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hearthandhomeauthor chapter 3 . 1/6
Loving this story so far! Can't wait to read more! Great job as always. Now I'm getting the hankering to write too. LOL
hearthandhomeauthor chapter 1 . 5/29/2017
Popping in here to say I'm enjoying this one so far! Been meaning to stop by and read some more of your work. So here I am!

I had to laugh at how well you encapsulated Ben's character both in his own perspective and the others' perspectives. He's a hoot. But it was nice for him to get a little poetic justice in finding some buried "treasure" even if it wasn't what they thought it was going to be. I have a feeling it may turn out to be more of a treasure than he thinks in the coming chapters. Can't wait to read more.

And I must say the banter between Kristin and Nathan throughout was so sweet. :)

God Bless,
Guest chapter 65 . 9/15/2016
Excellent story. I enjoy a complex story that is long enough to really flesh out all that is happening an who everybody is. With time travel, I think that is even more important so we don't get lost. You kept me reading and reading! Thanks for sharing.
Cheile chapter 44 . 9/11/2014
Damn, it's been forever since I've gotten to read this. And yet it just reminds me how behind I am :P /ramble

Only one more week til SQ is back up and running, yay! I do not blame her at all for wanting the familiar comforting/confining feel of sea deck and the labs. It's a safe space. And let's hope the letter is still in the old desk...I am concerned that it's not (and what they'll do if it isn't).

Oh crap she's back on that beach with Sylvia—that definitely can't be a good sign. I was starting to think it'd just be a conversation with Sylvia but I had a sneaking suspicion it would go to hell before long...and I was right. Damn Knox for showing up, arg. Despite the danger of being pursued by Knox, I like the changing landscape of the dream world and, even though you don't say it, wondered for a bit if dream-Knox had some supernatural power to cause the forest to be difficult to navigate. And even if not, it seems that whatever power he has is somehow getting stronger, since Sylvia says he's never gotten near her hideaway til now.

Oh, God, the eeny meeny counting once he has them cornered—what a sick bastard. I'm rather glad the nightmare ended where it did so Kristin didn't have to see anymore. :/

It was great to see Kristin and Lucas be able to talk about mindless stuff like Lucas' date and his medieval battle game against Nick/Wolfman. Just the right thing she needed to take her mind off all this awfulness and not dwell on her nightmare. (Cuz horror movies—yea, no. and Nathan fell asleep during Exorcist? That just proves he's overtired—I've been told that movie keeps people awake.)

["Captain Jack Remington was captain of the USS Nautilus from 1940 through 1941. He unfortunately disappeared on December 7, 1941; since his body was never found, it is assumed that he perished in the Pearl Harbor attacks."] – aww :( and now I just had a sudden thought about how Sylvia could get free and cross over if that is really the case...hmmm.

The end of the chapter is a bit ominous—I just really feel it's not over quite yet. At the very least, they have to break Sylvia's spirit free once and for all, and even IF the letter is exactly where it is supposed to be, I'm really starting to think that that won't be enough.

Awesome chapter, dear :) was great to get to tag you again :)
pixileanin chapter 32 . 5/8/2014
So, back for the next chapter. If I get at least one answer, I'll sleep better, I just know it!

Yes, why did Sylvia send him away? Does she really know what she's doing? Is she going to turn into one of those evil, vengeful ghost-things?

Oh no! The Admiral and the Secretary ARE in on the plan! They're making me almost as nervous as I feel Kristin is right now. Despite all the worry and fretting, I really love the way you're making me guess all over the place. You haven't made this easy to guess what's happening next, and I do appreciate a well-thought out mystery.

I'm rooting strongly for Nathan here. He's got the crew backing him up in the best way, and he's off to try to rescue Kristin before it's too late, but why do I feel like he won't get there soon enough? So much tension! Meanwhile, Sylvia does have Kristin's back, like she'd promised. And I still can't believe Reggie thinks killing Sylvia is the answer to anyone's problem. It's nice to see that Richard has turned himself around and realizes certain things... especially the bit about the island no longer being safe. I guess he doesn't care as much about Regina as he thought he did. I mean, he warned her, but he wasn't begging her to go with him. It's great to see him come to his senses about some things.

Okay, I can honestly say that you delivered with this chapter. Time travel fics can be tricky, but I really admire what you did with this one. I love the use of the storm and the resolve of Sylvia to get her story out, even if it's in the distant future. I'll be able to sleep tonight, but I'm coming back very soon.

Thanks for another great chapter!
pixileanin chapter 31 . 5/8/2014
First off, so terribly sorry for the incredible delay on this review! It's been one of those days... Onwards!

