my mind, and his scent is enough to soothe when times are dark and stressful.

Natural reaction here: ((She desperately wanted to sleep, wanted the world to melt away if even for a short time, but to no avail.)). When bad situations arise, we want to find oblivion and have just five minutes of nothing in our heads so we can pull ourselves together. Course, never happens. Wonderful twist upon human emotions with this line because of how it represents a natural reaction to stressful situations.

You really showcase Nathan well here: (("I…I am too, but if we keep worrying about this, it's going to ruin us.")). I love that you balance his character so nicely and show us how there are a plethora of sides to him. Here we see his vulnerability, and his ability to be afraid even when his hackles are up and he's set his course to fight with all he has. It shows he's not one-dimensional and human beneath it all.

Really thought this line connected the past (pun not intended) with the present: (("And I suppose I learned not everyone in the military is a mindless drone…especially you," Kristin said.)) and shows the progression of the relationships between the characters. When Kristin begins working with Nathan, they are cordial and polite, co-workers. Now they are friends, partners and clearly crossing over into being lovers. It's a nice way to show how assumptions can be wrong and that with time comes knowledge and feelings.

I love the interjection of subtle humor here: (("Good," Kristin whispered, "because if I do meet my demise here, you're the first person I'm haunting.")). It works well to balance the tension and drama that's infused the scene for the last two chapters and brings the stress back to a minimum. I also just love how Kristin tells Nathan that he'll be the first one she'll haunt if things go to the pooch haha be exactly what I'd say in this situation.

Amazing chapter!
MissScorp chapter 13 . 2/5
Oh, I really like Reggie even more than I did already. Strong, sure, and a survivor herself of domestic violence. I love that this turns her into a sympathetic character while identifying her as a strong character in her own right. The physical absence of Richard from this chapter goes a long way to making him have a rise in importance and significance, especially since he's the main reason why Sylvia/Kristin is seeing in the first place. It makes one wonder what he's doing, what he might be plotting, and if he doesn't suspect that Sylvia is up to something like this.

I love how you play Kristin's reactions here: ((Kristin immediately became self-conscious and pulled the sleeve of her blouse back down. "I, uh…well, I…" she stammered. "It…it's nothing.")). It really shows how integrated Kristin is becoming in the drama invading Sylvia's world. She's beginning to identify with .sylvia, and beginning to feel the things that she does.

You nailed the feelings of a domestic abuse victim so perfectly here: ((And she also felt the shame, embarrassment, and frustration that abused women can have. Kristin herself had never truly understood why women would stay in such a relationship, but now, part of her did. It ruins one's confidence in herself.)). I don't need to wax on about it. You've hit it perfectly. Anybody who doesn't get it, needs to google abuse/domestic violence/survivors.

Here: ((Reggie nodded. "And I've been divorced from him for three years. I know the shame and embarrassment. I know the long-sleeved blouses and the makeup. I've been there.")) is where Reggie stands up and becomes a strong and important character in her own right. Her connection with Sylvia, her understanding of her position and what she's gone through gives Sylvia an ally, but it also shows that a woman can get out of a domestic situation, even as far back as the 1940s (even if it wasn't as heard of as it is now).

This flow of dialogue here: (("Nathan, I…I think I've known for a while. I was just too afraid to admit it. But if everything truly happens for a reason…perhaps this is meant to be."

It took a few moments for Nathan to realize what she was getting at. He placed a gentle hand on her trembling shoulders. "You think you're supposed to die here?" he guessed.)) confirms what I have myself begun to suspect. There's definitely a reason for why Sylvia chose Kristin as her proxy. I am hoping that Nathan's suggestion of them altering time little by little will stop this. Only time will tell though, right? ;) that Kristin is thinking this could all be leading to her death, though, that she thinks her death is inevitable and could be the end of the entire situation also shows how great her insight is. She is seeing the red flags waving and knows that there might only be one outcome ( the original outcome sadly), and is slowly preparing herself for it. Love that Nathan goes into immediate protective mode, refusing to believe this could be the outcome and ultimately sets the stage that he's gonna do whatever he needs too in order to ensure he doesn't lose her.

In all this was a very informative chapter that showcases a really great character ( take that OC bashers!), sets the stage for a very big dramatic sequence with Richard, and establishes what a potential outcome could be to this situation. Great job!
pixileanin chapter 24 . 1/24
You know, I'm constantly delighted when I come back to this story. It's such a warm, comfortable thing, and I love thinking about these characters and what they're up to.

It's really sweet of Nathan to go looking for the ring, and also a good cover to get into the Admiral's office. If it were anyone else, I'd think they were snooping for something else, but it's Nathan. He's so altruistic sometimes... oh, I know there's this meeting he wants to have, but besides that...

