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LegionnaireBlaze chapter 2 . 5/25/2017
When will this story be updated? Have you lost your inspiration? Did you just stop caring? What! TELL ME PLEASE! I need to know why this was stopped.
Thespurgin chapter 2 . 5/16/2016
hn... the format for duels is a bit awkward, and rather unnecessary for a fic. That being said, this has some promise. Mind, the YuGiOh protagonists probably need some love... replacing them with Jade (if that's what you've done) is your call, but doesn't feel like the wisest option to me. I guess I'll fav and keep track of this, see how you handle it.
sailorlyoko4life chapter 2 . 4/20/2015
Omg that was great! I got the crossover kinda, but I had actually thought it was the queen that got thrown into the past and is now trying to re-connect with her past self. But now that you have clarified it does make more sence that its an alternate universe because of her uncles job being effectd my duel monsters. I love that Pegusus is invovled with Jackie and can't wait to see more interaction with the chan family and him, but I have a question, does pegusus know that this Jade is the queens other self? or is it all just a couincednce (idk how to spell that) that he (jackie but i think pegusus knew he would give them to Jade) gave her those paticular cards? And what about the current standing relationship between pegusus and the queen? That last one I suspect will be answered in the next chapter, which i cant wait for!

Oh and one more question: does the innocent Jades time line take place before or after she did the tattoo thing? If its before then how is she going to get the tattoo? And if its after im assuming that she just has a really hazy memory of what happened so she doesnt recognize the blue skin and red eyes thing. I personally think its after due to the Oni reference in this chapter but i would like to be certian.
sailorlyoko4life chapter 1 . 4/20/2015
OMG taht was amazing! I would have never thought it up! I love that you didnt go the traditional route and bring all the main characters in but started her back in time. And I think you kept her and pegusus in character very well, Great Job! Can't wait until I have time to read the next chapter!
HotaruSama00 chapter 2 . 2/8/2014
An interesting concept. I hope you eventually decide to continue it.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/14/2014
very good
Patrick the observer chapter 2 . 12/31/2013
well this is an interesting story, I would honestly like to see her use "Yu the Jade Empress" card, so i cant wait to see how she is going to use her in the tournament, as well as what effects and stats said card has since you didn't mention them here. all in all this has some promise, I like how Yu interacted with Pegasus and overall her character is interesting. hope you update this again soon, its bee over a year.
Dark-Automaton chapter 2 . 12/31/2013
Interesting so far, but I have very little knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh, so I can't make any criticisms involving that half of the story. I do love how you turn ancient and evil Jade a trickster-like being to her younger self; I can easily imagine those scenes.
sarista wow chapter 2 . 12/27/2013
Interesting idea and quite well written.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/15/2013
When the Jade Empress fails (and only if she fails in her overall scheme), can you make her a Graceful Loser? The reasons I ask this is because 1) I'm tired of seeing villains acting like sore losers (I don't mind if they have Villainous Breakdowns but they tend to go overboard with it), 2) I would like to her to thank her opponent for keeping her entertained (after all being in the Shadow Realm does get boring with nothing to do), and 3) it will show that the Jade Empress still has some dignity left.
Princess Aruki chapter 2 . 7/29/2013
pls continue!
Ultimate Black Ace chapter 2 . 4/25/2013
Seeing as there are now two Jades, I'll just refer to Dark Jade as Yù to make things simpler.
Seems that Uncle still has elements of his 'old master' character with how he took out Tohru. And that Jade still likes to come with Jackie on his trips, and sneaks along.
Hate to say this, but Drew had a point. Jade lives in a card shop, the game's famous, and the tournaments are heavily advertised. She doesn't have to know details, but Jade should've been aware of the game's existence.
So, Yù's card has the ability to allow Yù to draw Jade into the Shadow Realm even when she. That begets the question of, just what can she do when the card is in play? Or in a Shadow Game?
Just what is Yù trying to do? Is she merely bored and looking for amusement by scaring Jade, or does she have an end game?
Typo. "Yes, that was most defiantly it." That should be, "Yes, that was most definitely it."
2,000 life points, but there are sacrifices. So Duelist Kingdom life points, but actual rule based playing. Unless you're going by the manga and it is closer to the actual rules (I wouldn't know, never read it).
I recommend including every card's stars, stats, and, if it applies, effect. I have no recolection of what Trakodon does and there are too many cards to memorize. Although, I was able to figure out that its base attack is 1300.
You got the math wrong. After Jade drew she should've had six cards. You wrote "spotting 2 monster cards, 2 trap cards, and a spell card." That's five, not six.
Great Sumo (probably Tohru) has pretty low stats for a five star. Hopefully its effect makes up for it. Although it's just the beginning, so Jade's deck should get better with time. Early on there were a lot of mid/high levels with low stats. Same with Go Fu.
Trakodon shouldn't have been destroyed in battle, while it had lower points than The First Enforcement's, only a attack position monster can destroy something in battle. As The First Enforcement was in defense... Yeah, and then when Go Fu was summoned, his ability would've destroyed Trakodon.
Book of Ages is really powerful, almost to the point of being cheap. Does it have any negatives? For example, if the opponent lost life points (say by using Tremendous Fire) or monsters (from a sacrifice, spell or trap) during their turn will they regain them as well?
Good chapter, but be careful of details in the duels, they're key.
Ultimate Black Ace chapter 1 . 4/24/2013
This is interesting, very interesting. I hope that you write more of this, even if it hasn't been updated in a year. I think it's too good of an idea for you to give up on.
Anyways, onto for the chapter itself.
It's nice to see that although this Jade is dark, she isn't truly evil or, at least, doesn't seem to be. Based off of the flashback and her feelings during it at least.
Not sure if a Shadowkhan Jade would need one of her ninja to take her to the disturbance or if she would really be 'delicate' unless that's just her physical appearance.
You have a good portrayal of an older Jade. Same basic personality and attitude, but more mature.
"How he got to this place with swirling purple and black clouds boggled him to no end, but he was startled from his thoughts as he noticed a…blue Japanese woman walking towards him with…were those red eyes?" A Japanese woman? Jade's Chinese, so is that just Pegasus' mistake or did becoming a Shadowkhan have that much of an effect on Jade's appearance?
Two conversations? Lets's see. There's the one with the three Egyptians... and that's it. So are you counting the one with Pegasus right then or is there another that we have yet to see?
Hopefully Jade's deck won't be too overpowered too early, as it seems that Duel Monsters is only getting started, there shouldn't be anything too powerful for it just yet. Same to a lesser degree with the Yù card. While it's going to be an ace card, it shouldn't be unbeatable.
Also, I think that Jade should be somewhat affected by the Shadow Games. She has power, lots of it, but the Shadow Games have hefty rules. For example, should the Yù card be destroyed in a duel, maybe she could get some backlash. But that's just my idea and only one way of many to keep things from being too one sided on her side of things.
Raestia Silverflame chapter 2 . 3/4/2013
pretty good read. reminds me of jaden and yubel.
XV-Dragon chapter 2 . 12/19/2012
Intersting fic. wonder if the two Jades will end up like Yami and Yugi or if the Good Jade is going to get corrupted by Evil Jade or Good Jade is going to need to duel Evil Jade at some point.

Hope you update again soon :D
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