Ah, poor Kristin! I'm really happy that Sylvia is right there for her, even though she can't give hugs. Kristin really does have a lot of grace and dignity when it comes to this situation. If it were me, I'd be blaming Sylvia for putting me in this hopeless situation and begging her to undo it right now! I'm also not sure I'd be grateful for Sylvia pushing her into doing things the way they were supposed to go. I guess I'm not that strong.

And what are the Secretary and the General up to? They sound like they're in on keeping him away from Sylvia so the plan can go through... this sounds like a terrible, terrible idea... oh dear!

Now I'm really nervous for Kristin. I can't sit still through a cab ride. I can't just let her walk into a trap. Actually, I have no control over anything... it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Argh!

And nooooo! You didn't do it! Now I'm going to have crazy thoughts about what happens next! This is a really evil twist you did, setting me up to think that something terrible was going to happen, and then delaying the inevitable! I need more.
Cheile chapter 43 . 5/5/2014
Damn, Nathan’s got some strength to listen to Joshua and just stand there watching Kristin go through all that mess when he wants so badly to bring her out of it. :shudder: And now she’s not breathing?! #$%#$

I like little Alice, though I wonder what her story is since obviously when she was alive, she did not get to live a full life. I’m also curious about all the others—since they are Sylvia’s past lives and Kristin is connected to them as well. Though it is very interesting that Amelia says they’re waiting for Sylvia. I guess that means they can tell Kristin is really herself and not Sylvia? even though through the hypnosis, she WAS Sylvia. Color me baffled, lol. Though when Amelia explains at the end, it makes a bit more sense…however I am wondering just how Sylvia will be able to join the others.

I get the sense that Nathan is feeling a bit shut out even after Joshua finally revives her (phew!) but I really do like that, once they were alone, he was able to explain to her how he felt. Better than him holding it all in. I admit I was an itty-bit disappointed that she didn’t ask him to stay with her but I can also see why she would want to be alone after all that. Just hope she will be able to sleep finally!

Wonderful chapter :D
Cheile chapter 42 . 5/1/2014
Ooh the hypnosis chapter! Been waiting for this, even tho I know it will be freaky.

I like Joshua's technique of "put your worries in a box and give them up". Is that typical or is that just Joshua's way of doing things? Either way I think it's effective to help the person relax and it's obviously helping Kristin relax. (Too bad it can't work on Nathan, heh). And I got a giggle out of her saying she's ready to fall asleep.

The immediate jump into seeing things through Sylvia's eyes was a jolt, but a serious attention grabber for me. Poor Kristin—sure, she knew what she was getting into but, still, how absolutely awful to suddenly have Knox in her face :/ and ouch, he made her admit she saw the letter. Not good! And oh, Knox is a sick bastard with what he did to Sylvia...tying her down and, eww. Sick, sick, sick. :shudder:

Surprised the admiral is sympathetic at all to her torment, though I suspect it is all just an act. If he really was bothered by it, he'd try to stop Knox (or wouldn't have been there in the first place).

OMG, Nathan is obviously going insane (mentally) watching this. I'm glad he is strong enough to do what Joshua says and not interfere, but I feel so awful for him :( I am not surprised that he ended up having to look away, unable to watch her outward reactions to the hypnosis, wanting so much to stop things, and knowing he can't. :(

That last scene was terrifying...I had to actually shake myself back to reality after reading it. (that's not a bad thing, just so ya know.) But damn, that was intensely scary! And then you left it there?! Aaaaagh! (I know there's more to come, but still! lol) Definitely well done, despite that scary cliffhanger moment. At least I know I can continue on and don't have to wait! LOL

SPAG bit I noticed:
[trying to kissing her again] – I know you meant "kiss", not kissing :)
pixileanin chapter 30 . 4/30/2014
No! Bad person at the door! Go away and let these two have their moment. Please? I know you did that on purpose. You just can't give these guys a break. Sigh. Ah, well. Kristin's fear is very real. I was worried it was the same people she thought it was too. Good thing it was just friends.

I'm not so sure that getting Kristin's mind off of things is the way to go. I suppose it's the only thing they think they can do for her, but somehow I want her to be able to talk it out and confront the possibilities... even if they don't know all the possibilities.

Or poker. Poker is good too. ;)

Oh, Richard and that woman are bad, bad people. I wasn't one to think Richard was such a pushover. Maybe he just likes pushy girls. Speaking of pushing, if he doesn't have a plan, this can't go over too well. But the way Reggie is acting, I'm sure she'll come up with something suitable. Not that I want her to succeed.

Ahh, and everyone throwing the game for Kristin! That's cute. And she suspects, which is rightly so.

The letter writing was pretty tough, but I can see why Kristin wanted to do it. It's the first time I've seen her sit down and accept what could happen to her, and there's got to be something good about that. Pent up worry is no good for people, so letting some of that go will ease at least a part of her mind.