It seems a little suspicious that Sylvia's husband had agreed so quickly (has it been quick? I can't remember) to sign the divorce papers. I suppose it's for the best, and I'm really glad that Kristin will have Katie with her when she goes. She shouldn't have to do that alone. I feel like her concern about being away from her post is almost like an avoidance tactic for her. She'd rather be working because then she doesn't have to deal with things. But then she needs to deal with things, or things won't get dealt with. Wow. I just said a whole lot of nothing... haha! Anyway, Katie's a good friend, which is exactly what Kristin needs.

It's been a while since Jack made his presence known. I'd been wondering about that too. Apparently, Jack has the sense to keep Nathan in check. Good thing, too. I'm still extremely suspicious about Knox and the Admiral. Creepy people!

And poor Bill! He's making all those awful phone calls. I get so wrapped up in the mystery of things that I'd completely forgotten that there are people waiting for them on the other side. Now I'm hoping more than ever that they get out of this situation safely and make it back home soon... but that would mean the end of your story, wouldn't it? Now I'm torn. Safety? Or Story?

Another great chapter!
pixileanin chapter 23 . 1/23
Oh goodness, I don't trust Knox any more than I did the last time. He seems to have concern for Kristin, but I'm not sure he's genuine about it. I don't think Nathan is either. I don't think I like Nathan's plan to talk to Knox and the Admiral. What if he tips them off? What if they get more suspicious when he brings up Kristin? Ah, I don't like that plan at all!

The quiet moments are written really well, as always. Darwin was a great distraction for Kristin, to give her something else to focus on so she can stay calm.

Having the ring suddenly disappear is a bad sign. Now I'm just as worried as Kristin. What if that was the way she was connected to Sylvia?

This was another great chapter, Darkin. Your story hasn't let up since the beginning. Great pacing here. And even though I've been away for a while, I was able to jump back into it. I see that it's completed, so I'd better make some time to catch up!

See you next time!

Oricke chapter 65 . 1/19
Nyost with wire cutters...I mean rats. while the entire story was great and its wonderful to see someone else that still has an interest in SeaQuest that was easily my favorite part.
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 4 . 1/12
Sorry for taking so long; for some reason I had trouble finding where I was up to.

The first paragraph sets up the scene on an emotional and objective level quite nicely, but it still reads a little jarringly. I don't think it's the sequence of events that's causing it, but the way you've structured your sentences in that first paragraph. Eg. [But, he still didn't see Kristin] - I can see why you want a pause after "But", but the sentence reads easier by avoiding it. Also, those sentences are quite sort; unnecessarily short I think; you can combine them, eg. [...some of the other women from the seaQuest, but he still didn't see Kristin]. Otherwise it feels like you're overemphasising something that looks strange being emphasised at this point.

I really like how you reflect on Kristin's absence at the beginning of this chapter. All the subtle things that he notices about her makes for a gorgeous scene, and at the same time a very solid one.

[he wanted to ask her about a million questions] - the wording of this sentence seems a little out of place in your narrative. Maybe a little too colloquial?

The "accident on the bridge?" serves for an interesting grounding point; I wonder if it's going to have a larger role than it appears at this stage. Nathan brings up an interesting point as well; it does bring up a problem, and not one I think I've seen dealt with in time-travel fics before.

[I /don't/ like this] - the emphasis seems to read oddly here, but I'm partially wondering if it's just my accent. :D

Nathan and Kristin's conversation is very artfully written; twisting between the past and the present and the objective and the emotional and yet all flowing smoothly. Very nicely done. :)

[I know you don't like it, but...] - I think having the speaker tag at the end of this dialogue weakens it a bit. It's obvious that Kristin's talking here, so I don't think it's necessary.

[By afternoon, Kristin had to finish things up] - had finished?

Eight miscarriages? That's quite a lot; the most I've heard of is five, and that was pretty horrible.

Hmm, that letter must be in some way connected. For some reason, I'm thinking of the babies being used for research purposes. Probably the scientist part of me speaking.

An interesting ending too; Sylvia's emotions are able to overpower Kristin's conscious part, which could lead to an identity crisis in the near future if Kristin can't figure out how to segregate them. The last lines were a very nice place to end as well. Leading very nicely to what could possibly come in the next paragraph.
MissScorp chapter 12 . 1/10
This was a fabulous chapter which accomplished so much character and plot development-wise. You have Nathan feeling like he’s going to his death after punching the Senator (deserved still IMO), finding out the funding they need for their project is being given to them without a qualm and have Sylvia prompt Kristin into starting proceedings to divorce the rotten man who takes his frustrations out upon his wife’s body. You also introduced a truly fascinating new character, Reggie, whom I see as having a history and story to her that we don’t know about yet (and I want to know about it).

