Reviews for Treason
Xeni Snow Leopard Queen chapter 1 . 4/24/2013
Great Story! I thought this story was going to be about Cheetara going over to Mumm-Ra's side but I'm glad it wasn't! I never gave a second thought to Cheetara dropping the fight to save Tygra. You, my friend, have captured the clerics remorse perfectly.
Ariana Lussier chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
Hmm... Another well-written tale from a fellow word-weaver. I grew up on Thundercats, and I also got the impression from the cartoons that it was a Tygra/Cheetara pairing. Keep in mind also that Lion-O, due to a defect in his travel pod, ended up aging where the other kids did not. The adults more than likely still think of him as a kid, so a Lion-O/Cheetara pairing never occurred to me, nor will I seriously entertain the idea. It's not *technically* pedophilia, but it feels like it, and I'm sure the elder Thundercats feel the same way.
CharmedSerenity chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
I just don't get fics like this. So following one's heart is a bad thing to do at all of a sudden (Cheetara wasn't all running around screaming "I love Lion-O" 24/7) and it's not like he got a raw deal either, he became king.

Tygra gets the girl that his brother wanted just like Lion-O got something he wanted and suddenly it's a freaking betrayal. It just makes the brothers even.
Tyger Hyuga chapter 1 . 4/18/2012
O_O Lion-O fans are really... bloodthirsty... aren't they? The number of fix-fics regarding Lion-O and Cheetara is getting higher by the minute.

So... yeah, Cheetara's been a 100% on camp Tygra for a few episodes now to the point it's gotten very annoying (yeah, I admit that) at times. But give the girl a break, after a life of isolation as a Cleric she probably has no clue as to how to support her boyfriend, hell, I bet her first kiss ever was with Tygra, so she's adjusting to her new situation. It's called character development and the show writers are doing a more or less decent (if annoying for Lion-O fans) job with it.

And I know Cheetara didn't pick the golden boy, which in the end is a good thing because Remake Lion-O has enough Mary Sue traits as it is, for him to get the girl on top of the sword, the title of king and leadership would be the cherry on top of his Mary Sue biscuit.

The point is, your grammar and skills are very good, wasting them on a hate filled fix-fic is a diservice to your abilities. But hey, if this is what you want to do to express how disappointed you are on the show's direction, then more power to you.

NoWhere ManX chapter 1 . 4/17/2012
Thank you. And I'm completely agree. While I don't think it was treason I do think Cheetara was completely hypocritical in her actions of that episode. Before she stated that she only followed, cared for and encouraged Lion-O because Jaga put her up to it.

But when it came a time when duty really was important she tossed it aside for her 'boyfriend'. If Panthro didn't come with the Thundertank, they all would have died that night. All because Cheetara decided to put her love interest before doing what was in her duty and doing what was right.

I honestly considered doing something along the lines of this story. But I think you hit it more brutally than I'd ever would.

Keep an eye on my story "Omens". I plan on redeeming her in there.
Heart of the Demons chapter 1 . 4/17/2012
Very welll done, LA Knight, for portraying Cheetara like you are. Yes, it's true that she defied Lion-O for surrendering so easily in "New Alliances," but she never felt sorry for it. And now, in this one-shot, she's paying for what she did. Realism is your thing, and so I respect that dearly.
The Soup Man chapter 1 . 4/17/2012
It seems the resolution of the love triangle in the remake burned someone's butt a little bit too much, huh?

There's no indication that the Cleric's rules are as extreme as you're making them out to be, so this fix-fic of yours serves no purpose other than you venting out because the writers went in a direction you didn't like.

I understand you're pissed that Lion-O didn't get everything from the cool magic sword, the kingdom and the girl on top of it all.

But hey, having to settle with *only* being king and owning the omnipotent sword is not such a bad deal. Sure, it means Lion-O will stay a virgin boy until either Pummyra is found or WilyKit grows boobs, but he'll manage. Teenager crushes on older women always pass.
OceanFire9 chapter 1 . 4/17/2012
Never seen ThunderCats, neither the old nor the new series, so I have little to go on, but this is still pretty good, a well-portrayed idea at betrayal eating away at the betrayer. :)