So here I am, on the edge of my seat, wondering what happens next. I'd say that your chapter was a grand success because of it. Lovely writing, as always!
Cheile chapter 41 . 4/25/2014
Since it's been forever since I was reading this, I had to check the reviews ahead a few chapters to make absolutely sure I knew where I was. I think this is it, so here goes.

It's good to see that Kristin is trying to keep a handle on things, even tho she's nervous as hell. (who wouldn't be, undergoing all this mess?) I think Kimberly can tell she's holding back but of course we can't push her too far. Her mental what ifs while Joshua talks to Kimberly are also very realistic...after all, facing something doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get over it and won't have to think abt it anymore. It just means you faced it. It may yet still haunt you.

Definitely don't blame her for wanting to just do it and get it over with, either. I also adore Nathan's concern :sigh: it's just a lovely thing to see.

[Is it sad that I'd kill for a conversation about the weather right now?] – aww :(

Glad to see her be able to unwind a bit, even if it's over dumb jokes and pizza, but it's just what she needs (tho I kinda side with're in Pearl and you want pizza? But then again, I hate pizza, so I'd likely go with whatever he was thinking of :P) and she definitely needed that nap too, obviously. Knowing what all she's been through, she probly wants to nap for a week!

Lucas and his new girlfriend are cute. Nathan's concern that Lucas may or may not have told Veronica that they aren't there for long is kinda cute too...both very like him as he cares about Lucas like a son and both a bit amusing, because Lucas will probly give the girl his personal computer code or whatever for vidlink calls before SQ heads out again (if he hasn't given it to her in advance already LOL)

And damn, it stops there...i was hoping to see the hypnosis start in this chapter. Guess I gotta wait. Great chapter, though! I'm eager to continue and see what happens. :)
pixileanin chapter 29 . 4/3/2014
I really want to know what Kristin's dream was about. It sounds bad, and if I had to guess, it was about Sylvia. See, this is where I wish Kristin would open up to Nathan more, instead of try to carry the burden alone. That's what he's there for. He's so very patient with her. I know he can't DO anything about it, but he can listen, and maybe Kristin would feel better to talk about it.

Or maybe she wouldn't. Oh well.

This was a really sweet interlude before the big bad happens, whatever that's supposed to be. Darwin's appearance made the situation feel a lot lighter than I had expected, and the swim was a great way for Kristin to let go of some of her apprehension. I liked that the dolphin was able to sense that there was something going on, and it was great that even Darwin was able to show his support for Kristin in her time of need. She is learning from this experience, which is a relief to see. I can see her grow as a character through the fear, which gives me hope that once all of this is over, she will be more confident and maybe she'll be able to open up more to the people who love her.

And the picnic, awww!

Ready for the badness, wherever it may be.
pixileanin chapter 28 . 3/27/2014
Hi again! This is a review for both chapters 27 and 28, because I was itching for action. I feel like I'm close to something big.

Nathan is still being so sweet to Kristin. I love the way that he takes care of her and that she is able to rely on him to keep her calm. She really needs someone like that right now. And I'm right with her when she was saying that the Secretary wasn't acting right. I didn't like him touching her either. There's something definitely wrong with that man. I'm sure that Nathan felt it too, but I bet he was just putting on a brave face for Kristin.

I'm also very happy you let Nathan tell Kristin that he wants to show her affection. It's about time that one of them said something about that. And you kept with the sweet tone of the story too. So sweet!

I seriously got chills when Sylvia showed up in the bathroom as Kristin was getting ready for the party. It was ominous and disturbing, and even though she had encouraging words for Kristin, the time's almost up, and I can feel badness trying to seep in. *shudders*

The party sounded like a lot of fun, and I'm glad Ben got his hamburgers. :) Poor Nathan is rather oblivious to the fact that the rest of the crew caught on to his feelings for Kristin! I guess he's too used to hiding it to actually realize that they've already figured things out.

The reminiscing scene was so lovely, and it brought out all the affection that everyone had for each other. I'm glad that it let Kristin come out with her true feelings. She couldn't have held that in forever. The whole crew was rallying around her so hard, and it was nice to see them saying goodbye, at least to that moment.

And again, it was good to see Kristin and Nathan at least admitting to each other how they felt. That should give them both the strength they need for whatever is coming next.

Lovely writing, as always! I need to know how this ends!
pixileanin chapter 26 . 3/12/2014
Okay, so Kristin is being evasive again with the facts. I don't know why she doesn't just tell Nathan about the skirmish in the dress shop and how that woman went after her, especially when he figures out that something happened in town later, when Kristin becomes jumpy about being seen out and about. I guess I'd be cautious too under those circumstances, but I'd also have expected her to open up more to Nathan. I suppose she's not quite there yet. She is rather good at avoiding telling people about things that bother her. Nathan is quite the man not to push her about it.