Okay, this line here ((…feeling like a convicted man on his way to the electric chair)) was just chilling. It is a simple line without a heavy amount of detail, but the connection between Nathan feeling like a convict who is about to be put to death when he faces the Admiral just specifies how bad he anticipates the meeting is going to go. Is it an extreme reaction? Perhaps. Then again, he did hit the Senator (justified or not is up to the reader heh) and that really was not appropriate (again, up to the reader heh). You nicely alleviate the tension you create though when you showcase the Admiral greeting Nathan/Jack with a ((smile)) and by having his dialogue address seeming to be warm and easygoing rather than annoyed and ‘you’re gonna get it’. Absolutely fantastic way of building up a moment of suspense, leaving the reader to hang on a breath of worry and anticipation before then showing them how it was all for nothing. Loved it.

Oh, man, I chuckled when Nathan found out the Senator was approving all funding for their project. It was just priceless to think of Nathan goggling at the Admiral, thinking he was gonna get ripped over punching the man, only to find out that the Senator was funding everything without a qualm. I also love how the Admiral has no knowledge about what Nathan did to rather ‘influence’ the Senator’s amiability and gives him permission essentially to ((“keep it up”)). Oh, if he only knew what influenced the Senator…

D’awww… is there anything more adorable than a rake showing he has a heart beneath the mischief and rogue like demeanor? Ben is so fantastic in his interaction with Kristin. I especially thought the lines ((“I know I’m kind of… difficult. But, I do care about you, Doc…”)) just to be so heart melting. I love how Kristin internally reminds us about how Ben is a bit of a wise-ass, he tends to be mischievous and playful, but beneath it all is a man with a warm heart. He just doesn’t ((show)) that side of himself ((very often)), which for me, makes it more special when he actually does. His quip about having four sisters and being their ((guinea pig)) for ((makeup, hair and fashion experiments)) was also a perfect foil to the emotional moment, showcasing him as being sweet and understanding still while reverting him back into the playful rogue we know him as.

Reggie is a character I already am in love with. She reminds me of the lawyer that Susan Sarandon played in the Client—kind of tough of nails but with a heart of gold and who isn’t afraid to take on the big bad Senator or the press. I’m looking forward to getting to know more about her and seeing how she fleshes out the story and what role it is that she plays in the scheme of things.

In all, this was a fantastic chapter!
Cheile chapter 40 . 1/5
Sorry this took so long-babysitting went way longer than I thought it would! (And I'm pretty sure this is where I left least the last review I can find that I did was ch 39. Geez it's been awhile :P)

Had to actually reread 39 so I could remember the immediate events to boot. But I really, really liked the conversation between Joshua and Nathan here, where Joshua points out that there's similarities between his self-reclusion after Carol and Robert's deaths and how Kristin's acting now after all the trauma of their time-travel ordeal. Gives Nathan some perspective he didn't have before, which is always a good thing.

I can see how hard it is for her and Nathan to talk afterwards but I like how their short conversation goes-he doesn't push but he makes it crystal clear he's there for her. :sigh: it's the little things that mean the most to a person and I adore how he does that. It's part of his character, of course, but it's great to see you include such moments :)

I like Kimberly. She seems like a nice person and, as a doctor, is firm but kind (good bedside manner). I think it's a good thing that they're keeping the time travel thing to themselves. Admitting that might cause more trouble than it's worth! Tho i loved the mention of the events of KoS as a way of comparison.

I'm glad she seems to understand Kristin's issue with feeling lost/losing herself and being overwhelmed by Sylvia's spirit, etc. The emotions...poor Kristin, I want to hug her. Kinda too bad Kimberly can't come to the US, but of course the SQ-verse doesn't have transporters like the Trekverse and she has work she can't up and leave, so no go, lol.

["And I promise I won't make you a case study."] - LOL

I hope future hypnosis suggestions will help her out some! Drama is all well and good, but Kristin's been through enough crap. Eesh :(

Now that I'm back into this, I gotta keep up with it so I can finish it. At least as much as I can before the spring semester starts in a couple weeks! Thanks for the great read :)
MissScorp chapter 11 . 12/28/2013
This is an observation I am just noticing but I really love the way you’ve kept me from feeling as if this story is just some bizarre sort of a time travel piece with the sQ crew caught in some type of a time loop. I don’t get the feeling that the players who have been uprooted from their modern world and shifted back to one which is vastly different in terms of medical advancements and technology (or even gender equality) are struggling to learn how to walk in this world. Joshua just goes about his job as a doctor without once showing that he’s having any problem whatsoever in performing his job. It really just works to keep this story flowing and keeps the reason for why they are in this time wrapped up in something beyond a mere time loop. I feel it places more emphasis upon Sylvia and Jack and the paranormal aspect circling the theme. Brilliantly done!

