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Guest chapter 27 . 23h
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Lucky Guard chapter 27 . 5/3
great chapter. i loved it. i can't wait till the next one please update soon.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/3
This story is great hopefully it gets updated soon as I noticed it hasn't been too long since last time it got updated so I hope you haven't given up on it yet.
Yanoakc chapter 17 . 4/30
This was an awesome adaptation of the movie. Imagining the insane pokemon battle gave me goosebumps haha. Great story! Hope you keep updating it
NerdyGothGirlMalice chapter 27 . 4/30
great work my friend :) it is great to see this great story updated once again
ahominedaiki chapter 27 . 4/29
I flew through this story so fast, wow. I can't believe I'm already at chapter 27. No wonder it is rated as the best, or was rated as the best Pokemon Fanfiction on this site! It is absolutely amazing, and I love how detailed the training and Pokemon are. Make them seem more like living beings than just.. yeah, Pokemon.
10/10 story I would recommend to everybody!
SinOfDisaster chapter 27 . 4/29
I don't know why but all of the games and Anime disappointing me until Hoenn. Gym Leaders are supposed to protect their towns, but until Hoenn NONE of them even try or know that an evil organization is going on in their own city. Like that one in Celedon city. Seriously none saw the fake wall or poster or w/e was set up to block the staircase? Or like Bugsy and the slowpoke. Seriously none noticed an entire operation going on in a CAVE. I'm sure as hell either the slowpoke screams or the machines would echo out of the well.

So far from these 2 things I've noticed both grass type leaders are failures in their own town. Once Hoenn starts most of the operations leave the city once they get what they need.
Guest chapter 27 . 4/28
I hope you have Ash and Cynthia able to contact each other soon or least here and there. Would be nice to see them catch up.

Will Ash learn more about his abilities soon?

Also, hmm from what Misty referenced about her and Rudy things are going VERY swimmingly well.

Hope work and such is going well for you. Hope we can get a new chapter soon when you're able!
T51b Moridin chapter 27 . 4/26
Cool stuff. Houndoom are awesome pokemon. Always enjoyed having one in my party. So resistant to so much.
doubledamn chapter 27 . 4/26
Nice. Houndoom is one of my favourite pokemon, not only does it look like something out of Brutal Legend, but its description is just awesome -

"Long ago, people imagined its eerie howls to be the call of the grim reaper. If you are burned by the flames it shoots from its mouth, the pain will never go away."

Fantastic. Oh! Can I suggest an original combination/signature moves for Houndoom?
Shadow Breath

Shadow Breath, basically a thick fog of Dark Energy, this moved is taught by getting the Houndoom to form the energy for a Shadow Ball slowly, until it can recognise the Dark Type Energy, and control it perfectly. After this is reached, the Houndoom slowly builds up the Dark Type Energy in its lungs, then breaths out a thick miasma of Dark Air. This move has low attack but severely lowers the opponents attack and accuracy, if used in a Contest this attack may startle an opponent causing them to freeze on their next appeal.

Hellfire, this attack is just a combination of Shadow Breath and Flamethrower, though it can be built up to by attemoting to use both Ember and Shadow Ball at the same time.
Bptex chapter 27 . 4/25
Fun chapter, keep up the great work!
doubledamn chapter 16 . 4/24
Would have lived a little side thing with Oak's reaction to Ash catching all the Eeveelutions.
Partsu chapter 27 . 4/24
Houndour... I remember some episode where Ash helped injured houndour pack... who had been stealing food... or was it in fanfiction? meh, anyway I was actually sure you would do it that way but this is good too.
Sylveon0902 chapter 27 . 4/24
Is Ash catching all the Legendaries?
SomeGuyOnline chapter 27 . 4/23
Keep up the good work
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