Reviews for Betrayal
torontogirl12 chapter 27 . 8/24/2012
Great update.
CanadianHalliwell chapter 27 . 8/24/2012
Not sure who was suppose to answering the phone in the last paragraph. You stated Tim's dreamless sleep, but the person on the phone said Agent Gibbs. I'm glad that Tony at least tee to rectify things with Tim also.
delia cerrano chapter 26 . 8/22/2012
Yea Tim for all that he said in this chapter! How does Tony figure he's rebuilding trust with Tim? Sounds like the sam uber teasing, egocenric Tony to me. I hope we read what Tont & Gibbs have to say to each other.
Gottahavemyncis chapter 26 . 8/22/2012
Great chapter! Tim's working his way through his own head, determining what he needs from the 2 idiots. Bravo for him taking some time to relax, get some air and reduce his stress levels...well, trying anyway. Looks like there will be more conversation with Gibbs so the man can explain his "handling it wrong" nonsense. And I'm sure there will be a conversation with Tony, too, whenever he finally gets his act together. Trust Tony to come back to work fully masked and hoping it's all "just gone away", although with his conversation with Ziva, maybe he's not quite that far gone. I have to say with all this going on, this is the first time I see hope that maybe, just maybe, this can be worked out. Gibbs & DiNozzo still have a lot of repair work ahead of them!
DS2010 chapter 26 . 8/22/2012
Still looks to be a lot hashed out between Gibbs and Tim, but more between Tim and Tony. I liked the conversation between Ziva and Tony remember their incidents of mistrust.
I know Tony is brash and it usually takes time for him to come to the realization he was wrong.
ElSaTa chapter 26 . 8/22/2012
aaahhhh, please update soon. (if you can and have the time). When will this problem between Tony, Gibbs adn TIm will be solved. WIll it ever be allright ( even at the moment i seriously doubt that)

loved this chapter though.

hope to read more soon. :)
Guest chapter 25 . 8/19/2012
Very good story. Did you realize that Chaps 24 and 25 are duplicates?
MoonlightGypsy chapter 25 . 8/7/2012
Really good, intricately woven story!
delia cerrano chapter 25 . 8/6/2012
Gibbs isn't convincing me either. And Tony...well he's always been a mean relentless s.o.b. I just hope Gibbs & Tony don't just get a pass because they say sorry & everything is supposed to be hunkey dory from then on! Abby is getting away with her attitude of still doing what she wants also. She promised not to get into it but did anyway -
Tony was right to bring up her treatment of Tim even letting him take the blame for things she did. Gibbs just can't say stuff happened long ago so "what can I do now". Next chapters I hope will even things up for Tim - finally - & show how Gibbs, Tony & even Abby know how they were so hurtful. Wow! I got a lot off my chest! Sorry but it felt sooo good. Excellent story by the way.
torontogirl12 chapter 25 . 8/6/2012
Excellent chapter. Hope they can work things out between them and Tony.
DS2010 chapter 25 . 8/6/2012
Glad to see Tim and Gibbs talking things out. Will be interesting to see what happens when Tony gets back
Scribe3 chapter 25 . 8/6/2012
Wow, that was so well done! I wasn't completely sure what Tim was going to say, but it totally makes sense when he put it that way. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Gottahavemyncis chapter 24 . 8/5/2012
Seems that Gibbs is finally learning to listen and realize what he's been missing all these years.
ElSaTa chapter 25 . 8/5/2012
Great Update. And that with 2 chapters :)
FInally a talk between TIm and GIbbs. BUt feeling that that talk is still not finished.

please update soon
DS2010 chapter 23 . 7/26/2012
Looking forward to the conversations, Ducky was very wise how he is handling this mess.
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