The paragraph that starts ((“There are no concrete…”)) just works perfectly for me as one answer (of literally hundreds) that could explain what exactly is going on, and why. Thought you handled the reason for why some people may experience paranormal events very well by tying it into the psychological aspect. It is psychological at the base (IMHO), because it does involve the state of the mind and how it perceives the sensory information being fed to it. There is no ((black or white in the spirit world)), but neither is there a black and white area when it comes to the mind. It’s always that middle gray area where anything is possible if the mind is open to those events occurring.

This line ((Joshua knew how Nathan felt about Kristin. The whole crew did.)) had me giggle a bit because it’s obvious this is the worst kept secret in existence among the sQ crew. Even the dolphin knows about how Nathan and Kristin feel about each other haha That you had the narrator substantiate that caring was one of Nathan’s greatest qualities, and that he cared for the whole crew in general just reaffirmed what the dialogue above showed about his character: he’s a truly caring and compassionate man. It is his caring and compassionate nature which makes him the great captain he is. He’s not willing to risk his crew’s lives needlessly, but neither will he stand back and do nothing should one of them be in trouble. It really paints a whole picture of him and works so fantastically to explain not only why he’s perfect for Kristin, but why she is perfect for him at the same time.

And I cheered when Nathan punched Richard in the nose! Yes! About time the jerk got a taste of his particular style of physical medicine!

Loved the last line with Nathan cracking about how he’ll write the ghosts a memo to get them to leave them alone. This was just a fabulous little line that well broke up the tensions going on throughout the chapter for the characters.

Absolutely amazing chapter!
Edhla chapter 65 . 12/12/2013
Why do I feel the urge to fling my hands in the air and shout "FINISHED" like I'm a kid again? :D This has been such a long time coming. I bet you're both relieved and will miss it a lot.

The formatting in the first couple of scenes is sparse and it's dialogue heavy, but it really works to move the scenes along at a cracking pace. As you said, Kristin isn't insta-back-to-normal but it's nice to see her having pleasant sleeps and wrapping things up and being content and such. I like Ben's moment of maturity, too, though spelling it out in dialogue seemed a little unnecessary :) His potentially-disastrous but very well meant plan to do Kristin's reef classifications for her, with Lucas' help, did a very good job of showing it, anyway.

"Not guilty, exactly..." Oh, good. Unnecessarily guilty Kristin hurts my heart. I'd hate to leave her like that!

DARWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN. :D Grinning like a loon. And lol, I've said before but will say again - people in my fics never sleep, people in yours are always eating delicious food.

I was a bit nervous that Ben and Lucas' attempts to help would be worse than ever, but needn't have worried. So adorable! I was also really pleased to see you addressed Lucas' parents - or his mother, anyway. I'm hoping that now she's invited her kid home, she'll also make an attempt to get to know him again and treat him like he deserves. Since this is the final chapter I don't know if you'll ever catch us on that one, but even if you don't follow up, I will sit here and believe it happened :D

And what a triumphant closure. You're welcome x
thats-a-moray chapter 65 . 12/11/2013
I think there's some dialogue missing when Nathan reminds Kristin that she still needs her rest.

When Lucas mentioned "bodies" my eyebrows went way up. Was that phrasing intentional? It sounds funny.

I'm a bit confused about how Ben couldn't know that Nathan was having dinner with Kristin right next door. The decorations sound like they took a lot of work to set up, so I'm surprised that Ben or the other didn't notice them - or that Nathan didn't recruit any of the crew to help him set up the surprise.

Glad to hear things are working out for Lucas and his mom. I liked how Kristin replaced the picture in Sylvia's locket (showing how she's ready to move forward) and put Sylvia to rest by placing her ring in her jewelry box. I think that scene was actually more poignant than the funeral, because Sylvia's ring has been present throughout the entire story, even if only in Kristin's mind. It's the symbol of their bond.

Whenever I review a chapter story I always do a summary of the entire story for my final review. The first half of this novel is phenomenal. The story is great, the pacing is great, and every chapter is loaded with tension. It's engaging because we don't know who the killer is but there are several possible candidates. For most of the first half, it seems like almost anyone could be Sylvia's killer. There are a few repetitive scenes, mostly involving Nathan and Kristin, but they don't slow the story down enough to be an issue.

The second half of the novel, after Kristin returns to the present, is where the story starts to drag. I never felt the same sense of danger that I had experienced in the first half, even with Kristin's deteriorating health and the addition of the ticking clock. I think this was because, with the exception of the pills Joshua gave to Kristin, there were very few surprises. This is also the point where the scenes with Kristin and Nathan became much more repetitive. I think part of the reason for this was that Nathan no longer had to fight an external force to be with Kristin. Sometimes it felt as though you were trying to stretch the material to make it longer, when it really would have been a much tighter story if you had made the second half the final third.

There's good material in the second half, too. I liked Lucas' story arc. Every scene with Sylvia and Kristin together was utter perfection. I thought that Kristin's desire to save Sylvia was the most compelling element of the whole story. I'm eager to review your other stories. :)
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