Reviews for Spoils of War
T'Kerstin chapter 5 . 11/23/2014
The ending was so cute.
Devisama chapter 5 . 4/28/2013
Hurrah cookies! You haven't updated this one in a while and that makes m sad since i just found it lol i love your work and i hope You can keep working on this whenever you can ;)
Iaveina chapter 2 . 2/20/2013
Just a quick review to point out an amusing, at least for me in my half-asleep state, typo - the last line of this chapter:

"He growled, how dare John snog a murdered on their doorstep!"

I think it should be 'murderer' XD Interesting story so far! *clicks 'Next'*
FlamboyantGrell chapter 5 . 11/4/2012
This is just so amazing!
cliffwriter chapter 5 . 8/8/2012
Gaaaaaaaaah! Fangirl nose bleed! Love it!
speciallark chapter 5 . 8/1/2012
My gusta that was hottt! :D
Guest chapter 5 . 7/31/2012
"..John woke up in an unfamiliar room; sunlight was streaming through the beige curtains, littering the floor with glowing shadows."

OH JUST LOVELY IMAGERY HERE...'littering the floor...glowing shadows'...
HATE THAT IT'S Jarrett's place...really, John? Seriously?

It's obvious from John's reactions and thoughts that this was a one night stand and he's having second - and third - thoughts. Good for him.

And OH MY...the scene with Sherlock...First John finds out who Jarrett really is and he's angry, rightfully so..but then..this

"..Something formally taunt in the atmosphere of 221b Baker Street snapped, and Sherlock fell to the floor, his long arms gathering his army doctor tightly to his chest in an attempt to merge them together as one being through the fusion of their lips."

GOD...JUST WONDERFUL...Loved it...Thank you...More please?
Skyfullofstars chapter 4 . 7/3/2012
"...Jarrett wasn't sure what attracted him first, the drugs or the money, but he knew that it was a lifestyle made for him and he enjoyed every minute of it. ."

OH MOST EXCELLENT way to begin this chapter...

"...John was surprised to see the message was from Jarrett, but responded anyway. It seemed that they would be meeting at seven for pints in a nearby pub, to which John wasn't opposed. It had been three days since the kiss he shared with Jarrett, an experience he'd come to regret not remembering a lot of..."

OH, JOHN SWEETIE...if you only knew what just made your patient jump and careful...

"...While John was attending to a visitor of his own, Sherlock was displeased to see what had showed up on his doorstep in the good doctor's place.

"Evening Mycroft does England need saving again?" he asked tiredly .."

LOL...LOVE IT. "what had showed up on his doorstep..."

"...I have some of my best men working on these cases; find something else to vex you."."


"...Across the city in a well lit, sparsely decorated flat John Watson was fumbling with the buttons to Jarrett's shirt, his lips swollen and puffy from heated kisses,.."

OH MAN...THE HEAT IS ON...and John? Sweetie? Didn't you read that caution line above? BE CAREFUL...nope, he's sooo not listening here...
Skyfullofstars chapter 3 . 5/21/2012
"...John felt the pounding first, then the desert in his throat, and then finally the nausea from a night well had. "

I DON'T THINK I've ever read a better, more succinct description of a hangover than this one! LOL

"He looked at his bedside table again hoping to see that drunken John would have taken care enough to set a glass of water and painkillers out, but no such luck. He'd have to have a proper chat with drunken John about helping sober/hungover John in the morning."


"...John snorted at the thought. He was convinced that Sherlock couldn't feel love, or recognise it if it hit him the face, which was a strange mental image in his head. He shook himself to be rid of his current train of thought, but lately, for some reason, he'd been thinking about Sherlock more and more and it unsettled John..."


"...He knew there were more than just two gangs fighting for the right to manufacture and distribute a new drug, but he knew the second leg in this plan dealt with him, him and John...":

AND HERE THE MYSTERY SURFACES and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

As always, your Jim's voice is spot on !
Skyfullofstars chapter 2 . 4/28/2012
Very nice bit in the first paragraph where John cringed because the name of the one of the gangs was The Queen's Army. Excellent bit of insight into John's character, which is sterling.

And - John - yet again when he comes to Sherlock's defense...and tells Sally off...YOU GO JOHN!

"Oh, a thought. Do you mind sharing this thought with any of us?"

AND HERE IS SHERLOCK BEING HIMSELF..ALL MYSTERIOUS and well, snarly! And, DAMN, John does not put up with this ****.

And Lestrade's confiding to John how he found Sherlock, all those years ago, passed out in the ally by the bins...and then John feeling like an arsehold...Well done!

And who IS This Jarrett person and how DARE he not only chat John up...but get John totally s** faced and then press his advantage on John and Sherlock's very doorstep?

And poor Sherlock..."John is his..."

Jodi2011 chapter 2 . 4/22/2012
good beginning :)

but this - He growled, how dare John snog a murdered on their doorstep! ... perhaps you mean murderer?
ColorsofDreams chapter 2 . 4/22/2012
I can't wait to read more! :D
Skyfullofstars chapter 1 . 4/22/2012
"...John turned his gaze back to Sherlock, his frown worsened, "Seriously? We're going to a club aren't we? Some sort of loud club where the drinks are made too strong and legs spread with the simplest word?"

Sherlock cocked a brow, "Should I be alarmed that you're well versed in the club etiquette?"

John gave him a look, and snorted, "I'm a single man from the Army, I needed my kicks somewhere, now what do you want with my tags?" he asked the detective as he brushed his palms along the tight denim encasing his lean and muscular thighs..."

DON'T LISTEN TO HIM, SHERLOCK. YOU KEEP JOHN IN THOSE TIGHT JEANS AND YOU KEEP HIM IN THAT TIGHT SHIRT AND FOR GODS SAKE, DON'T LISTEN TO HIM! I'm just saying...(muscular thighs...ohmygod...Breathing has become an issue here...)

"...He wore an outfit Sherlock picked out for him. Apparently John was incapable of choosing his own clothes. .."

" ...He wore a tight black tee shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans that fit snugly in all the right places and made his arse look downright mouth watering, he had to admit, he didn't look half bad.."



John's eyes grew in their sockets. A slow breathed flowed from his lips as he watched the body Sherlock possessed move to the music. The man was flawless. His lanky form should be awkward and gangly, but his movements were controlled and calculated, just like everything he did in life. Not only could Sherlock create music with his fingers, but right now his body was creating poetry..."

BEAUTIFUL, JUST VERY BEAUTIFUL LINE and now MY tongue is hanging out...not just John's.

"...He looked back up at Jarrett and offered him a shaky smile, "Ah, well I uh…I'm not into men," he said, his voice warbling a bit as he spoke.

Jarrett's teeth flashed in the neon lights. He leaned closer to John, who was now sitting ramrod straight. Jarrett leaned in close to John's ear, "Then why are you looking at him like that?" he asked.."


"...He moved to lean against the club wall. He felt the vibrations from within traveling along his spine. He lifted one leg and rested the bottom of his foot against the bricks. He drew in the smoke and felt his phone vibrate..."


"..He lifted his wrist and checked the time, his favourite café was still open and he was desperately craving a latte. He gave his driver the order and sat back to ruminate on a certain army doctor that he had just met, and who he would be seeing very soon.."

OH MY, A GOOD START TO THE MYSTERY. And what is "IT" that he planted? Hmmm?

More please!
MeddlingAdler chapter 1 . 4/17/2012
This is really, REALLY, really good! By the way if you are looking for a beta I'm more than willing to help you out! Just say the word!
constantlycold chapter 1 . 4/17/2012
You've got me hooked! Loved it!

Can't wait to see what happens next :D