That whole thing with Richard and Reggie creeps me out. To tell the truth, I didn't see that one coming at all, with Reggie pulling the strings. If Richard goes through with getting rid of Sylvia like Reggie asks, who's to say that Reggie isn't going to have him put away so she doesn't have to deal with him? And why doesn't he think that's a possibility? Maybe because he underestimates the women around him a little? I don't know. Reggie is creepy. I wouldn't put it past her to plan a double cross in the future.

I thought it was sweet for Kristin to keep the dress a surprise, and it makes me curious what she has planned for an afternoon indoors with Nathan. *thinks thoughts*

Another lovely chapter! I can't believe I'm not even halfway through with this story! I'm wondering what you have up your sleeve next...
pixileanin chapter 25 . 2/11/2014
I love the feely moments with Nathan. He's so protective and caring and he worries for her, even when she tells him not to. Kristin is very lucky to have a Nathan! I can tell that even though she's still a little reluctant to accept the help, she's grateful for his company.

Kristin might not be trying to turn his head, but she doesn't have to. :) I'm glad that Katie has already picked up on that. It's good that Kristin was at least honest with her about her feelings, but that woman in the shop, ugh! Things like that cannot be helped when you're a public figure. I feel sorry for her.

Oh, and Reggie! That phone call was... fake! And the man who appeared was... two-timing! And, and... their plans! I can't stand it. Kristin is too NICE to have to deal with people like this, even if it is in an alternate reality. Bah! Two horrid women in the same chapter! You've got to be kidding me! Kristin needs more fuzzy feels. I demand it. Right now.

Great chapter!
MissScorp chapter 14 . 2/6/2014
I really live the character development that goes on in this chapter. Even though nothing untoward happens (I admit I squeed about that kiss and the admission of feelings), there is a great amount of character development and relationship development which goes on in this chapter. You really showcase who Kristin is as a person, that she's a person with feelings, that she can be hurt, that she can love, that she can be afraid. Her identifying with Sylvia shows her compassionate nature and ability to empathize with the woman for what she's gone through. I also love that you show Nathan to be strong, logical, but also capable of being afraid and having doubts. The ending where he is left hoping that he can protect her is a fabulous way of showing how he's not a perfect man, that he doesn't pretend to be one, and doesn't need to be one (because his flaws make him wonderful).

(("Oh, sweetheart," Nathan said. He'd never referred to her with any term of endearment before, but he couldn't help himself.))- this was the d'awww moment of the chapter. Nathan is definitely right, it is warranted given the situation and Kristin's mentality at that moment, I think it also shows how much he cares about/for her that he'd cross a bit of that line he holds and use such a sweet term in order to provide Kristin with that bit of sweetness. I think having this endearment really works well because it provides a bit of intimacy to the logic that he applies when he says, (("The only way we're going to get through this is if we stop trying to analyze it, stop trying to think about the 'what ifs' and the 'maybes'.)). Nathan is still being his logical self here, but he's using that logic to provide comfort as well as to explain that part of why she's so upset is because she's become so fixated on the one possible outcome and how it will effect everyone else that she can't see or think about anything else.

Oh, I thought this line was wonderful: ((She could also smell the light scent of aftershave as she buttoned the shirt.)). It's so feminine and representative of the underlying feelings Kristin has towards Nathan. There is also an olfactory twist in the line which makes me engage with it because there's nothing sexier than a good smelling man in my mind, and his scent is enough to soothe when times are dark and stressful.

Natural reaction here: ((She desperately wanted to sleep, wanted the world to melt away if even for a short time, but to no avail.)). When bad situations arise, we want to find oblivion and have just five minutes of nothing in our heads so we can pull ourselves together. Course, never happens. Wonderful twist upon human emotions with this line because of how it represents a natural reaction to stressful situations.

You really showcase Nathan well here: (("I…I am too, but if we keep worrying about this, it's going to ruin us.")). I love that you balance his character so nicely and show us how there are a plethora of sides to him. Here we see his vulnerability, and his ability to be afraid even when his hackles are up and he's set his course to fight with all he has. It shows he's not one-dimensional and human beneath it all.

Really thought this line connected the past (pun not intended) with the present: (("And I suppose I learned not everyone in the military is a mindless drone…especially you," Kristin said.)) and shows the progression of the relationships between the characters. When Kristin begins working with Nathan, they are cordial and polite, co-workers. Now they are friends, partners and clearly crossing over into being lovers. It's a nice way to show how assumptions can be wrong and that with time comes knowledge and feelings.

I love the interjection of subtle humor here: (("Good," Kristin whispered, "because if I do meet my demise here, you're the first person I'm haunting.")). It works well to balance the tension and drama that's infused the scene for the last two chapters and brings the stress back to a minimum. I also just love how Kristin tells Nathan that he'll be the first one she'll haunt if things go to the pooch haha be exactly what I'd say in this situation.

Amazing chapter!
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